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2013 Accessions

Oregon Sea Grant Communications Moving Images (FV P 185), 1977-2006

Accession 2014:060, received 2014-07-28. 0.50 cubic foot; 2 document boxes

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by alumnus and Horticulture faculty Harry B. Lagerstedt and is made up of correspondence, Extension bulletins, index cards, and a variety of reports on filbert and walnut research. Featuring topics such as filbert breeding, walnut pollination, and hazelnut variety development, Lagerstedt's research writings include published proceedings and field studies with research data about filbert varieties from two particular orchards in Oregon.The correspondence reflects Lagerstedt's interaction with other horticulturalists and researchers in England, France, Canada, and the Netherlands regarding filbert varieties. The bulletins were primarily published by the OSU Extension Service. Constituting about half of this transfer, the index cards were stored in a box marked "Harry's Walnut Notes" and are part of a filing card system referencing published studies on walnut research.

Academy for Lifelong Learning Records, 2012-2014

Accession 2014:057, received 2014-07-16. 0.10 cubic foot; 1 document box

This addition to the Academy of Lifelong Learning (ALL) Records consists of a notebook compiled by the ALL chair reflecting the group's administrative activities and course offerings during the 2012-2013 academic year. In addition to meeting minutes from various ALL committee and councils, this transfer is made up of a cd, contracts, course catalogs, policy/procedure statements, publications, and treasurer's reports. Two letters by President Ed Ray to ALL are also part of this accession. Both documents concern the passing of Ray's wife, Beth.

Other materials in this collection.

Bill Crocker Papers, 1970-1975

Accession 2014:056, received 2014-07-16. 3.6 cubic feet; 4 archives boxes

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by alumnus Bill Crocker that document his student experience, work as a process engineer for the Georgia-Pacific Corporation (GP), involvement in a summer project with CH2M Hill, and work as a graduate teaching assistant (GTA). Reflecting Crocker's undergraduate and graduate studies at OSU, handwritten class notes make up the bulk of this transfer with civil engineering, physics, chemical engineering, chemistry, and mechanical engineering classes representing most of the coursework. Outside of the sciences, there are also notes from classes in music, political science, religion, and anthropology.The notes are in file folders and spiral bound notebooks organized by both course title and by academic year/term. Course outlines and exams are interspersed throughout the notes as well as reference materials such as article reprints, publications, and book chapters. Materials pertaining to Crocker's GTA position with the Chemical Engineering Department include class notes, seminar announcements, memoranda, staff/student directories, assignment exercises, and safety inspection reports. In addition to technical reports written by Crocker at GP, other documentation related to Crocker's off-campus work includes memoranda, a handbook, notes, procedural guidelines, and article reprints.

Graduate School Records (RG 016), 1949-2007

Accession 2014:055, received 2014-07-13. 2 cubic feet; 2 archives boxes and 2 4x5 index card boxes

This accession is made up of meeting minutes of the Graduate Council for the following date ranges: 1949/50-1952/53, 1974/75-1976/77, and 1990/91-2006/07. Included with the minutes is a catalog card system with information on various subjects referenced in the minutes such as dual majors, foreign students, curriculum, the Richland Center program, preliminary examinations, electronic delivery of courses, and masters degree programs. In addition to the date of the meetings, the cards also contain exerpts from the minutes relevant to the particular topic being referenced. The cards cite meetings from 1948 through 1994.

Other materials in this collection.

Ralph O. Coleman Papers, 1910-1991

Accession 2014:054, received 2014-06-20. 2.7 cubic feet; 2 archives boxes, 1 16x20 oversize box, and 1 map folder

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by alumnus and baseball coach Ralph O. Coleman that reflect his career with OSU athletics, military service/training, honors received, and work for the U.S. Army in baseball and basketball coaching clinics in Europe and Japan. In addition to photographs, this transfer includes an architectural drawing, a calendar notebook, certificates, correspondence, diplomas, a drawing, employment records, military medals/service pins, military records, newspaper clippings, plaques, publications, speeches, and trophies. Numbering about 250 photographs in total, the images depict Coleman in portrait shots, in group shots with other OSU Athletics faculty, attending American Baseball Coaches Association meetings, with wife and friends at his Woodburn home, being honored at award ceremonies, and with other members of the Corvallis Country Club. The images also depict OSU athletics and include portrait shots of players and teams as well as game shots. Primarily pertaining to baseball, these photographs also depict basketball, cross country and track, football, hockey, and wrestling. The views date mostly from the 1910s and 1920s with a few shots of Coleman as a student on the track team. Of special interest in the correspondence are letters relating to Coleman's experiences with fellow Delta Upsilon brother and roommate Linus Pauling. Included is a letter from Pauling to Coleman. The calendar notebook contains notations made by Coleman during his work as a coach for the Army in 1945.

