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Presented below is an alphabetical listing of the 1,200+ archival collections held within the Special Collections & Archives Research Center. Click on any of the links to learn more about the collection listed. Though many collections have full collection guides, some collections are only minimally processed or unprocessed. To the extent that it is possible, we endeavor to provide research access to all of our collections. For more information about any of our collections, please contact us.


Academic Affairs Photographs, 1970-1984 (P 201) 
Academic Affairs Records, 1942-2014 (RG 022) 
Academy for Lifelong Learning Records, 2001-2014 (MSS AcadLifeLearn) 
Activities of Women Scrapbook, 1909-1930 (MSS ActivitiesWomen) 
Doris P. Adamson Scrapbook, 1939-1942 (MSS Adamson) 
Adelphian Literary Society Records, 1882-1891 (RG 048) 
Administrative Council Records, 1869-1973 (RG 032) 
Office of Admissions Records, 1961-2009 (RG 163) 
Office of Admissions Videotapes. 1998 (FV P 233) 
Affirmative Action Office Records, 1971-2010 (RG 172) 
African-American Railroad Porter Oral History Collection, 1983-1992 (OH 29) 
Agricultural and Resource Economics Department Motion Picture Films and Videotapes, 1956-1994 (FV P 245) 
Agricultural and Resource Economics Department Photographs, 1925-1979 (P 245) 
Agricultural and Resource Economics Department Records, 1909-2008 (RG 128) 
Agricultural Chemistry Department Photographs, 1960-1975 (P 177) 
Agricultural Chemistry Department Records, 1895-1985 (RG 081) 
Agricultural Education and Agricultural Sciences Department Records, 1940-2014 (RG 259) 
Agricultural Engineering Department Motion Picture Films, 1947-1968 (FV P 106) 
Agricultural Experiment Station Photographic Collection, ca. 1900-1988 (P 029) 
Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin Illustrations, 1925-1941 (P 019) 
Agricultural Experiment Station Motion Picture Films, circa 1955 (FV P 029) 
Agricultural Experiment Station Records, 1889-2002 (RG 025) 
College of Agricultural Sciences Photographs, 1892-2001 (P 036) 
College of Agricultural Sciences Records, 1895-1999 (RG 158) 
Agricultural Research Foundation Records, 1936-2007 (MSS AgResFound) 
Agriculture Photograph Collection, ca. 1890-1970 (P 040) 
Air Force ROTC Motion Picture Films, 1962 (FV P 056) 
Air Force ROTC Photographs, 1988-2005 (P 281) 
Alpha Chi Omega Chi Chapter Minutes, 1918 (MSS AlphaChiOmega) 
Alva Aitken Photograph Collection, 1908-1914 (P 116) 
Frances Alva Aitken Collection, 1908-1970 (MSS Aitken) 
Joshua Robert Akers Photograph Collection, 1915-1918 (P 244) 
Arthur L. Albert Photograph Collection, 1926-1954 (P 063) 
Alderman Farms Films, 1943-2001 (FV P 214) 
George Alderson Photographs, 1954-1955 (P 248) 
Susan Aldrich-Markham Photographs, 1971-2003 (P 289) 
John B. Alexander Sr. Photograph Collection, circa 1898, 1920s (P 121) 
Davis Allen Photographs, 1917-1921 (P 261) 
Edward C. Allworth Papers, 1895-1966 (MSS Allworth) 
Edward C. Allworth Photograph Collection, circa 1880s (P 072) 
Alpha Epsilon Oregon Upsilon Chapter Records, 1975-1995 (MSS AlphaEpsilon) 
Alpha Lambda Delta Records, 1933-1952 (MSS AlphaLambdaDelta) 
Alpha Phi Omega - OSU Chapter Records, 1945-1984 (MSS AlphaPhiOmega) 
Alpha Zeta Oregon State Chapter Records, 1918-1983 (MSS AlphaZeta) 
Alumni Association Motion Picture Films and Videotapes, 1942-2003 (FV P 017) 
Alumni Association Records, 1888-2011 (RG 035) 
Oregon State University Alumni Oral History Collection, 2005-2014 (OH 13) 
Alumni Relations Photographs, 1870-2003 (P 017) 
American Association of University Professors (AAUP)-OSU Chapter Records, 1928-1997 (MSS AAUP) 
American Fisheries Society Oregon Chapter Records, 1963-2014 (MSS AFS) 
American Society of Agricultural Engineers Oregon Student Branch Records, 1955-1989 (MSS ASAE) 
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Oregon State College Student Branch Records, 1909-1930 (MSS ASME) 
Amicitia Literary Society Records, 1895-1911 (RG 038) 
Edna P. Amidon Papers, 1924-1979 (MSS Amidon) 
Arthur W. Anderson Papers, 1949-2000 (MSS AndersonA) 
Norman H. Anderson Papers, 1955-2000 (MSS AndersonN) 
Roberta Frasier Anderson Papers, 1959-1974 (MSS AndersonR) 
Bertha Andresen Photographs, 1902-1911 (P 026) 
Paul Andresen Photographs, 1998-1999 (P 262) 
Carol Andrews Papers, 1991-2012 (MSS Andrews) 
H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest Oral History Collection, 1996-1998 (OH 28) 
Animal Sciences Department Records, 1879-2011 (RG 189) 
Annual Cruise, 1921-2000 (PUB 010-12a) 
Apiary Rural Telephone Cooperative Records, 1922-1962 (MSS Apiary) 
Apollo Moon Missions Photographs, 1971-1972 (MSS Apollo) 
Apparel, Interiors, Housing, and Merchandising Department Records, 1918-2005 (RG 028) 
Jesse A. Applegate Collection, 1861-1934 (MSS Applegate) 
James G. Arbuthnot Photograph Collection, 1909-1915 (P 191) 
Architecture and Landscape Architecture Department Photographs, 1910-1987 (P 099) 
Neil Armantrout Papers, 1960-2001 (MSS Armantrout) 
Mary Louise Armstrong Collection, 1936-1954 (MSS Armstrong) 
Army ROTC Photographs, 1890-2007 (P 257) 
Army Specialized Training Program Records, 1943-1946 (RG 059) 
Benjamin L. Arnold Collection, 1874-1892 (MSS Arnold) 
George H. Arscott Papers, 1950-1997 (MSS Arscott) 
Asia University America Program Photographs, 1988-1992 (P 209) 
Asian & Pacific Cultural Center Records, 1987-2014 (RG 245) 
Associated Men's Halls Scrapbook, 1934-1940 (MSS AssocMensHalls) 
Associated Students of OSU (ASOSU) Photographs, 1955-2001 (P 154) 
Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) Records, 1917-2014 (RG 011) 
Associated Women Students Scrapbook, 1966-1967 (MSS AWS) 
Association of Latin American Students Records, 1994-1999 (MSS ALAS) 
Association of Office Professionals Records, 1961-2008 (MSS AOP) 
Athenian Literary Society Records, 1892-1895 (RG 061) 
George H. Atherton Papers, 1937-1979 (MSS Atherton) 
Athletic Union of Oregon Agricultural College Records, 1900-1906 (RG 041) 
Atmospheric Sciences Department Photographs, 1968-1990 (P 138) 
Department of Atmospheric Sciences Records, 1968-1994 (RG 167) 
History of Atomic Energy Collection, 1896-1991 (RB Energy) 
Winfred M. Atwood Scrapbook, 1893-1907 (MSS Atwood) 
Audiovisual Education Scrapbook, 1930-1939 (MSS Audiovisual) 
Thomas John Autzen Notebooks, 1905-ca. 1907 (MSS Autzen) 
Avery Lodge Records, 1966-2014 (MSS Avery) 
Mattie C. Avery Photograph Album, 1887-1890 (P 265) 
Azalea House Records, 1953-2014 (MSS Azalea) 


George J. and Florence Badura Collection, 1921-1947 (MSS Badura) 
James R. Baggett Papers, 1948-2000 (MSS Baggett) 
George S. Bailey Papers, 1969-2007 (MSS Bailey) 
Baker, Walter R., Photographs, circa 1863 - circa 1930 (P 018) 
Otto Ballhorn Chemistry Laboratory Notebook, 1911-1912 (MSS Ballhorn) 
OSU Band Photographs, 1892-1998 (P 104) 
Oregon State University Bands Motion Picture Films and Videotapes, 1968-1991 (FV P 104) 
Banks Dairy Products Company Records, 1922-1944 (MSS BanksDairy) 
Barometer Photographs, 1950-1970 (P 035) 
Story of the Oregon State College Barometer Manuscript, 1947-1948 (MSS Barometer) 
Dennis Barstow Photographs, 1964-1984 (P 280) 
Frank H. Bartholomew Collection, 1983-1985 (MSS Bartholomew) 
Baseball Photographs, 1919-1990 (P 007) 
Basketball Photographs, 1910-1966 (P 006) 
Basques of Harney County, Oregon, Oral History Collection, 1976-2001 (OH 04) 
Beaver Yearbook Photographs, 1938-2005 (P 003) 
Jerry D. Belcher Collection of Oregon Agricultural College Track Photographs, 1905 (P 128) 
Kate W. Belden Collection, 1925-1930 (MSS Belden) 
Mrs. George H. Bendshadler Photograph Collection, circa 1909-1910 (P 060) 
Benton County Bicentennial Commission Records, 1973-1977 (MSS BentonCoBicent) 
Oral Histories of the Benton County (Or.) Courthouse, 1987-1991 (OH 23) 
Benton County Courthouse Scrapbook, 1968  (MSS BentonCoCourthouse) 
Benton County (Or.) Extension Service Records, 1938-2010 (RG 249) 
Benton County Foundation Records, 1947-2004 (MSS BentonCoFoundation) 
Helen M. and Alan B. Berg Papers, 1914-2007 (MSS Berg) 
Paul E. Bernier Papers, 1930-1992 (MSS Bernier) 
Ralph Berry Papers, 1952-2001 (MSS Berry) 
Ralph S. Besse Thesis, 1913 (MSS Besse) 
Frederick V. Betts Scrapbook, 1926-1964 (MSS Betts) 
Irwin Betzel Papers, 1911-1920 (MSS Betzel) 
Margaret Alden Biddle Scrapbook, 1910-1917 (MSS Biddle) 
Biochemistry and Biophysics Department Records, 1942-1987 (RG 178) 
Biology Club Records, 1915-1951 (RG 109) 
Bioresource Engineering Department Photograph Collection, 1925-1982 (P 106) 
Bioresource Engineering Department Records, 1924-2004 (RG 001) 
James F. Bishop Papers, 1940-1956 (MSS Bishop) 
Eva Blackwell and William A. Frater Family Collection, ca. 1874-1955 (MSS BlackwellFrater) 
Jay William Blair Photographic Collection, 1939-1942 (P 234) 
James A. Blodgett Photographs and Ephemera, 1937-1938 (MSS Blodgett) 
John McKnight Bloss Collection, 1870-1968 (MSS Bloss) 
Blue Key Fraternity Records, 1934-2003 (MSS BlueKey) 
Bluebird Habitat Research Records, 1975-2004 (MSS Bluebird) 
Herman T. Bohlman Photograph Collection, ca. 1890-1925 (P 202) 
Chuck Boice Papers, 1912-2010 (MSS Boice) 
Thurza Boies Papers, 1913-1987 (MSS Boies) 
Floyd E. Bolton Papers, 1959-1981 (MSS Bolton) 
Carl E. Bond Papers, 1944-2000 (MSS Bond) 
Dean E. Booster Papers, 1966-1983 (MSS Booster) 
Claud L. Booth Photograph Album, 1919-1973 (P 300) 
Marcus J. Borg Papers, 1969-2000 (MSS Borg) 
Benjamin D. Boswell Military Records, 1867-1887 (MSS Boswell) 
Botany and Plant Pathology Department Photograph Collection, 1900-1982 (P 075) 
Botany and Plant Pathology Department Records, 1900-2005 (RG 054) 
Arthur G.B. Bouquet Collection, 1880-1993 (MSS Bouquet) 
Boy Scouts of America Troop 1 (Corvallis, Or.) Records, 1919-1996 (MSS BoyScouts) 
Philip M. Brandt Papers, 1931-1957 (MSS Brandt) 
Ruby Breithaupt Photograph Collection, 1893-1910 (P 042) 
F. Ross Brown Papers, 1890-1963 (MSS BrownFRoss) 
Lawrence L. Brown Collection, 1948-2002 (MSS BrownLL) 
Walter S. Brown Photograph Album, 1919-1942 (P 274) 
Jesse F. Brumbaugh Papers, 1875-1958 (MSS Brumbaugh) 
William C. Bryant Collection, 1902-1905 (MSS Bryant) 
Office of Budgets and Planning Photographs, 1940-1992 (P 200) 
Office of Budgets and Planning Records, 1961-2013 (RG 125) 
Buildings Photographs, 1880-2002 (P 016) 
Clarence L. Bump Papers, 1922-1928 (MSS BumpC) 
Jessie E. Bump Papers, 1920-1924 (MSS BumpJ) 
Victor L. Bump Papers, 1920 (MSS BumpV) 
Lawrence A. Burt Papers, 1974-2009 (MSS Burt) 
Bureau of Land Management Maps of Oregon, 1944-1993 (MAPS BLM) 
John C. Burtner Papers, 1926-1950 (MSS Burtner) 
Ivy G. Burton Collection, 1899-1951 (MSS Burton) 
Business Affairs Photographic Collection, 1962-1980 (P 114) 
Business Affairs Records, 1912-2007 (RG 017) 
College of Business Photographs, 1950-1999 (P 194) 
College of Business Records, 1910-2010 (RG 122) 
College of Business Videotapes, 1989-2005 (FV P 194) 
Joseph S. Butts Papers, 1931-1971 (MSS Butts) 
John V. Byrne Papers, 2014 (MSS Byrne) 


