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Welcome. The Oregon State University Libraries Special Collections & Archives Research Center, located on the 5th floor of The Valley Library, is home to the university’s unique collections of manuscripts, archives, photographs, and books.

We collect in five main areas: the History of OSU, the History of Science, Natural Resources, Multiculturalism in Oregon and Rare Books. We also administer the university's Records Management Program.

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That’s a lot of video tapes! New additions from KBVR

Several days ago collections archivist Karl McCreary rolled in a dolly of boxes. He left and returned with another dolly of boxes. What’s in the boxes? A whole lot of videotapes!

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New Collection: Ethnic Groups in Oregon, The Hans Plambeck Papers

Plambeck Papers
Plambeck Papers

I have just completed my first processing project with the Plambeck Papers collection for the Oregon Multicultural Archives. This collection deals with former Oregon State University sociology professor, Hans Plambeck, and his research on ethnic groups in Oregon conducted in the mid-twentieth century. As I organized the material, created new folders, and constructed a box list, this collection became very intriguing. Plambeck’s research focuses on ethnic groups including African Americans, Germans, Hungarians, Indians, Japanese-Americans, Jewish, Koreans and Scandinavians—to name a few. Not only did he collect newspaper clippings, church pamphlets, interview notes, and personal correspondence, but he also archived student papers that recount personal stories of immigration and being children of immigrants.

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