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College of Engineering Records, 1930-2002

A materials testing laboratory in Graf Hall, ca 1940s.

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RG 062

These records were generated and assembled by the College of Engineering and document the administration of the College and the instructional, research, and professional activities of engineering faculty at Oregon State University.

Deans of Engineering

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23 cubic feet; 24 boxes, including 1 oversize box; 9 microfilm reels


The records consist of 24 series: I. Deans's Office, 1936-2001; II. Instruction, 1944-1991; III. Conferences and Short Courses, 1944-2001; IV. Facilities and Equipment, 1930-1988; V. Research, 1942-1996; VI. Water Resources Research Institute, 1966-1971; VII. Historical Essays and Outlines, 1946-1984; VIII. Students, 1946-2000; IX. Organizations - Civic and Research, 1945-1961; X. Engineering Organizations - Educational, 1944-1969; XI. Engineering Organizations - Professional, 1946-1981; XII. Engineering Extension Services, 1944-1969; XIII. Engineering Experiment Station, 1944-1979; XIV. OSU Administration and Services, 1939-1972; XV. Committees, 1942-1983; XVI. OSU Instructional Divisions, 1931-1981; XVII. Oregon State System of Higher Education(OSSHE), 1951-1989; XVIII. U.S. Governments, 1947-1971; XIX. Oregon State Government, 1948-1981; XX. Colleges and Universities, 1952-2000; XXI. Accreditation, 1960-1993; XXII. Publications, 1973-2002; XXIII. Army Specialized Training Program, 1943-1945; and XXIV. Academic Year Institute for High School Science and Math Teachers, 1953-1965.

Related Papers

Documentation of engineering faculty, students, research, and instruction at OSU is also represented elsewhere in the holdings of the Archives. Interaction between the College of Engineering and other administrative and academic units of the university can be found in the records of the President’s Office (RG 13), the Agricultural Experiment Station (RG 25), and the College of Agricultural Sciences (RG 158). Records of the Research Office (RG 170) contain materials from the Water Resource Research Institute.

There are also records from the various departments within the College: Bioresource Engineering (RG 1), Chemical Engineering (RG 153), Civil Engineering (RG 30), Electrical Engineering (RG 121), and Mechanical Engineering (RG 213).

Collections of working and personal papers from engineering faculty can also be found in the holdings: Dean Booster, Grant Covell, Samuel Graf, Hugh J. Hansen, J. Ronald Miner, James A. Moore, Edgar Raymond Shepard, and Robert C. Wilson.

The archives also has a number of collections of from alumni of the College: Jean Mater, John H. Gallagher Sr., Emile Pernot, Robert Rankin, Arthur Byron Smith, Mervyn Stephenson, Neal Van Devender, and Ralph York.

Images depicting engineering faculty, students, instruction, buildings, and research activities can be found in the following photograph collections: College of Engineering (P 69), the Bioresource Engineering department (P 106), the Industrial Engineering and Industrial Arts Department (P 189), the Mechanical Engineering Department (P 229), Experiment Station Publications (P 132), Buildings Collection (P 16), the President’s Office (P 92), E. E. Wilson (P 101), John Garman (P 95), Gwil Evans (P 82), and Harriet’s Collection.

Documentation of engineering at OSU on films, videotapes, and other moving images are featured in the following collections: College of Engineering (P 69), the Agricultural Engineering Department (P 106), the Industrial Engineering and Industrial Arts Department (P 189), and News and Communications Services (P 57).

Newsletters and other publications generated by engineering students are also represented in the Archives. In addition to paper copies of the Technical Record (PUB 10-15b) of the Associated Students of Engineering, several other student publications such as Electrical Discharge (PUB 10-22d), Survey (PUB 10-22g), and Slide Rule (PUB 10-22h) can be found on microfilm in the Archives. Circulars, bulletins, and reprints reflecting Engineering Experiment Station research and activities are also featured in publication groups in the archives.

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