Brooks and Melba Labbe Caldwell Collection, 1851-1985 (MSS Caldwell) 
James W. Callaway Papers, 1917-1969 (MSS Callaway) 
Ewan Cameron Papers, 1935-1997 (MSS Cameron) 
Camp Adair, Oregon, Maps and Aerial Photographs, 1942-1973 (MAPS Adair) 
Homer Campbell Papers, 1938-2002 (MSS Campbell) 
Campus Club Alumni Collection, 1943-2011 (MSS CampusClub) 
Campus Cooks Club Records, 1925-1968 (RG 149) 
Canine Research Collection, 1801-2013 (MSS Canine) 
Oral Histories of the James Cant Ranch (John Day Valley, Oregon), 1982-1985 (OH 25) 
Career Planning and Placement Center Records, 1960-2013 (RG 064) 
Judith Carol Carlson Oral History Interview with Robert C. Ingalls, 1977 (OH 02) 
Ted Carlson Collection, 1950-1975 (MSS CarlsonT) 
William H. Carlson Papers, 1924-1981 (MSS Carlson) 
Leslie Carraway and B. J. Verts Papers, 1954-2011 (MSS CarrawayVerts) 
Haskell C. and Sarah E. Carter Memoir, 1982 (MSS Carter) 
Mrs. George Case Photograph Collection, 1902-1904 (P 065) 
Emery N. Castle Papers, 1948-2003 (MSS Castle) 
Cauthorn Club Records, 1893-1940 (RG 101) 
Oregon State University Centennial Commission Photograph Collection, 1968 (P 077) 
Center for Gene Research and Biotechnology Records, 1989-2007 (RG 216) 
Center for the Humanities Records, 1974-2012 (RG 221) 
Center for Water and Environmental Sustainability Records, 1990-2008 (RG 226) 
Central and Eastern Oregon Township Plats, 1858-1939 (MAPS GLOPlats) 
Centro Cultural César Chávez Records, 1990-2012 (RG 248) 
Century Club Records, 1962-2005 (MSS CenturyClub) 
Hope Chamberlin Newspaper Columns, 1936-1938 (MSS Chamberlin) 
Othniel R. Chambers Papers, 1922-1951 (MSS Chambers) 
Alexander K. Chapman Photograph Collection, 1908-1910 (P 235) 
Chatter Club/Friendship Internationale Scrapbook, 1964-1977 (MSS ChatterClub) 
Chemical Engineering Department Records, 1930-1966 (RG 153) 
Chemistry Department Motion Picture Films, 1958-1959 (FV P 205) 
Chemistry Department Records, 1937-1997 (RG 098) 
Te May Ching Papers, 1948-1988 (MSS Ching) 
Virgil L. Choate Collection, 1953-1957 (MSS Choate) 
CH2M Hill, Inc. Oral Histories, 1961-1984 (OH 19) 
Civil Engineering Department Records, 1966-1990 (RG 030) 
Clackamas County Jersey Cattleclub Scrapbook, 1944-1947 (MSS ClackamasCattle) 
Ava Milam Clark and Jesse C. Clark Photographic Collection, ca. 1890-1968 (P 152) 
Ava Milam Clark Papers, 1888-1972 (MSS Clark) 
Class Groups Photographs Collection, 1893-1946 (P 071) 
Class Sessions Photograph Collection, 1903-1961 (P 047) 
Richard L. Clinton Papers, 1970-2003 (MSS Clinton) 
Coed Cottage Records, 1956-1984 (MSS Coed) 
Colegio César Chávez Collection, 1978-2005 (MSS Colegio) 
Ralph O. Coleman Papers, 1910-1991 (MSS Coleman) 
Colleges for Oregon's Future Collection, 1959-1977 (MSS CFOF) 
College Exhibit Committee Records, 1921-1928 (RG 055) 
College Student Services Administration (CSSA) Program Records, 1963-2014 (RG 233) 
Oregon State University Collegiate FFA Chapter Records, 1949-2013 (MSS FFA) 
Columbia Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Collection, 1866-1893 (MSS Columbia) 
Computer Science Department Photographs, 1972-1998 (P 240) 
Computer Science Department Publications and Newspaper Clippings, 1972-1996 (RG 214) 
University Computing Services Records, 1965-1991 (RG 162) 
Joe Cone Papers, 1952-1994 (MSS Cone) 
Continuing Education and Summer Term Records, 1925-2004 (RG 179) 
Continuing Education Photograph Collection, 1950-1970 (P 048) 
Contract Administration Records, 1889-1976 (RG 212) 
Ernest Cook Photographic Collection, 1890-1915 (P 221) 
Thomas W. Cook Papers, 1970-2009 (MSS CookTW) 
Roy M. Cooley Photograph Album, 1907-1911 (P 302) 
Don Coons Papers, 1932-1983 (MSS Coons) 
Peter Copek Papers, 1966-2001 (MSS Copek) 
Stanley E. Corder Papers, 1942-1978 (MSS Corder) 
A.B. Cordley Entomological and Horticultural Scrapbook, 1896-1899 (MSS Cordley) 
Co-Resident Women, Inc., Records, 1943-1985 (RG 077) 
Charles W. Cormack Papers, 1954-1990 (MSS Cormack) 
Corvallis-Albany Farmers' Markets Records, 1991-2012 (MSS CAFM) 
Corvallis and Benton County, Oregon, Maps, 1859-1991 (MAPS Corvallis) 
Corvallis College Articles of Incorporation, 1868-1884 (MSS CorvallisCollegeArticles) 
Corvallis College Benefit Broadside, 1859 (MSS CorvallisCollegeBenefit) 
Corvallis Fire Department Young America Engine Company No. 1 Records, 1872-1880 (MSS CorvallisFire) 
Corvallis, Oregon, Photograph Collection, 1902-1964 (P 051) 
Corvallis-Oregon State University Music Association Records, 1932-2005 (MSS CorvallisMusicAssoc) 
Corvallis-OSU Piano International Records. 2008-2014 (MSS COPI) 
Co-Signers Engineering Students Wives Club Collection, 1958-1978 (MSS Cosigners) 
Counseling and Psychological Services Records, 1965-2007 (RG 157) 
E. Wayne Courtney Papers, 1952-2013 (MSS Courtney) 
Grant Adelbert Covell Papers, 1883-1904 (MSS Covell) 
Helen Cowgill Papers, 1914-1956 (MSS Cowgill) 
Jeannette I. Cox Collection, 1915-1986 (MSS Cox) 
Crater Lake National Park Maps, 1903-1962 (MAPS CraterLake) 
Bill Crocker Papers, 1970-1975 (MSS Crocker) 
George L. Crookham Papers, 1927-2007 (MSS Crookham) 
Robert Crookham and Marjorie Enos Scrapbook, 1937-1943 (MSS CrookhamEnos) 
Crop and Soil Science Department Videotapes, 1999-2006 (FV P 134) 
Crop Science Club Records, 1965-1991 (MSS CropClub) 
Crop Science Department Photographic Collection, 1937-2010 (P 134) 
Crop Science Department Records, 1925-2013 (RG 095) 
Crown Zellerbach Photographic Collection, ca. 1899-1980 (P 216) 
Oregon State University Cultural Centers Oral History Collection, 2013-2015 (OH 21) 
Curriculum Coordination Records, 1924-1981 (RG 029) 
Hugh C. Currin Photograph Collection, 1902-1906 (P 168) 
Melvin Cutler Papers, 1947-2003 (MSS Cutler) 
Amy Cyrus Sewing Book and Photographs, 1907-1926 (MSS Cyrus) 


A Dairy Program for Oregon Scrapbook, 1929 (MSS Dairy) 
Robert Daly Beer Publication Collection, 1978-2004 (MSS Daly) 
Richard Dankleff Sound Recording, 2010 (MSS Dankleff) 
Jessie Ruth Darling Photograph Collection, 1916-1942 (P 157) 
Everett H. Davis Collection, 1925-1991 (MSS DavisEH) 
Merton and Eleanor Davis History of the Davis and Hall Families, 1983 (MSS DavisHall) 
William Harling Davolt Scrapbook and Photographs, 1904-1908 (MSS Davolt) 
Phil Decker Oregon Crop Festival Photographs Collection, 2010-2014 (MSS Decker) 
Delta Kappa Gamma Society International - Beta Chapter Records, 1943-1996 (MSS DeltaKappa) 
Delta Zeta Sorority Chi Chapter Scrapbook, 1944 (MSS DeltaZeta) 
Ellis Samuel Dement Photograph Collection, 1908-1910 (P 224) 
Development Office and OSU Foundation Photograph Collection, 1960-2003 (P 178) 
Oregon State University Development Office and Foundation Records, 1955-2007 (RG 144) 
John E. Dever Photograph Collection, 1960-1962 (P 237) 
Difference, Power, and Discrimination Program Records [rg250]
Dimick Family Collection, 1886-1945 (MSS DimickFamily) 
Roland Eugene Dimick Papers, 1901-1978 (MSS Dimick) 
Dona Dinsdale Papers, 1943-2013 (MSS Dinsdale) 
Diversity Development Office Records, 1998-2005 (RG 228) 
Dixon Lodge Records, 1963-2013 (MSS Dixon) 
Dolph, Nixon, and Dolph Letterbooks, 1894-1899 (MSS Dolph) 
Howard D. Dorman Journal for the Northrup Creek Range Experiment, 1937-1938 (MSS Dorman) 
Ernst J. Dornfeld Papers, 1931-1989 (MSS Dornfeld) 
A. Isabella Downs Scrapbook, 1910-1916 (MSS Downs) 
Drama, Debate, and Oration Clippings Scrapbooks, 1920-1963 (MSS Drama) 
Elvin A. Duerst Papers, 1929-1993 (MSS Duerst) 
Jack Dunitz Papers, 1927-2009 (MSS Dunitz) 
Pete Dunlop Collection, 1903-2010 (MSS Dunlop) 
Letitia Shamhart Dunn Photograph Collection, 1924 (P 174) 
Paul M. Dunn Papers, 1916-1988 (MSS Dunn) 


