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Paul Valenti Scrapbook

Paul Valenti Scrapbook, 1965-1966

The Paul Valenti Scrapbook consists of clippings and memorabilia pertaining to the 1965-1966 Oregon State University men's basketball team, coached by Valenti. The scrapbook was apparently assembled by Valenti's daughter, Vickie Valenti.
MSS Valenti
0.25 cubic foot; 1 16x20 oversize box
University History / Scrapbooks 

Tony Van Vliet Papers

Tony Van Vliet Papers, 1946-2004

The Van Vliet Papers document the ten terms (1975-1995) that Tony Van Vliet served in the Oregon Legislative Assembly representing House District 35 in Benton County as well as his forestry research and other administrative activities at Oregon State University.
MSS VanVliet
12.25 cubic feet
University History, Natural Resources, Local History / PhotographsVideos 

Ralph VanCleave Photographic Collection

Ralph VanCleave Photographic Collection, circa 1860 - circa 1940s

The Ralph VanCleave Photographic Collection contains images of the Horning Carding Mill and F.A. Horning residence, and includes written histories of both subjects. Also held within the collection are images, taken in the 1940s, of public schools from all around the Willamette Valley.
P 156
53 photographs; 1 box
Local History / Photographs 

Neal VanDevender Papers

Neal VanDevender Papers, 1950-2002

The Neal VanDevender Papers consist of materials collected by VanDevender as an undergraduate, including notes and papers from the courses that he took while a mechanical engineering student at OSU.
MSS Vandevender
3.9 cubic feet; 3 archives boxes, 1 document box and 2 oversize boxes
University History, History of Science 

Neal VanDevender Photograph Collection

Neal VanDevender Photograph Collection, 1962-1965

The Neal VanDevender Photograph Collection consists of photographs taken by alumnus Neal VanDevender of social life in the Heckart Lodge residence hall and elsewhere on the Oregon State campus, as well as images documenting the aftermath of the Columbus Day Storm on the OSU campus.
P 242
0.32 cubic foot, including 117 photographs; 4 file folders
University History / Photographs 

Liz VanLeeuwen Spotted Owl Collection

Liz VanLeeuwen Spotted Owl Collection, 1973-2004

The Liz VanLeeuwen Spotted Owl Collection consists of materials collected and generated by former State Representative Liz VanLeeuwen pertaining to the listing of the Northern Spotted Owl as a protected endangered species in Oregon and the effect this had on the state's timber industry. VanLeeuwen graduated from Oregon State College in 1947 and served in the Oregon Legislature as State Representative from 1981 to 1999.
MSS VanLeeuwen
12.5 cubic feet, including 87 photographs, 57 maps, 9 audiocassettes, and 1 videotape; 14 boxes, including 1 oversize box, and 2 map folders
University History, Natural Resources / Sound Recordings and Oral HistoriesVideosPhotographsMaps 

George W. Varseveld Papers

George W. Varseveld Papers, 1948-1994

The George W. Varseveld Papers document Varseveld's food science research at Oregon State University which focussed on harvesting and processing of fruits and vegetables. Varseveld earned an MS in Food Science from Oregon State College in 1953 and was a research food scientist and faculty member at Oregon State University from 1963 until 1989.
MSS Varseveld
2.0 cubic feet, including 1086 photographs; 2 boxes
University History, Natural Resources / Photographs 

Harold Troxel Vedder Photograph Collection

Harold Troxel Vedder Photograph Collection, 1913-1916

The Harold Troxel Vedder Photograph Collection consists of images assembled by Vedder during his student years at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC). The photographs depict campus views and buildings; athletic teams and events, especially football; military training; and student activities. Vedder attended OAC in 1913-1915 as a student of mechanic arts.
P 190
0.02 cubic feet, including 72 photographs; 1 box
University History / Photographs 

J. D. Vertrees Papers

J. D. Vertrees Papers, 1949-2001

The J. D. Vertrees Papers consist of materials created or assembled by Vertrees in his studies of maples (specifically Japanese maples), weeds and insects. A large quantity of the collection pertains to his authorship Japanese Maples, published by Timber Press.
MSS Vertrees
10.1 cubic feet; 10 archives boxes, 2 document boxes
University History, Natural Resources

College of Veterinary Medicine Photograph Collection

College of Veterinary Medicine Photograph Collection, 1977-1981

The College of Veterinary Medicine Photograph Collection consists of slides produced by the college staff that primarily document various phases in the construction of Magruder Hall. Some of these images also contain interior and exterior shots of the finished structure as well as views of tabletop models of the building created before construction.
P 184
0.35 cubic foot, including 1,135 slides; 1 document box
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science / Photographs 

College of Veterinary Medicine Records

College of Veterinary Medicine Records, 1921-2013

The College of Veterinary Medicine Records consist predominantly of reports of research and diagnostic testing conducted by the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Oregon State University. The first veterinary science courses were taught at Oregon State Agricultural College in 1892; the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory was built in 1952 and the School of Veterinary Medicine was established at in 1975.
RG 175
54 cubic feet; 1 box; 54 boxes including 3 oversize boxes, 1 map folder and 1 microfilm reel
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science / Scrapbooks 

Arthur Victor Papers

Arthur Victor Papers, 1919-1920

The Arthur Victor Papers consist of class and laboratory materials assembled by Victor during his attendance at Oregon Agricultural College in 1919-1920 as an optional student.
MSS Victor
0.08 cubic ft.
University History 

Village Improvement Society Minutes

Village Improvement Society Minutes, 1904-1911

The Village Improvement Society Minutes document the activities of this Corvallis, Oregon, civic organization which promoted the planting of trees, development of parks, and general beautification of the city.
MSS Village
0.01 cubic foot; 1 box
Local History 

C.A. Vincent Photograph Collection

C.A. Vincent Photograph Collection, 1909-1910

The C.A. Vincent Photograph Collection consists of photographic postcards documenting student life at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) assembled by Vincent. Chester Andrus Vincent attended OAC in 1906-1910 and earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1910.
P 109
0.01 cubic foot, including 11 photographic postcards; 1 box
University History / Photographs 

Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides

Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides, 1900-1940

The Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides consist of slide sets assembled and loaned by the Oregon State System of Higher Education General Extension Division. The slides depict a variety of topics including many related to Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.
P 217
6.35 cubic feet, including 2696 photographs; 47 boxes
University History, Natural Resources, History of Science, Multicultural Archives / Photographs 

Vocational and Technical Education Department Records

Vocational and Technical Education Department Records, 1928-1984

The Vocational and Technical Education Department Records document the activities of the department with a special focus on changes in curriculum and varying state and professional standards in the field of vocational education.
RG 146
0.3 cubic feet; 6 folders; 2 16-millimeter microfilm reels; 3 boxes
University History 

Shirley Voigts Collection

Shirley Voigts Collection, 1946-2012

The Shirley Voigts Collection consists of a Westminster Association yearbook for 1946-1947 documenting the programs and activities sponsored by the Association and two photographs of Voigts. Voigts earned an undergraduate degree from Oregon State College in 1947. The Westminster Association offered religious programs and social activities for Oregon State College students at Westminster House on Monroe Avenue near the campus.
MSS Voigts
0.01 cubic foot, including 2 photographs; 1 box
University History / Photographs