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Oversized Photographic Collection, 1889-1970

Graduating class of 1900. From left to right: Front steps: Joseph Garrow, Herbert Junkin. First row: Eva Starr, Glenn Winslow, Garlin Hill, Scott Harris, Etta Smith, Dr. Burgess, Inez Fuller, Dilley, Dora Jackson, Hugh
				Penland, Elsie Reuter. Second row: Ed Aldrich, Teddy Palmer, Minnie Buxton, Fred Kruse, Arthur Frazier, Lillian Ranney, Lee Noel, Florence Maxfield, Fred Walters, Anna McBride, Albert Levens, Wilbur Carrow, John McBride.
				Back row: Harry Buxton, Joyce Hershner, Grant Elgin, Leita Ownsby, James McCaustland, Jake Saunders, Carle Abrams, Peck Bier, Jack Gallagher. Photo is property of J. H. Gallagher.

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The Oversized Photographic Collection consists of images not affiliated with other collections that are too large to fit into standard sized archival boxes. Certain of the subjects incorporated into this collection include athletics, forestry department scenes, the agriculture department, sciences departments, pharmacy, campus buildings and views, class photos, scenes of students, organizations, events, and festivals, scenic photos, and aerial views of Corvallis and the campus.


422 photographs including nitrate negatives; 13 boxes

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