George Edmonston, Jr. Collection, 1907-2011 (MSS Edmonston) 
School of Education Photographs, 1962-1967 (P 108) 
School of Education Records, 1936-2009 (RG 184) 
Educational Opportunities Program Records, 1983-1999 (RG 230) 
Alice L. Edwards papers, 1895-1962 (MSS EdwardsAlice) 
Floyd and Lilly Nordgren Edwards Collection, 1923-1933 (MSS EdwardsFloyd) 
Electrical Engineering Department Records, 1972-2002 (RG 121) 
Paul R. Elliker Papers, 1934-1973 (MSS Elliker) 
Pitts Elmore Photographs, 1921-1922 (P 123) 
Merlin S. Eltzroth Papers, 1971-2005 (MSS Eltzroth) 
Joseph Emery Lecture Notebook, ca. 1872 (MSS Emery) 
Paul Emmett Papers, 1918-2001 (MSS Emmett) 
Oregon Agricultural College Engineering Association Records, 1905-1909 (RG 040) 
Engineering Experiment Station Records, 1904-1989 (RG 100) 
College of Engineering Moving Images, circa 1980 - 1996 (FV P 069) 
College of Engineering Photograph Collection, 1920-2013 (P 069) 
College of Engineering Records, 1930-2002 (RG 062) 
David C. England Papers, 1954-1990 (MSS England) 
English Department Photographs, ca. 1960 (P 222) 
English Language Institute Records, 1965-2009 (RG 234) 
Entomology Department Photograph Collection, 1912-2002 (P 055) 
Entomology Department Records, 1887-2003 (RG 027) 
Environmental Health Sciences Center Records, 1964-1996 (RG 155) 
Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Department Faculty Research Publications, 1973-2010 (RG 255) 
Environmental Remote Sensing Applications Laboratory Records, 1961-1988 (RG 218) 
Epsilon Pi Tau Records, 1931-1967 (MSS EpsilonPiTau) 
Leif D. Espenas Papers, 1938-1970 (MSS Espenas) 
Eta Sigma Gamma Alpha Tau Chapter Records, 1974-2001 (MSS EtaSigma) 
Ethnic Studies Department Records, 2005 (RG 227) 
Alice Kidder Evans Photograph Collection, 1889-1919 (P 144) 
Evans, Gwil, Photographic Collection, 1930-1968 (P 082) 
Harold J. Evans Papers, 1947-1992 (MSS EvansHJ) 
Experiment Station Communications Films, 1974-1984 (FV P 132) 
Experiment Station Publications Photographic Collection, 1949-1979 (P 132) 
Expositions and Fairs Photograph Collection, 1905-1949 (P 043) 
OSU Extension Association Records, 1971-1999 (MSS OSUEA) 
Oregon State University Extension Association/4-H Records, 1977-1996 (MSS OSUEA4H) 
Extension Bulletin Illustrations Photograph Collection, 1915-1963 (P 020) 
Extension and Experiment Station Communications Moving Images, 1937-2007 (FV P 120) 
Extension and Experiment Station Communications Photograph Collection, 1912-1997 (P 120) 
Extension and Experiment Station Communications Records, 1934-2009 (RG 069) 
Extension Family and Community Health Program Records, 1956-2012 (RG 252) 
Oregon State University Extension Service Faculty and Staff Oral History Collection, 2007-2009 (OH 14) 
Extension Service Photographs, 1900-2007 (P 062) 
Extension Service Records, 1903-2011 (RG 111) 


Facilities Services Records, 1888-2010 (RG 193) 
Dean of Faculty Records, 1962-1988 (RG 160) 
Faculty Men's Club Records, 1930-1981 (MSS FacultyMens) 
Faculty Senate Records, 1944-2012 (RG 044) 
Faculty and Staff Photograph Collection, 1896-1979 (P 046) 
Avard T. Fairbanks Collection, 1911-1981 (MSS FairbanksA) 
John Leo Fairbanks Collection, ca. 1850 - ca. 1930 (MSS Fairbanks) 
Paul Lawrence Farber Papers, 1910-2011 (MSS Farber) 
Farm Crops Department Photographs, 1919-1960 (P 130) 
Farmer (publication) Photographs, 1911-1920 (P 080) 
Nathan Fasten Collection, 1930 (MSS Fasten) 
John Faudskar Papers, 1942-1985 (MSS Faudskar) 
Roger Fendall Papers, 1953-1981 (MSS Fendall) 
Ed Ferguson Oregon Anti-Apartheid Scrapbook, 1980-2012 (MSS Apartheid) 
Iona Irving Ferguson Collection, 1893-1950 (MSS Ferguson) 
Feronian Literary Society and Mask and Dagger Club Records, 1910-1917 (RG 042) 
Marian Field Collection, 1936-1982 (MSS Field) 
Finance and Administration Photographs, 2000 (P 247) 
Finance and Administration Records, 1963-2011 (RG 131) 
Finance and Administration Videotapes, 1997 (FV P 247) 
Financial Aid Photographs, circa 1933 (P 058) 
Financial Aid Office Records, 1917-2000 (RG 012) 
Alton H. Finch Papers, 1975 (MSS Finch) 
William A. Finley Scrapbook, 1861-1898 (MSS FinleyWA) 
William L. Finley Papers, 1899-1946 (MSS Finley) 
Alice Fisher Community Drama Class Scrapbook, 1931 (MSS FisherA) 
Fisheries and Wildlife Department Photographs, 1938-1986 (P 179) 
Fisheries and Wildlife Department Records, 1934-2003 (RG 190) 
Fisheries and Wildlife Films and Videotapes, 1939-1999 (FV P 243) 
James Kenneth Fleshman Photograph Album, 1928 (P 250) 
Food Science and Technology Department Photographs, 1900-1963 (P 142) 
Food Science and Technology Department Records, 1924-2006 (RG 176) 
Football Photograph Collection, 1894-2000 (P 004) 
Wilson H. Foote Photographs, 1948-1955 (P 268) 
J. F. Ford Photographs, 1895-1913 (P 308) 
Forest Products Department Records, 1941-1995 (RG 003) 
Bernice Forest Diary, 1916-1917 (MSS Forest) 
Forestry Media Center Slide Collection, 1942-2000 (P 299) 
Forest Service Equipment Development Center Photograph Album, 1965-1980 (P 311) 
United States Forest Service Video Workshop Videotapes, 1988-1989 (FV P 264) 
Forest Type Maps of Oregon, 1900 - circa 1995 (MAPS ForestType) 
Forestry Club Records, 1906-1934 (RG 039) 
College of Forestry Photograph Collection, 1910-2006 (P 061) 
College of Forestry Records, 1911-2011 (RG 139) 
College of Forestry Moving Images, 1995-2009 (FV P 061) 
Forestry Extension Records, 1933-1990 (RG 103) 
4-H Moving Images, 1939-2009 (FV P 146) 
4-H Photograph Collection, 1913-2005 (P 146) 
Margaret Wynne Fox Photograph Collection, circa 1985 - circa 2005 (P 287) 
Norman C. Franklin Collection, 1932-1973 (MSS FranklinN) 
Fraternities and Sororities Photograph Collection, 1915-1989 (P 034) 
William A. Frazier Papers, 1918-1996 (MSS FrazierW) 
G. Herbert Fredell Photographic Collection, 1918-1919 (P 204) 
Harry Freund Collection, 1939-1962 (MSS Freund) 
Friends of Horner Museum Records, 1989-1999 (MSS FriendsofHorner) 
Friends of the Library Records, 1934-1996 (RG 002) 
W. Dean Frischknecht Papers, 1938-2009 (MSS Frischknecht) 
Harold Frodsham Photographs, 1921-1922 (P 271) 
Wanda F. Hardin Fruits Memoir, 2007 (MSS Fruits) 
John L. Fryer Papers, 1953-2003 (MSS Fryer) 


James T. Gaither Photograph Collection, 1917-1922 (P 275) 
John H. Gallagher, Sr. Photograph Collection, 1898-1961 (P 032) 
John H. Gallagher, Sr., Collection, 1932-1973 (MSS Gallagher) 
Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Photographs, 1918-1963 (P 277) 
Gamma Sigma Delta Records, 1909-2010 (RG 020) 
Garman, John, Photographic Collection, 1894-1966 (P 095) 
Vera Garrison Collection, 1935-1939 (MSS Garrison) 
Jay S. Gashwiler Papers, 1939-1961 (MSS Gashwiler) 
Corvallis Gazette-Times Photographs, 1957-1965 (P 066) 
Robert H. Gellatly Photograph Collection, 1891-1899 (P 074) 
General County Highway Maps, 1951-1963 (MAPS CountyHwy) 
Genetics Program Records, 1973-2009 (RG 242) 
Viola Gentle Records, 1956-1964 (MSS Gentle) 
Louis G. Gentner Papers, 1829-1980 (MSS Gentner) 
Geosciences Department Records, 1946-1996 (RG 208) 
Vane G. Gibson Collection, 1908-1961 (MSS Gibson) 
Gifford Collection Documentary Materials, 1897-1996 (P 218-SG 7) 
Gifford Collection Photographs by Unknown or Other Photographers, circa 1915-1955 (P 218-SG 6) 
Gifford Photographic Collection, circa 1885 - 1958 (P 218) 
Ben L. Gifford Photographs, 1950-1955 (P 218-SG 5) 
Gifford, Benjamin A., Photographs, circa 1885 - circa 1920 (P 218-SG 1) 
Ralph I. Gifford Motion Pictures, circa 1925-1940 (P 218-SG 3) 
Gifford, Ralph I., Photographs, circa 1910s - 1947 (P 218-SG 2) 
Gifford, Wanda, Photographs, 1948-1958 (P 218-SG 4) 
Henry C. Gilbert Photograph Collection, 1905-1917 (P 158) 
F. A. Gilfillan Papers, 1894-1984 (MSS Gilfillan) 
Beulah Gilkey Collection, 1905-1960 (MSS GilkeyB) 
Helen M. Gilkey Papers, 1907-1974 (MSS GilkeyH) 
Gilkey, Richard W., Photographs, 1947-2005 (P 252) 
Carl Gilmore Papers, 1926-1999 (MSS Gilmore) 
W.J. Gilstrap Papers, 1897-1950 (MSS Gilstrap) 
Gordon Glass Collection, 1940-1990 (MSS Glass) 
Douglas W. Glennie Papers, 1919-1966 (MSS Glennie) 
Erlinda Gonzales-Berry Papers, 1969-2010 (MSS Gonzales-Berry) 
Kenneth L. Gordon Collection, 1920-1980 (MSS Gordon) 
Government Relations Office Records, 1996-2013 (RG 254) 
Florence Gradon Scrapbook, 1920-1926 (MSS Gradon) 
Graduate School Photographs, circa 1940s-1970s (P 067) 
Graduate School Records, 1909-2007 (RG 016) 
Samuel H. Graf Collection, 1903-1964 (MSS Graf) 
Graham & Wells Photograph Collection, 1919-1925 (P 021) 
Crawford Henderson "Scram" Graham Collection, 1953-1996 (MSS GrahamC) 
Robert D. Graham Papers, 1903-1973 (MSS GrahamRD) 
Grace Gramms Scrapbook, 1937-1941 (MSS Gramms) 
Ken Gray Photograph Collection, 1964-1979 (P 256) 
Greek Life Office Records, 1945-2015 (RG 223) 
John W. Green Papers, 1919-1973 (MSS Green) 
Agnes Gregson Collection, circa 1870 - 1971 (MSS Gregson) 
George P. Griffis Portfolio and Scrapbook, 1926-1979 (MSS Griffis) 
William F. Groves Photographs, 1888-1942 (P 135) 


