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Library Records, 1908-2002

The Library Card Catalog Room, ca 1930s.

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RG 009

The Library Records were generated by and pertain to the development and administration of the Library at Oregon State University. In addition to the documentation of policy formulation, compilation of departmental information, committee activity, and other day-to-day administrative tasks these records reflect the Library's interaction with other institutions of higher education, libraries, and professional organizations. Records of the Oregon State System of Higher Education's (OSSHE) centralized library system, housed on the OSU campus from 1932 to 1965, are also included.

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26 cubic ft.; 55 microfilm reels


The Library Records are organized into two subgroups. Subgroup 1 is organized into 22 series: I. Correspondence; IIa. Library Advisory Council; IIb. Staff Meetings; III.OSSHE-Education Correspondence; IV. OSSHE-Statistics; V. Central Library Office; VI. Personnel Files; VII. Scrapbooks; VIIIa. KOAC Lectures by Staff and Departmental Reports; VIIIb. Departmental Reports; IX. Library Statistics and Inventory; X. Circulation Statistics; XI. Reports; XII. Library Committees; XIII. Faculty Senate Library Committee; XIV. Subject and Reference Files; XV. Library History Essays and Notes; XVI. Buildings and Facilities; XVII. Policies and Planning; XVIII. Publications; XIX. Artifacts; and XX. Sound Recordings. Subgroup 2 consists of one series: I. Subject and Reference Files.

Related Papers

In addition to institutional records, the Archives also has Library publications which include staff newsletters (PUB 8-41a: News Notes; Rod and Line, The Kerrier); Library Booklists (PUB 8-42a), and the Library Foundation newsletter (PUB 249). There is also a photographic collection (P 83) for the Library. Records of the support organization for the Library, The Friends of the Library (RG 2), are available. Architectural drawings and book plans for the Kerr Library building (in addition to those in series XVI) can be found in the record group for Facilities Services (RG 193). There are additional building project files for the Kerr Library in RG 193. Information pertaining to the construction of the Library in 1917-1918 is available in the Snook and Traver Ledger. Records of the University Archives, an administrative unit of the Library, can be found in Budgets and Planning Records (RG 125) and University Archives Records (RG 220).

The Archives has several collections of personal papers and records from library staff members, including Bertha Herse and University Librarians William Carlson and Rodney Waldron.

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