J.R. Haag Papers, 1927-1964 (MSS Haag) 
Barton C. Hacker Papers, 1955-1995 (MSS HackerB) 
Thomas Hager Papers, 1898-2010 (MSS Hager) 
C. C. Hall Photograph Album, 1906-1933 (P 301) 
Frank E. Hall Collection, 1886-1909 (MSS Hall) 
Hanford Site Forty-Year Environmental Data Collection, 1943-1986 (MSS Hanford) 
Henry Paul Hansen Papers, 1907-1989 (MSS HansenHP) 
Hugh J. Hansen Papers, 1975-1989 (MSS HansenHJ) 
N. John Hansen Scrapbook, 1937-2007 (MSS HansenNJohn) 
Hanson Leghorn Farm Records, 1917-1967 (MSS HansonLeghorn) 
Harding School Collection, 1923-2002 (MSS HardingSchool) 
John R. Hardison Papers, 1969-1981 (MSS Hardison) 
Froduald Harelimana Collection, 1994-1997 (MSS Harelimana) 
James A. Harper Papers, 1930-1992 (MSS HarperJ) 
Harriet's Photograph Collection, 1868-1996 (P HC) 
Celeste Liston Harris Scrapbooks on Ben Hur Lampman, 1926-1951 (MSS HarrisC) 
Milton Harris Papers, 1925-1996 (MSS Harris) 
Hatfield Marine Science Center Photographs, 1965-1997 (P 254) 
Hatfield Marine Science Center Records, 1961-2005 (RG 194) 
Hatfield Marine Science Center Videotapes, 1968-1998 (FV P 254) 
Hawley Hall Photograph Collection, 1937-1958 (P 167) 
Betty E. Hawthorne, 1951-1987 (MSS Hawthorne) 
Roger Hayward Papers, 1899-2007 (MSS Hayward) 
Charlotte Headrick Papers, 1977-2012 (MSS Headrick) 
College of Health and Human Performance Photographs, 1915-1999 (P 231) 
College of Health and Human Performance Records, 1917-2007 (RG 031) 
Heart of the Valley Homebrewers Records, 1982-2004 (MSS HOTV) 
Kenneth W. Hedberg Papers, 1966-1986 (MSS Hedberg) 
Robert W. Henderson Papers, 1933-2005 (MSS Henderson) 
Robert W. Henderson Photograph Collection, 1934-2006 (P 098) 
Jerry D. Hendricks Papers, 1965-2008 (MSS Hendricks) 
Elizabeth Henley Collection, 1886-2000 (MSS Henley) 
Herbarium Photographs, 1904-1963 (P 093) 
Herbarium Records, 1891-2007 (RG 117) 
William F. Herrin Collection, 1872-1910 (MSS Herrin) 
Bertha Herse Collection, 1905-1960 (MSS Herse) 
Charter Heslep Papers, 1932-1963 (MSS Heslep) 
Hesperian Lyceum Records, 1891-1893 (RG 065) 
Ray S. Hewitt Collection, 1956-1995 (MSS Hewitt) 
Committee on High School Relations Records, 1931-1956 (RG 006) 
Highway Maps of Oregon Counties, 1965-1976 (MAPS Highway) 
Donald David Hill Collection, 1927-1990 (MSS HillD) 
Lehi F. Hintze Geological Reconnaissance Maps of Oregon, 1936-1958 (MAPS Hintze) 
Melvin C. Hironaka Notebooks, 1956-2002 (MSS Hironaka) 
Collection of Historical Newspaper Issues, 1723-1941 (MSS HistNewsIssues) 
Gerald Hoard Photographs, ca. 1920s (P 068) 
Edgar P. Hoener Papers, 1946-1983 (MSS Hoener) 
Godfrey R. Hoerner Papers, 1895-1959 (MSS Hoerner) 
Ronald V. and John G. Hogg Papers, 1918-1922 (MSS Hogg) 
Woody Holderman Photographs, 1956-1975 (P 263) 
Betty Hole Collection, 1925-1980 (MSS Hole) 
Jacquelin F. Holland Papers, 1945-1951 (MSS Holland) 
Roland G. Holmes Collection of Oregon and Washington Postcard, 1909-1945 (P 283) 
Zoe Ann Holmes Photographs, 1965-2008 (P 270) 
Holocaust Memorial Program Records, 1945-2009 (RG 241) 
Oregon State University Home Economics Alumni Association Records, 1972-1996 (MSS HomeEcAlumni) 
Home Economics Club Records, 1924-1974 (MSS HomeEcClub) 
College of Home Economics and Education Records, 1913-2000 (RG 141) 
College of Home Economics Motion Picture Films and Videotapes, 1950-1998 (FV P 044) 
College of Home Economics Oral Histories, 1968-1985 (OH 11) 
College of Home Economics Photograph Collection, 1920-1998 (P 044) 
Home Economics Extension Photographs, 1939-1998 (P 115) 
Home Management House Photograph Collection, 1945-1948 (P 266) 
Honor Committee Records, 1920-1930 (RG 076) 
Honors College Records, 1996-2008 (RG 238) 
Honors Program Records, 1962-1991 (RG 096) 
Hoover Dam Construction Photograph Album, 1931-1934 (P 260) 
Hop Press Newsletters, 1948-1955 (PUB 487) 
Hops Research Council Records, 1943-2009 (MSS HRC) 
Horner Museum Oral History Collection, 1952-1993 (OH 10) 
Horner Museum Photographs, 1892-1982 (P 159) 
Horner Museum Records, 1924-2001 (RG 199) 
John B. Horner Papers, 1885-1933 (MSS Horner) 
J.B. Horner Photograph Collection, 1846 - circa 1925 (P 100) 
Oregon State Horticulture Society Photographs, 1921-1966 (P 054) 
Oregon State Horticultural Society Records, 1890-1964 (RG 151) 
Horticulture Department Photographs, 1900-1980 (P 090) 
Horticulture Department Records, 1908-1994 (RG 187) 
Hattie Hanna and George B. Hovenden Collection, 1880-1932 (MSS Hovenden) 
Francis T. Howard Diary, 1858-1946 (MSS Howard) 
James C. Howland Papers, 1860-2008 (MSS Howland) 
E. Roxie Howlett Collection, 1948 - circa 2005 (MSS Howlett) 
Gustaf Wilhelm Hult Papers, 1953-1954 (MSS Hult) 
Human Development and Family Sciences Department Records, 1940-2012 (RG 085) 
Human Resources Records, 1900-2013 (RG 126) 
Human Resources Videotapes, 1992 (FV P 223) 
Albert S. Hunter Collection, 1899-1961 (MSS Hunter) 
Floyd J. ("Peck") Huntley Collection, 1907-1959 (MSS Huntley) 
R.H. Huston Hardware Store Journals, 1910-1919 (MSS Huston) 
Josephine Hutchens Collection, 1938-1941 (MSS Hutchens) 


Industrial Arts and Industrial Manufacturing Department Photographs, 1910-1980 (P 189) 
Industrial Arts Department Motion Picture Film, 1944 (FV P 189) 
Information Department Records, 1928-1966 (RG 010) 
Information Services Photographs, 1988-1989 (P 241) 
Information Services Records, 1991-2012 (RG 215) 
Inspiration Dissemination (Student Radio Show) Sound Recordings, 2012-2015 (MSS Inspiration) 
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers OSU Student Chapter Records, 1913-1985 (MSS IEEE) 
Institutional Research Records, 1965-1986 (RG 086) 
InterACTION Project Records, 1994-2002 (RG 222) 
Intercollegiate Athletics Moving Images, 1936-2003 (FV P 031) 
Intercollegiate Athletics Photographic Collection, 1907-1951 (P 031) 
Intercollegiate Athletics Records, 1908-2013 (RG 007) 
Interfraternity Council Records, 1927-1998 (RG 088) 
International Education Records, 1960-2013 (RG 164) 
International Programs Photographs, 1986-2000 (P 246) 
International Research and Development Office Records. 1991-2007 (RG 211) 
International Students of Oregon State University Records, 1970-2011 (RG 247) 
Leona Irons Photographs, 1922 (P 136) 
Ruby Stafrin Irwin Scrapbook, 1923-1927 (MSS Irwin) 


Edwin Russell Jackman Papers, 1917-1970 (MSS Jackman) 
Jackman, Edwin Russell, Photographic Collection, ca. 1875-1964 (P 089) 
Royal G. Jackson Papers, circa 1905 - 1992 (MSS JacksonR) 
Japanese-American Association of Lane County, Oregon, Oral History Collection, 1994-2008 (OH 15) 
Annabelle E. Jaramillo Papers, 1967-2012 (MSS Jaramillo) 
Jeffersonian Literary Society Records, 1897 (RG 067) 
Donald G. Jefferys Collection, 1931-1969 (MSS Jefferys) 
Merle T. Jenkins Papers, 1913-1974 (MSS Jenkins) 
J. Granville Jensen Papers, 1925-1991 (MSS Jensen) 
Paul H. Jensen Oral Histories, 1979-1993 (OH 22) 
A. Grace Johnson Collection, 1918-1933 (MSS JohnsonA) 
C.D. Johnson Lumber Company Toledo Mill Collection, 1920-1995 (MSS JohnsonMill) 
Harold W. and Charles H. Johnson Collection, 1923-1982 (MSS JohnsonHC) 
James W. Johnson Papers, 1958-1978 (MSS JohnsonJW) 
Leone S. Johnson Papers, 1911-1964 (MSS JohnsonL) 
Lory Johnston Papers, 1946-1950 (MSS Johnston) 
Gary Jolliff Papers, 1962-2004 (MSS Jolliff) 
Alice Jones Collection, 1904 - [ca. 1910] (MSS JonesA) 
Mary Jones Sewing Sample Book, 1895-1896 (MSS JonesM) 
Journalism Department Photographs, 1930-1984 (P 208) 
Journalism Department Records, 1918-1988 (RG 091) 


Wallace L. Kadderly Papers, 1931-1963 (MSS Kadderly) 
Kappa Delta Sorority Alpha Kappa Chapter Records, 1926-1980 (MSS Kappadelt) 
KBVR Photographs, 1970-1988 (P 170) 
KBVR Videotapes, 1979-1980 (FV P 170) 
Keep Oregon Green Association Records, 1945-1957 (MSS KeepOrGreen) 
Barney Keep Papers, 1918-2000 (MSS Keep) 
Ruth H. Kennedy Scrapbook, 1915-1965 (MSS Kennedy) 
Betty Kerr Photographs, 1890-1893 (P 196) 
Jackson F. Kimball Collection, 1910-1945 (MSS Kimball) 
Arthur S. King Papers, 1931-1972 (MSS King) 
Arthur Solomon King Photographs, 1967 (P 131) 
David B. King Papers, 1982-1994 (MSS KingD) 
Larry Kirkland Photographs, 1968-1969 (P 125) 
Klamath County Timber Cruising Records, 1952-1955 (MSS Klamath) 
KOAC Photographs, 1929-1974 (P 207) 
KOAC Records, 1923-2000 (RG 015) 
KOAC-TV Films, 1947-1975 (FV P 207) 
Ardis W. Koester Papers, 1962-1996 (MSS Koester) 
Orville Kofoid Journals, 1942-1950 (MSS Kofoid) 
Florence L. Kohlhagen Notebook, 1923 (MSS Kohlhagen) 
Edward Kolbe Research Notebook, 1970-1978 (MSS Kolbe) 
Karl and Erna Kordesch Papers, 1906-2011 (MSS Kordesch) 
W. Arthur Koski Papers, 1946-1983 (MSS Koski) 
Thomas Kraemer Speech and Blog, 2006 (MSS Kraemer) 
Leo George and Ruth Ann Kramer Papers, 1951-1982 (MSS Kramer) 
Warren E. Kronstad Papers, 1954-2002 (MSS Kronstad) 
Kupono Cooperative House Scrapbook, 1939-1943 (MSS Kupono) 


Harry B. Lagerstedt Papers, 1937-1981 (MSS Lagerstedt) 
Rubin H. Landau Papers, 1966-2008 (MSS Landau) 
Rebecca Landis Papers, 1995-2003 (MSS LandisR) 
Landscape Architecture Department Records, 1932-1982 (RG 089) 
Landscapes (Forests and Mountains) Photographs, 1958-1972 (P 024) 
Merton Lane Papers, 1893-1965 (MSS Lane) 
Clair V. Langton Papers, 1914-1973 (MSS Langton) 
Elmer G. Larson Papers, 1925-1985 (MSS Larson) 
John D. Lattin Papers, 1941-2004 (MSS Lattin) 
Denis P. Lavender Papers, 1935-2008 (MSS Lavender) 
Bessie Brown Lawrence Photographs, 1923-1926 (P 258) 
William Evans Lawrence Photographs, 1938-1946 (P 286) 
William Evans Lawrence Papers, 1893-1945 (MSS Lawrence) 
Beverly J. Leach Papers, 1918-1949 (MSS Leach) 
Derrick Lee Photographs, 1989-1994 (P 211) 
Lester M. Leland Papers, 1894-1924 (MSS Leland) 
E. B. Lemon Papers, ca. 1910-1979 (MSS LemonEB) 
Lora Lemon Scrapbook, 1896-1961 (MSS LemonLora) 
Helen Lepper Diary, 1928-1931 (MSS Lepper) 
Lucy Lewis Scrapbook, 1914-1915 (MSS Lewis) 
College of Liberal Arts Photographs, 1982-1991 (P 186) 
College of Liberal Arts Records, 1945-2008 (RG 143) 
College of Liberal Arts Videotapes, 1975-1996 (FV P 186) 
Libraries Moving Images, 1960-2012 (FV P 083) 
Library Gifts and Exchange Department Records, 1951-2004 (RG 261) 
Library Photograph Collection, 1915-2002 (P 083) 
Library Records, 1908-2002 (RG 009) 
Leander N. Liggett Papers, 1869-1873 (MSS Liggett) 
Lincoln County, Oregon, Chronic Geologic Hazard Maps, 1994 (MAPS LincolnHazard) 
David Little Photographs, 1905 (P 126) 
Living Groups Index, circa 1960 - 1976 (MSS LivingGrps) 
Les Lloyd Papers, 1942-1951 (MSS Lloyd) 
Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center Records, 1966-2011 (RG 244) 
Art Lowe Photograph Collection, 1903-1950 (P 213) 
Edith Whitelock Lowe Collection, 1920-1989 (MSS Lowe) 
Lower Division Records, 1929-1951 (RG 119) 
Zoa Lowthian Photograph Album, 1928-1934 (P 297) 
William M. Lunch Papers, 1987-2007 (MSS Lunch) 
Fred Deininger Luse Photograph Album, 1908-1910 (P 228) 
Edmund R. Lyman Diary, 1889-1891 (MSS Lyman) 


Macpherson Family History, 2010 (MSS Macpherson) 
Robert W. MacVicar Papers, 1942-1995 (MSS MacVicar) 
Victor A. Madsen Papers, 1964-1998 (MSS Madsen) 
Magic Lantern Slide Collection, circa 1900-1935 (P 291) 
Leonard M. Maki Nuclear Power Collection, 1936-1975 (MSS Maki) 
Bernard Malamud Papers, 1949-2007 (MSS Malamud) 
Malheur County 4-H Leaders' Council Records, 1935-1966 (MSS Malheur) 
Harold L. Manley Collection, 1911-1949 (MSS Manley) 
Institute for Manpower Studies Records, 1975-1981 (RG 196) 
Maple Manor Cooperative House Records, 1940-1995 (MSS MapleManor) 
Bruce G. Marcot Spotted Owl Collection, 1951-1997 (MSS Marcot) 
David A. Marcus Letters, 1972-1985 (MSS Marcus) 
Homer Maris Collection, 1918-1968 (MSS Maris) 
David Robert Marr Photograph Album, circa 1918 - 1922 (P 232) 
Fritz Marti Papers, 1909-2009 (MSS Marti) 
Charles H. Martin Papers, 1939-1942 (MSS MartinC) 
Marys Peak Area Aerial Photographs, 1962 (P 293) 
A. Freeman Mason Scrapbook, 1910-1922 (MSS Mason) 
Donald L. Mason Photographs, 1915-1935 (P 290) 
Mater Engineering Tribal Consultation Files, 1920-1995 (MSS MaterEngineering) 
Jean Mater Papers, 1967-2005 (MSS Mater) 
Mathematics Department Records, 1933-1994 (RG 136) 
Christopher Mathews Papers, 1962-2010 (MSS Mathews) 
William Budd Matlock Papers, 1934-1976 (MSS Matlock) 
Oliver Matthews Collection, 1905-2013 (MSS Matthews) 
Oliver Matthews Photograph Collection, 1922-1964 (P 118) 
Leroy G. Mattley Papers, 1898-1903 (MSS Mattley) 
Joe O. Mattson Photograph Collection, 1923-1924 (P 145) 
Ulysses Grant McAlexander Collection, 1883-1964 (MSS McAlexander) 
Harvey L. McAlister Collection, 1805-1950 (MSS McAlister) 
Alta McCormick Photograph Collection, 1905-1931 (P 113) 
W.F. McCulloch Collection, 1926-1968 (MSS McCulloch) 
Robert E. McDole Papers, 1949-1998 (MSS McDole) 
McDonald Rare Book and Manuscript Collection, 2041-1763 BC, ca. 960-1941 AD (RB McDonald) 
Doryce J. McDonald Papers, 1992-1995 (MSS McDonaldD) 
McDonald Forest Aerial Photographs, 1962 (P 294) 
McDonald Forest and Peavy Arboretum Maps, 1934-1993 (MAPS McDonaldForest) 
Emily McFarland Photograph Collection, 1908 (P 155) 
Don E. McIlvenna Papers, 1970-1978 (MSS McIlvenna) 
James McIver Papers, 1980-1984 (MSS McIver) 
Douglas and Mabel McKay Papers, 1905-2014 (MSS McKay) 
McMenamins Brewery Collection, 1985-2013 (MSS McMenamins) 
William J. McNeil Papers, 1978-2002 (MSS McNeil) 
Frank P. McWhorter Papers, 1942-1961 (MSS McWhorter) 
Esther Mears Collection, 1917-1931 (MSS Mears) 
Mechanical Engineering Department Lantern Slides, 1920 (P 229) 
Mechanical Engineering Department Records, 1894-1971 (RG 213) 
Sigurd D. Medhus Papers, 1947-1949 (MSS Medhus) 
Media Services Moving Images, 1957-2002 (FV P 119) 
Media Services Photographs Collection, 1948-2003 (P 119) 
Margaret Meehan Papers, 1961-1987 (MSS Meehan) 
Oregon State University Memorabilia Collection, ca. 1860-present (MC) 
Memorial Union Photographs, 1924-2004 (P 198) 
Memorial Union Records, 1922-2013 (RG 099) 
Memorial Union Videotapes, 1977-1990 (FV P 198) 
Dean of Men Records, 1926-1981 (RG 134) 
John T. and Virginia E. Merrifield Collection, 1916-2008 (MSS Merrifield) 
Fred Merryfield Papers, 1916-1978 (MSS Merryfield) 
Frank Mersdorf Photographs, 1937-1938 (P 225) 
Ted Mesang Collection, 1925-1968 (MSS Mesang) 
Metsker's Atlases of Oregon Counties, 1929-1988 (MAPS Metsker) 
Oral Histories of the Oregon State University Microbiology Department, 1964-1989 (OH 24) 
Microbiology Department Motion Picture Films, 1969-1970 (FV P 117) 
Microbiology Department Photographs, 1898-1996 (P 117) 
Microbiology Department Records, 1893-2002 (RG 191) 
Mike Club Scrapbook and Sound Recordings, 1947-1964 (MSS Mike) 
Milagro (Miracle Theatre Group) Records, 1966-2014 (MSS Milagro) 
Oregon State University Military Photographs Collection, 1875-1975 (P 002) 
Leslie Miller Scrapbook, 1916-1948 (MSS Miller) 
Milne, W.E., Collection, 1905-1981 (MSS Milne) 
J. Ronald Miner Papers, 1953-2004 (MSS Miner) 
School of Mines Records, 1912-1943 (RG 186) 
Kenneth C. Minnick Papers, 1945-2000 (MSS Minnick) 
Minority Education Office Records Records, 1998-2005 (RG 229) 
C.B. Mitchell University Theater Scrapbooks, 1920-1952 (MSS Mitchell) 
Mock Legislature Records, 1909-1911 (RG 045) 
Buena Maris Mockmore Papers, 1916-1969 (MSS Mockmore) 
Ellen J. Moore Papers, 1909-2003 (MSS MooreE) 
George W. Moore Papers, 1952-2001 (MSS MooreGW) 
Harriet Moore Photograph Collection, 1890-1962 (P 150) 
James A. Moore Papers, 1966-2000 (MSS MooreJA) 
Willetta Moore Photograph Album, 1913-1930 (P 269) 
Richard Y. Morita Papers, 1949-2005 (MSS Morita) 
Jimmie Morris Papers, 1920-2008 (MSS MorrisJ) 
Walter E. Morris Photograph Collection, 1909-1911 (P 122) 
Hugh E. Morrison Papers, 1937-1964 (MSS Morrison) 
Donald Wesley Morse Photograph Album, 1917-1922 (P 255) 
Mortar Board Scrapbooks, 1938-1982 (MSS MortarBoard) 
Dale Moss Papers, 1958-1994 (MSS Moss) 
Jean Moule Papers, 1975-2011 (MSS Moule) 
Mount Hood Area Excursion Photograph Album, circa 1910 (P 310) 
Office of Multicultural Affairs Records, 1986-2009 (RG 225) 
Multnomah County Extension Home Economics Units Collection, 1930-1985 (MSS MultnomahHomeEc) 
D. Curtis Mumford Papers, 1903-1990 (MSS Mumford) 
J. Kenneth Munford Collection, 1866-2000 (MSS Munford) 
Daniel P. and Doris Dow Murphy Papers, 1937-1966 (MSS Murphy) 
Music Department Photograph Collection, 1987-1998 (P 137) 
Music Department Records, 1899-2014 (RG 148) 


Harry S. Nakaue Papers, 1975-1997 (MSS Nakaue) 
Nash Family Music Collection, 1890-1950 (MSS Nash) 
Percival Nash Collection, 1870-1929 (MSS NashP) 
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Corvallis Branch Records, 1971-1974 (MSS NAACPCorvallis) 
National Forests in Oregon Maps, 1910-1989 (MAPS USFS) 
National Rural Studies Committee Records, 1986-1999 (RG 246) 
Native American Maps Collection, 1875-1972 (MAPS Native) 
Philosophy of Nature Book Collection, 1811-1993 (RB Nature) 
Historic Oregon Nautical Charts, 1868-2009 (MAPS Nautical) 
Naval ROTC Photographs, 1991-2002 (P 253) 
Francis and Lois Wilson Neer Photograph Album, 1910-1914 (P 206) 
Alfie Nelson Laboratory Notebook, 1921-1922 (MSS NelsonA) 
C. William Nelson Papers, 1958-1975 (MSS NelsonCW) 
Harry I. Nettleton Records, 1959-1960 (MSS Nettleton) 
Richard L. and Maurine B. Neuberger Papers, 1958-1965 (MSS Neuberger) 
Robert W. Newburgh Papers, 1958-1976 (MSS Newburgh) 
Ben A. Newell Papers, 1943-2006 (MSS Newell) 
Newman Foundation of Oregon State University Records, 1962-2008 (MSS Newman) 
Ruth Newmyer Photograph Collection, 1915 (P 239) 
News and Communication Services Motion Picture Films and Videotapes, 1942-2000 (FV P 057) 
News and Communication Services Photograph Collection, 1949-1999 (P 057) 
News and Communication Services Records, 1940-2004 (RG 203) 
Diane Nicholson Photographs, 1974-1975 (P 153) 
David B. Nicodemus Papers, 1945-1989 (MSS Nicodemus) 
Roger L. Nielsen Papers, 1977-2010 (MSS Nielsen) 
Ninkasi Brewing Company Collection, 2012-2014 (MSS Ninkasi) 
J.M. Nolan Photograph Collection, 1889-1902 (P 053) 
Marie Norris Collection, 1974-2004 (MSS Norris) 
Oral Histories of Northern Cheyenne Descendants of the Battle of Little Bighorn, 1985-1987 (OH 20) 
Barton C. and Sally L. Hacker Nuclear History Collection, 1938-2002 (RB Hacker) 
How OSU Grew Nuclear Science Oral Histories, 2009-2010 (OH 16) 
Nuclear Science Technical Reports Collection, 1946-1979 (MSS Reports) 
Nursery and Seed Trade Catalogues Collection, 1832-1999 (MSS Seed) 
Nutrition and Food Management Department Records, 1930-2002 (RG 217) 
Nutrition Research Institute Records, 1963-1994 (RG 224) 
Mary Jo Nye Papers, 1986-1997 (MSS Nye) 


Fred W. Obermiller Papers, 1964-2004 (MSS Obermiller) 
Obo Addy Legacy Project Collection, 1970-2013 (MSS Addy) 
College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences Motion Picture Films and Videotapes, 1968-1998 (FV P 203) 
College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences Records, 1943-2008 (RG 173) 
School of Oceanography Photographs, 1970-1972 (P 203) 
Oceanography: Making of a Science Videotapes, 2000 (FV P 236) 
James E. Oldfield Papers, 1951-2010 (MSS Oldfield) 
Geraldine I. Olson Papers, 1992-2000 (MSS Olson) 
Paul W. Oman Papers, 1920-1989 (MSS Oman) 
Omicron Nu Records, 1919-2010 (MSS OmicronNu) 
Oral History Interviews, Personal Histories, and Sound Recordings Collection on Agriculture, Forestry, and Oregon History, 1949-1996 (OH 05) 
Orange Owl, 1920-1928 (PUB 010-13c) 
Order of the Spoon Records, 1928-1939 (MSS OrderSpoon) 
Oregon Broiler Growers Association Records, 1956-1991 (MSS OBGA) 
Oregon Central Military Road Map, 1865 (MAPS MilitaryRoad) 
Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program Records, 2006-2014 (MSS ORCFRP) 
Oregon Drainage Basin Maps, 1957-1992 (MAPS Drainage) 
Oregon State Highway Division Maps of Oregon Cities and Towns, 1969-1989 (MAPS ORCities) 
Oregon Community Surveys, 1925-1936 (MSS ORCommSurveys) 
Oregon Counties Long-Range Planning Conference Reports, 1924-1971 (PUB 006-16) 
Oregon Custom Weavers Guild Linen Research Notebook, 1950 (MSS OCWG) 
Oregon Department of Forestry Maps, 1914-1985 (MAPS ODF) 
Oregon Emergency Farm Labor Service Oral History Collection, 1992 (OH 08) 
Oregon Entomological Society Records [oes]
Oregon Fiber Flax Collection, 1940-1969 (MSS ORFiberFlax) 
Oregon Fryer Commission Records, 1958-1989 (MSS OFC) 
Oregon Home Economics Association Records, 1927-1999 (MSS OHEA) 
Oregon Hop Growers Association Records, 1949-2011 (MSS OHGA) 
Oregon Hops and Brewing Collection, 1993-2014 (MSS OHBC) 
State of Oregon Maps Collection, 1866-2000 (MAPS ORMaps) 
Oregon Multicultural Archives Oral History Collection, 2011-2015 (OH 18) 
Oregon Native American Language Sound Recordings, 1962-1988 (OH 12) 
Oregon Nutrition Council Records, 1924-1988 (MSS ONC) 
Oregon Pioneers Oral History Collection, 1975-1978 (OH 01) 
Oregon Poultry Council Records, 1936-1989 (MSS OPC) 
Oregon Poultry Industries Association Records, 1924-1989 (MSS OPIA) 
Oregon Productivity Center Photographs, 1982-1985 (P 238) 
Oregon Productivity Center Records, 1971-1995 (RG 219) 
Oregon Prune Association Letter Press Book, 1890-1894 (MSS Prune) 
Oregon Sea Grant Communications Moving Images. 1939-2011 (FV P 185) 
Oregon State Board of Higher Curricula Records, 1909-1931 (RG 073) 
Oregon State Board of Higher Education Records, 1929-2004 (RG 130) 
Oregon State College Clipping Scrapbooks, 1931-1957 (MSS OSCClippings) 
Oregon State College - New York University Football Game Scrapbooks, 1928 (MSS OSCNYUFootball) 
Oregon State Employees Association Records, 1955-1983 (MSS OSEA) 
Oregon State Employees Association - OSU Faculty Chapter Records, 1955-1983 (MSS OSEAOSU) 
Oregon State Highway Maps, 1918-1991 (MAPS ORStateHwy) 
Oregon State Park Sites and Timber Reserves Maps, 1922-1928 (MAPS ParkSites) 
Oregon State University Campus Maps, 1894-1994 (MAPS OSUCampus) 
Oregon State University Collegiate 4-H Club Records, 1929-1985 (MSS 4HClub) 
Oregon State University Dames Club Records, 1927-1973 (MSS Dames) 
Oregon State University Folk Club Records, 1949-2011 (MSS FolkClub) 
Oregon State University Foundation Moving Images, 1976-2007 (FV P 178) 
Oregon State University Historical Motion Picture films, 1921-1969 (FV P 048) 
Oregon State University Historical Photographs, 1868-1980 (P 025) 
Oregon State University History Students Association Records, 1989-2009 (MSS OSUHistoryClub) 
Oregon State University News Clipping Collection, 1974-1987 (MSS OSUNewsClips) 
History of Oregon State University Oral Histories and Sound Recordings, 1956-2012 (OH 03) 
Oregon State University Management Association (OSUMA) Records, 1986-2003 (MSS OSUMA) 
Oregon State University Masters of Business Administration Association Presidential Journal, 2005 (MSS MBAA) 
Oregon State University Mothers Club Records, 1933-2007 (MSS MothersClub) 
Oregon State University Mountain Club Records, 1947-1975 (MSS MountainClub) 
Oregon State University Retirement Association Records, 2001-2006 (MSS RetirementAssoc) 
Oregon State University Sesquicentennial Oral History Collection, 2013-2016 (OH 26) 
Voices of Oregon State University Oral History Collection, 1995-2014 (OH 09) 
Oregon State University Women's Club Records, 1970-1980 (MSS OSUWomensClub) 
Oregon State Yank Collection, 1942-1945 (MSS Yank) 
Oregon State Yank Newsletters, 1943-1945 (PUB 010-15c) 
Oregon Stater Photograph Collection, 1940-2001 (P 195) 
Oregon Transportation Maps, 1940-1944 (MAPS ORTransport) 
Oregon Turkey Improvement Association Records, 1943-1992 (MSS OTIA) 
Oregon Vocational Agriculture Teacher's Association Newsletters, 1959-1970 (MSS OVATA) 
Oregon and Washington Offshore Oil Exploration Research Records, 1965-1989 (MSS OWOOER) 
Oregon Wildlife Federation Scrapbooks, 1960-1962 (MSS ORWildlife) 
Oregon Wine Industry Collection, 1937-2011 (MSS Wine) 
Margaret Osler Papers, 1912-2010 (MSS Osler) 
Charles Osterberg Motion Picture Films, 1961-1965 (FV P 284) 
Oversized Photographic Collection, 1889-1970 (P 176) 
May Oviatt Collection, 1903-1912 (MSS Oviatt) 
John Owen Papers, 1971-1987 (MSS Owen) 
Oxford House Records, 1966-2014 (MSS Oxford) 


Pacific Northwest Seed and Nursery Catalog Collection, 1992-2009 (MSS PNWSeedCat) 
Pacific Northwest Stream Survey Collection, 1931-1950 (MSS PNWStream) 
Pacific Novelty Company Postcards, circa 1910 (P 022) 
Pacific Photo Company Postcards, 1913-1915 (P 023) 
Earl L. Packard Papers, 1913-1980 (MSS Packard) 
Panhellenic Council Records, 1922-2011 (RG 056) 
Phillip Parcher Photograph Album, 1915 (P 143) 
Dale P. Parnell Papers, 1965-1998 (MSS Parnell) 
Albert and Ruth Parr Rare Book Collection, 1498-1989 (RB Parr) 
Pass Creek Motion Picture Film Collection, 1968-1993 (FV P 273) 
William L. Pate Collection, 1899-1901 (MSS Pate) 
Patent Committee Records, 1917-1963 (RG 021) 
Joan Patterson Collection of Historic Oregon Houses Lantern Slides, circa 1935 (P 102) 
Harry C. Patton Collection of Oregon State College Memorabilia, 1914-1971 (MSS Patton) 
Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, 1873-2013 (MSS Pauling) 
Peace Jam Northwest Records, 2004-2011 (RG 257) 
William G. Pearcy Papers, 1967-2012 (MSS Pearcy) 
George W. Peavy Papers, 1886-1955 (MSS Peavy) 
Arthur L. Peck Papers, 1904-1957 (MSS PeckA) 
Barbara B. Peck Papers, 1922-1987 (MSS PeckB) 
Kareen Peiffer Laboratory Notes, 1930-1931 (MSS Peiffer) 
Phyllis Pendell Collection, 1877-1966 (MSS Pendell) 
Pernot Family Photographic Collection, 1870-1940 (P 220) 
Emile Pernot Photographs, 1893-1895 (P 230) 
Catherine Perry Collection, 1924-1965 (MSS Perry) 
Personnel Coordinating Committee Records, 1953-1958 (RG 050) 
Sigurd Peterson Collection, 1909-1963 (MSS PetersonS) 
Lillian Jeffreys Petri Collection, 1924-1927 (MSS Petri) 
School of Pharmacy Photograph Collection, 1916-1948 (P 166) 
College of Pharmacy Records, 1899-2006 (RG 105) 
Phi Delta Theta Fraternity - OSU Chapter Record Book, 1915 (MSS PhiDeltaTheta) 
Phi Kappa Phi-OSU Chapter Records, 1914-2002 (MSS PhiKappaPhi) 
Mark Clyde Phillips Collection, circa 1857-1961 (MSS PhillipsM) 
Harry K. Phinney Papers, 1938-1988 (MSS Phinney) 
Phrateres Gamma Chapter Scrapbooks, 1930-1962 (MSS Phrateres) 
Physics Department Photographs, 1930-1962 (P 078) 
Physics Department Records, 1909-1974 (RG 037) 
Hans Plambeck Papers, 1900-1995 (MSS Plambeck) 
Planimetric Maps of Oregon and Washington, 1947 (MAPS Planimetric) 
Plans and Profiles of Oregon Rivers, 1923-1971 (MAPS RiverPlans) 
Helen E. Plinkiewisch Papers, 1888-1995 (MSS Plinkiewisch) 
Poling Hall Club Records, 1926-1971 (RG 036) 
Dan Poling Papers, 1956-1966 (MSS Poling) 
Political Identities Project Records, 2010-2011 (RG 256) 
Political Science Department Records, 1950-1967 (RG 075) 
Beulah M. Porter Collection, 1928-1930 (MSS Porter) 
E. L. Potter Collection, 1910-1970 (MSS PotterEL) 
Norma Olson Potter Collection, 1912-1985 (MSS PotterN) 
Willard C. Potts Papers, 1953-2007 (MSS Potts) 
Poultry Science Department Photograph Collection, 1910-1995 (P 111) 
Poultry Science Department Records, 1900-1993 (RG 182) 
W. Lester Powell Photograph Collection, 1913-1956 (P 192) 
President's Commission on the Status of Women Records, 1972-2010 (RG 159) 
President's Office Motion Picture Film and Videotapes, 1961-1996 (FV P 092) 
President's Office Photographs, 1923-1998 (P 092) 
President's Office Records, 1903-2002 (RG 013) 
President’s Office Records of B.L. Arnold, 1888-1892 (RG 013 - SG 01) 
President's Office Records of John D. Letcher, 1892 (RG 013 - SG 02) 
President's Office Records of John M. Bloss, 1892-1897 (RG 013 - SG 03) 
President's Office Records of H. B. Miller, 1896-1926 (RG 013 - SG 04) 
President's Office Records of Thomas Gatch, 1897-1907 (RG 013 - SG 05) 
President's Office Records of William Jasper Kerr, 1907-1964 (RG 013 - SG 07) 
Presidents of OSU Photographic Collection, circa 1865-1999 (P 001) 
Frederick Earl Price Photograph Collection, 1965 (P 073) 
Pride Center Records, 1993-2013 (RG 236) 
Printing and Mailing Services Records, 1932-2001 (RG 166) 
Chester L. Proebstel Collection, 1896-1925 (MSS Proebstel) 
Public Health Department Records, 1971-2008 (RG 231) 
Public Safety Records, 1960-2009 (RG 082) 
Publications Group (PUBS) 
Put Up the Gates Campaign Scrapbook, 1940 (MSS PutUpGates) 


William H. Quinn Papers, 1943-1995 (MSS Quinn) 


Radiation Center Records, 1953-2008 (RG 202) 
Frank J. Radovsky Papers, 1957-2008 (MSS Radovsky) 
Rangeland Resources Department Maps, 1936-1967 (MAPS Rangeland) 
Rangeland Resources Department Photographs, 1934-1982 (P 288) 
Robert Rankin Papers, 1935-1974 (MSS Rankin) 
August Rauch Collection, 1935-1981 (MSS Rauch) 
Thayer Raymond Collection, 1912-1990 (MSS Raymond) 
Reasons, Bill, Photograph Collection, 1952-1974 (P 151) 
Recreational Sports Department Records, 1964-2008 (RG 240) 
Edwin T. Reed Papers, 1886-1948 (MSS Reed) 
Robert "Wally" Reed Photographs, 1901-1929 (P 161) 
Board of Regents Records, 1886-1929 (RG 008) 
Registrar's Office Records, 1870-2011 (RG 053 - SG 1) 
Natalie Reichart Papers, 1936-1961 (MSS Reichart) 
Religious Embassy Scrapbook, 1950-1951 (MSS ReligiousEmbassy) 
Research Accounting Office Records, 1935-2010 (RG 026) 
Research Office Photographs, 1974-1987 (P 181) 
Research Office Records, 1960-2012 (RG 170) 
Reserve Officer Training Corps Records, 1890-2009 (RG 058) 
Resident Hostess Club of Oregon State College Records, 1948-1967 (RG 133) 
Rice Family Photograph Album, 1935-1947 (P 272) 
Charles M. Rice Papers, 1977 (MSS Rice) 
Ina Rihani Photographs, 1977 (P 160) 
John C. Ringle Papers, 1960-2012 (MSS Ringle) 
Paul G. Risser Papers, 1986-2002 (MSS Risser) 
Paul Ritchter papers, 1937-1972 (MSS Ritchter) 
John L. Robbins Photographs, 1966-1972 (P 295) 
William G. Robbins Papers, 1886-2014 (MSS Robbins) 
Ben L. Robinson Farm Journals, 1929-2000 (MSS RobinsonFarm) 
Charles Leon Robinson Photograph Album, 1912-1916 (P 215) 
R. H. Robinson Papers, 1889-1968 (MSS Robinson) 
Rockefeller Project Records, 1969-1981 (RG 161) 
Theodore Rockwell Papers, 1915-2013 (MSS Rockwell) 
Wilma M. Rodman Photograph Collection, 1950-1974 (P 147) 
Bill R. Rogers Papers, 1975-2003 (MSS Rogers) 
G. Herbert Root Photograph Collection, [ca. 1891] - 1936 (P 127) 
Rose Bowl Football Game Scrapbooks, 1940-1942 (MSS RoseBowl) 
Rose Bowl Game Scrapbook, 1941-1942 (MSS RoseBowlPanagis) 
Sharon E. Rosenkoetter Papers, 1996-2011 (MSS Rosenkoetter) 
Robert G. Rosenstiel Papers, 1940-1988 (MSS Rosenstiel) 
Charles R. Ross Papers, 1933-2001 (MSS Ross) 
Wesley Ross Memoir of World War II, 2009 (MSS RossW) 
Rowing (Crew) Photograph Collection, 1922-1939 (P 015) 
Beth Russell Papers, 1941-2005 (MSS RussellB) 
Walter H. Russell Papers, 1923-1982 (MSS RussellW) 
Kenneth A. Rykbost Papers, 1990-2005 (MSS Rykbost) 


Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps of Oregon, 1879-1956 (MAPS Sanborn) 
William E. Sandine Papers, 1972-1995 (MSS Sandine) 
Satellite Images and Aerial Photographs of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, 1972-1982 (MAPS Satellite) 
Thomas F. Savage Papers, 1977-1997 (MSS Savage) 
John C. Scharff Collection, 1936-1995 (MSS Scharff) 
Jean W. Scheel Photographs, 1945-1983 (P 279) 
Herbert A. Schell Photograph Collection, 1949-1951 (P 282) 
Schelling, Carolyn, Scrapbook, 1909-1978 (MSS Schelling) 
Albert Schleicher Papers, 1920-1934 (MSS Schleicher) 
Nicholas Schneider Photograph Collection, 1912-1915 (P 148) 
Harry August Schoth Papers, 1910-1970 (MSS Schoth) 
John R. Schubert Papers, 1954-1963 (MSS Schubert) 
Clark Edwards Schultz Papers, 1900-1982 (MSS Schultz) 
Ade Schwammel Collection, 1931-2005 (MSS Schwammel) 
College of Science Photograph Collection, 1965-2005 (P 084) 
College of Science Records, 1932-2004 (RG 024) 
College of Science Videotapes, 1991-1997 (FV P 084) 
History of Science Rare Book Collection, 1575-2002 (RB Science) 
History of Science Oral History Collection, 2009-2015 (OH 17) 
Science Research Institute Records, 1942-1964 (RG 014) 
Leo Sciuchetti Collection, 1959-1964 (MSS Sciuchetti) 
H. D. Scudder Collection, 1909-1923 (MSS Scudder) 
Herman A. Scullen Papers, 1930-1972 (MSS Scullen) 
Herman A. Scullen Photographic Collection, 1895-1970 (P 141) 
Sea Grant College Program Photographs, 1965-2000 (P 185) 
Sea Grant College Program Records, 1964-2013 (RG 201) 
Thomas B. Searcy Property Records, 1889-1961 (MSS Searcy) 
Seed Certification Office Correspondence, 1946-1987 (RG 183) 
George A. Sense Photograph Collection, 1930-1931 (P 249) 
James A. Sewell Photograph Album, 1902-1904 (P 259) 
Marvin N. Shearer Papers, 1918-1995 (MSS Shearer) 
Edgar Raymond Shepard Letters, 1900-1915 (MSS Shepard) 
Fred M. Shideler Papers, 1929-1998 (MSS Shideler) 
David and Clara Shoemaker Papers, 1930-2000 (MSS Shoemaker) 
Florence Lynds Shuff Collection, 1940-1957 (MSS Shuff) 
Sigma Delta Chi Oregon State Chapter Records, 1919-1967 (MSS SigmaDeltaChi) 
Sigma Xi Records, 1932-2001 (MSS Sigma Xi) 
Siletz News, 2007-2008 (MSS SiletzNews) 
Edward D. Silver Military Service Collection, 1957-1964 (MSS Silver) 
Virginia Esther Simmons Sewing Book, 1896 (MSS Simmons) 
Siuslaw National Forest Aerial Photographs, 1972-1974 (P 292) 
Leland F. Skillin Collection, 1935-1973 (MSS Skillin) 
Edward J. Slezak Papers, 1963-1979 (MSS Slezak) 
Alice Ash Smith Photograph Collection, 1930-1936 (P 212) 
Arthur Byron Smith Papers, 1906-1909 (MSS SmithAB) 
Clifford L. Smith Photograph Collection, 1916-1919 (P 037) 
John E. Smith Collection, 1945-1963 (MSS SmithJE) 
John E. Smith Photograph Collection, circa 1927 (P 052) 
M. Ellwood Smith Papers, 1913-1961 (MSS SmithME) 
Pete Smith Papers, 1983-1994 (MSS SmithP) 
Smith-Western Company Photographs of Oregon State College, circa 1955 - circa 1956 (P 164) 
Snook and Traver Ledger, 1917-1918 (MSS Snook) 
Donald Snyder Scrapbook, 1929-1938 (MSS Snyder) 
Soap Creek Valley History Project Oral Histories, 1978-1995 (OH 06) 
Soil Science Department Records, 1918-1980 (RG 115) 
Soils Department Photographs, 1952-1977 (P 030) 
Sorosis Literary Society Records, 1895-1912 (RG 046) 
Speech Communication Department Photograph Collection, 1925-1985 (P 088) 
Speech Communication Department Records, 1918-1996 (RG 181) 
J. Brookes Spencer Papers (MSS SpencerJ) 
Nettie Spencer Papers, 1878-1920 (MSS SpencerN) 
Sphinx Society Records, 1949-2006 (MSS Sphinx) 
Spike Sisters Scrapbooks, 1919-1936 (MSS Spike) 
M. B. Spillard Photograph Collection, circa 1910 - 1916 (P 163) 
Paul H. Spillman Photograph Collection, 1905-1957 (P 251) 
Sports Media Guides, 1938-2012 (PUB 054) 
Sports Trading Card Collection, 1972-2007 (MSS SportsCards) 
Spotted Owl Management, Policy, and Research Collection, 1969-1993 (MSS SpottedOwl) 
J. Llewellyn Spriggs Photograph Album, 1915-1921 (P 285) 
T.J. Starker Collection, 1975-1982 (MSS Starker) 
Eugene Starr Papers, 1911-1988 (MSS Starr) 
Statistics Department Records, 1968-1989 (RG 152) 
Steak and Chop Club Records, 1938-2007 (MSS Steak) 
Milton O. Stemmler Student Diary, 1891-1896 (MSS Stemmler) 
Mervyn Stephenson Collection, 1915-1941 (MSS Stephenson) 
Edward A. Stevens Papers, 1909-1959 (MSS Stevens) 
Albert N. Steward Papers, 1940-1991 (MSS Steward) 
Stock's Cash Store Records, 1880-1897 (MSS Stock) 
Clara A. Storvick Papers, 1925-2002 (MSS Storvick) 
Dale Story Scrapbook, 1961-1962 (MSS Story) 
Benjamin B. Stout Papers, 1959-2006 (MSS Stout) 
Ray Stout Photograph Collection, 1895-1940 (P 103) 
Douglas C. Strain Papers, 1914-2007 (MSS Strain) 
A.L. Strand Oral History Collection, 1949-1985 (OH 07) 
Street Surface Maps of Oregon Cities and Towns, 1939-1942 (MAPS Streets) 
Carey L. Strome Papers, 1911-1914 (MSS Strome) 
Marcus Struve Photographs, 1907-1908 (P 110) 
Student Academic Records, 1888-2009 (RG 053 - SG 2) 
Student Activities Photograph Collection, 1910-1968 (P 045) 
Student Affairs Moving Images, 1963-1992 (FV P 182) 
Student Affairs Photographic Collection, 1927-1999 (P 182) 
Student Affairs Records, 1924-2012 (RG 102) 
Student Assembly Records, 1903-1923 (RG 043) 
Student Health Services Records, 1978-2014 (RG 023) 
Student Incidental Fees Committee Records, 1993-2012 (RG 258) 
Student Involvement Records, 1973-2006 (RG 232) 
Student Media Records, 1945-2006 (RG 239) 
Students' Army Training Corps Records, 1918-1919 (RG 060) 
Ernst Thedore Stuhr Papers, 1928-1956 (MSS Stuhr) 
Summer Term Photographs, 1968-1973 (P 165) 
Frank G. Sutherland Notebook, 1912-1913 (MSS Sutherland) 


Talons Records, 1936-1990 (MSS Talons) 
Esther Taskerud Papers, 1938-1992 (MSS Taskerud) 
William H. Taubeneck Papers, 1881-2010 (MSS Taubeneck) 
Albert D. Taylor Collection, 1907-1928 (MSS TaylorA) 
Armond C. Taylor Photograph Collection, 1916 (P 139) 
B. Sam Taylor Photograph Collection, 1907-1959 (P 226) 
Janet Taylor Papers, 1942-1954 (MSS TaylorJ) 
Technology Educators of Oregon Records, 1954-2001 (MSS TechEducators) 
Katherine and Russell Tegnell Scrapbook, 1931-1941 (MSS Tegnell) 
Theatre, University, Photographs, 1916-1968 (P 112) 
University Theatre Records, 1925-2011 (RG 180) 
Theta Sigma Phi Records, 1921-1980 (MSS ThetaSigmaPhi) 
Betty Lynd Thompson Papers, 1916-1980 (MSS Thompson) 
Lulu Thornton Papers, 1893-1895 (MSS Thornton) 
Elmo R. and Doris Mardis Tibbetts Collection, 1923-1930 (MSS Tibbetts) 
Tideland Ownership Maps of the Oregon Coast, 1972-1973 (MAPS Tidelands) 
Oregon Timber Tax Maps, 1950-1996 (MAPS TimberTax) 
Bill Tomsheck Scrapbook, 1926-2003 (MSS Tomsheck) 
Fred Tooley Photograph Collection, 1910-1961 (P 278) 
Ruth Tibbits Tooze Papers, 1938-1940 (MSS Tooze) 
Early Topographical Maps of the Oregon Coast, 1868-1915 (MAPS CoastTopo) 
Historic Oregon Topographic Maps, 1898-1993 (MAPS ORTopos) 
Town Club Records, 1937-1995 (MSS TownClub) 
Track and Field Photograph Collection, 1900 - circa 1960 (P 010) 
Sydney Trask Photograph Collection, 1871-1932 (P 096) 
Triad Club Records, 1925-2006 (MSS TriadClub) 
John W. Trigg Photograph Album, 1915-1918 (P 227) 
Rodney Tripp Collection, circa 1870 - 2001 (MSS Tripp) 
E. Dale Trout Papers, 1939-1983 (MSS Trout) 
Jo Anne J. Trow Papers, 1952-2014 (MSS TrowJ) 
Board of Trustees Records, 1868-1891 (RG 033) 
Tsunami Hazard Maps of the Oregon Coast, 1995-1997 (MAPS Tsunami) 


Umatilla National Forest Aerial Photographs, 1939 (P 296) 
Dean of Undergraduate Studies Records, 1971-1982 (RG 113) 
Edward F. Underwood Photographs, 1899-1939 (P 049) 
U.S. Civil War Collection, 1862-1898 (MSS CivilWar) 
United States Dept. of Agriculture Aerial Photographs of Linn, Benton, and Lincoln Counties, Oregon, 1972-1994 (P 267) 
USDA Northwest Cannery Survey Collection, 1914-1915 (MSS Cannery) 
University Advancement Photographic Collection, 1969-1996 (P 210) 
University Advancement Records, 1970-2012 (RG 210) 
University Advancement Videotapes, 1988-2004 (FV P 210) 
University Archives Photographic Collection, 1970-2007 (P 169) 
University Archives Records, 1966-2013 (RG 220) 
University Archives Videotapes, 1991-1994 (FV P 169) 
University Housing and Dining Services Records, 1900-2013 (RG 145) 
University Publications Photographs, 1890-2002 (P 094) 
Office of University Publications and OSU Press Records, 1907-2007 (RG 018) 
Willi Unsoeld Collection, 1963-1979 (MSS Unsoeld) 
Urban League of Portland Records, 1945-2010 (MSS UrbanLeague) 


Paul Valenti Scrapbook, 1965-1966 (MSS Valenti) 
Tony Van Vliet Papers, 1946-2004 (MSS VanVliet) 
Ralph VanCleave Photographic Collection, circa 1860 - circa 1940s (P 156) 
Neal VanDevender Papers, 1950-2002 (MSS Vandevender) 
Neal VanDevender Photograph Collection, 1962-1965 (P 242) 
Liz VanLeeuwen Spotted Owl Collection, 1973-2004 (MSS VanLeeuwen) 
George W. Varseveld Papers, 1948-1994 (MSS Varseveld) 
Harold Troxel Vedder Photograph Collection, 1913-1916 (P 190) 
Oral Histories of the Vernonia (Oregon) Friendship Jamboree and Logging Show, 2015 (OH 33) 
J. D. Vertrees Papers, 1949-2001 (MSS Vertrees) 
College of Veterinary Medicine Photograph Collection, 1977-1981 (P 184) 
College of Veterinary Medicine Records, 1921-2013 (RG 175) 
Arthur Victor Papers, 1919-1920 (MSS Victor) 
Village Improvement Society Minutes, 1904-1911 (MSS Village) 
C.A. Vincent Photograph Collection, 1909-1910 (P 109) 
Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides, 1900-1940 (P 217) 
Vocational and Technical Education Department Records, 1928-1984 (RG 146) 
Shirley Voigts Collection, 1946-2012 (MSS Voigts) 
Oregon Agricultural College Voluntary Observers' Meteorological Records, 1889-1940 (MSS Meteorology) 


Berny Wagner Scrapbooks, 1937-2012 (MSS Wagner) 
Effie L. Wagner Scrapbook of the Women's Debate Tour, 1928 (MSS WagnerEffie) 
Waldo Hall Scrapbooks, 1947-1958 (MSS WaldoHall) 
Rodney Waldron Papers, 1937-2008 (MSS Waldron) 
Robert B. Walls Collection, 1916-1974 (MSS Walls) 
Jayne Walters Scrapbook, 1934-1940 (MSS Walters) 
Chih H. Wang Papers, 1947-1984 (MSS Wang) 
Washington County (Or.) Extension Service Records, 1918-2004 (RG 253) 
Maps of Washington (State) and the Pacific Northwest, 1863-1994 (MAPS PNW) 
Water Resources Research Institute Records, 1965-1991 (RG 251) 
Watercolor Society of Oregon Records, 1958-2009 (MSS Watercolor) 
Margaret Cartwright Weatherford Collection, 1926-1928 (MSS WeatherfordMC) 
Mark V. Weatherford Records, 1851-1951 (MSS WeatherfordMV) 
Roger Weaver Papers, 1978-2014 (MSS Weaver) 
Websterian Literary Society Records, 1892-1894 (RG 047) 
Willibald Weniger Papers, 1908-1955 (MSS Weniger) 
Weniger, Willibald, Photographic Collection, ca. 1905-1930 (P 081) 
Western Agricultural Economics Research Council Records, 1947-1974 (MSS WAERC) 
Western Center for Community College Development Records, 1979-2004 (RG 235) 
Reconnaissance of the Western Coast of the United States Nautical Charts, 1853-1864 (MAPS WestCoast) 
Western Farmer (publication) Photographs, 1915-1922 (P 079) 
Western Oregon Petroleum Exploration Well Records, 1927-1996 (MSS WOPE) 
Western Pulp and Paper Manufacturers Uniform Labor Agreements, 1952-2004 (MSS WestPulp) 
Western Small Fruit Pest Conference Records, 1968-1973 (MSS WSFPC) 
Ben Westlund Papers, 1976-2010 (MSS Westlund) 
Melvin N. Westwood Papers, 1894-2005 (MSS Westwood) 
Paul H. Weswig Collection, 1945-1965 (MSS Weswig) 
Wetlands Inventory and Survey Maps, circa 1976 - 1990 (MAPS Wetlands) 
Doris Hageman Whalen Scrapbooks, 1917-2001 (MSS Whalen) 
William Q. Wick Papers, 1966-1989 (MSS Wick) 
Oregon Chapter of the Wildlife Society Records, 1965-2001 (MSS Wildlife) 
Bill Wilkins Papers, 1912-2006 (MSS Wilkins) 
Edith Mae Wilkinson Records, 1920-1942 (MSS Wilkinson) 
Willamette River Pollution Film, circa 1940 (FV P 059) 
Willamette Valley Sketch Map, 1851 (MAPS WVSketch) 
Willamette Valley Township Survey Plats, 1851-1898 (MAPS Township) 
Gerald W. Williams Collection, 1855-2007 (MSS WilliamsG) 
Gerald W. Williams Prints Collection, 1845-1874 (MSS WilliamsPrints) 
Harold C. Williams Papers, 1962-2013 (MSS WilliamsH) 
William Appleman Williams Papers, 1877-2012 (MSS Williams) 
E. E. Wilson Papers, 1838-1961 (MSS WilsonEE) 
Wilson, E. E., Photographic Collection, ca. 1855-1960 (P 101) 
Lottie Wilson Letter, 1908 (MSS WilsonL) 
Maud Wilson Papers, 1926-1951 (MSS WilsonM) 
Robert Claude Wilson Papers, 1920-2004 (MSS WilsonR) 
Sarah Jackman Wilson Papers, 1961-1977 (MSS WilsonS) 
Warren C. Wilson Western Alpines Project Lantern Slides, 1936-1938 (P 298) 
Wilson Room Collection, 1493, 1592-1908 (RB Wilson) 
Charles Burton Winne Scrapbooks, 1918-1979 (MSS Winne) 
Withycombe Family Collection, 1844-1918 (MSS Withycombe) 
James M. Witt Collection, 1945-1960 (MSS Witt) 
Women's Athletics Photograph Collection, 1899-1958 (P 009) 
Oregon State University Women's Basketball and Field Hockey Scrapbooks, 1964-1968 (MSS WomenBBHockey) 
Women's Center Records, 1971-2011 (RG 243) 
Dean of Women's Office Photographs, 1941-1961 (P 097) 
Dean of Women's Office Records, 1923-1973 (RG 057) 
Women's Recreation Association (WRA) Photographic Collection, 1910-1965 (P 171) 
G. Burton Wood Papers, 1918-1984 (MSS Wood) 
World War I Poster Collection, 1917-1919 (MSS WW1Posters) 
World War II Poster Collection, 1941-1945 (MSS WW2Posters) 
World War II Newsmaps, 1942-1946 (MAPS Newsmap) 
Oregon State College History of World War II Project Records, 1940-1947 (MSS OSCWW2) 
Oral Histories of the 1959 Oregon State College Wrestling Court, 1983-2013 (OH 27) 
Abigail and Mattie Wright Collection, 1886-1915 (MSS WrightAM) 
Marshall S. Wright Photograph Album, 1915-1928 (P 276) 
Wright-Blodgett Company Records, ca. 1901-1935 (MSS WrightBlodgett) 


Xi Sigma Pi Records, 1923-1953 (MSS XiSigmaPi) 


Ralph L. York Papers, 1920-1940 (MSS York) 
Young Democratic Club of Benton County Collection, 1936-1937 (MSS DemocraticClub) 
Roy A. Young Papers, 1913-1990 (MSS YoungRA) 
YWCA - YMCA (Y) Round Table Records, 1932-1996 (RG 147) 


Adolph Ziefle Photograph Collection, circa 1890 - circa 1945 (P 076) 
Donald B. Zobel Collection of Historic Forestry and Vegetation Maps, 1914-1989 (MAPS ZobelMaps) 
Donald B. Zobel Papers, 1935-2008 (MSS Zobel) 
Zoology Department Records, 1895-1997 (RG 074) 
Zorn-Macpherson Bill Collection, 1926-1932 (MSS ZornMacpherson) 
Bob Zybach Collection, 1972-1990 (MSS Zybach)