Dixon Lodge Records, 1963-2013

Accession 2014:053, received 2014-07-08. 3.5 cubic feet; 2 archives boxes and 3 14x18 oversize boxes

This accession consists of materials generated by the Dixon Lodge cooperative house and is made up of photograph albums and scrapbooks documenting the students who lived there. In addition to group and portrait shots of residents, the images also depict various events at the Lodge such as Halloween parties, outings to the Oregon coast, birthday celebrations, athletic games between other co-op intramural teams, play during snow storms, and general social activities. Loose photographs found detached from the albums in this transfer number about 70 prints in total and also feature a combination of group shots, portrait shots, and images of various activities at the co-op. Mostly made up of photographs, the scrapbooks also contain event programs, flyers, letters, memoranda, newspaper clippings, and postcards. Some of the clippings and event programs reference lodge residents.

Douglas and Mabel McKay Papers, 1927-1960

Accession 2014:051, received 2014-07-02. 0.15 cubic foot; 1 document box

This addition to the Douglas and Mabel McKay Papers is made up of an identification card, newspaper clippings, photographs, a radio script, speeches, and schedule notes. These materials primarily reflect the various social engagements of the McKays during Douglas' position as Secretary of the Interior from 1953 to 1956. The clippings, schedule notes, and speeches by Mabel document official trips undertaken by the McKays, ceremonies attended, and social events with First Lady Mamie Eisenhower, Patricia Nixon, and other cabinet wives. The clippings and photos also reflect the McKays as a part of public events and ceremonies during Douglas' term as governor of Oregon (1949 to 1953). Numbering 82 prints in total, the photographs depict Douglas and Mabel in portrait shots and at various events, such as the Washington D.C. Cherry Blossom Festival, the Barcelona International Faire, a visit with members of the Blackfoot Indian tribe, and a luncheon party for Mamie Eisenhower. Others featured in these images include Jimmy Stewart, Senator Mark Hatfield, Ginger Rogers, and Pope Pius XII. Most of these items were gathered together by McKay Granddaughter Eileen Hadley Givens in the course of research and writing the book "I Baked a Cake for Ike and Mamie."

Other materials in this collection.

Political Identities Project (RG 256), 2010-2011

Accession 2014:048, received 2014-06-20. 0.10 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of materials documenting the Political Identities Project and is made up of cds, completed consent forms, an employment contract, and a list of project participants. The 7 cds contain recorded readings of student papers prepared for a class assignment on personal political statements. In addition to the audio files the cds also contain text files with scripts of the papers as well as Powerpoint slides. Topics explored in these recordings include: gender expectations, religion, popular culture influences, worker's rights, racism, experiences with local political organizations, transgender identity, and views of nature. Also found in this transfer are consent forms completed by the project participants and an employment contract for one of the directors of the project. The following are those that are featured on these recordings:

Ravi Patel, Ryan Ludlow, M.T. Hopoi, Elliot Finn, Madison Parker, Clayton Southall, Emily Asmann, Amelia Harris, Steven Anderson, and Tyler Hogan.

Oregon Sea Grant Communications Moving Images (FV P 185), 1977-2006

Accession 2014:047, received 2014-06-20. 5 cubic feet; 3 archives boxes and 14 film cans on open shelves

This accession is an addition to the Sea Grant Moving Images Collection and is made up of moving image recordings produced by Oregon Sea Grant on VHS videotape, beta cam cassette, U-matic tape, film, HI 8 cassette, and videotape reel. Numbering 57 recordings in total, these reels and tapes include master copies, promos, and raw stock footage from various productions, such as: "Farmers of the Sea," "Grey Whale: A Radio Tagging Experiment," "Estuary: Columbia's Link with the Sea," "The Return of the Salmon," and "Mammals of the Sea." Among the other recordings in this transfer, the subject matter includes: Celillo Falls, deep ocean vents, crab meat extraction, Columbia River gillnetters, and the Oregon otter trawl fishing industry. A couple of the reels also contain public service announcements.

Other materials in this collection.

Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program Records, 2009-2014

Accession 2014:045, received 2014-06-13. 0.25 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession is an addition to the Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program Records made up of application materials submitted in 2013 seeking nomination of properties for inclusion in the program. These records include application forms, cds, correspondence, photographs, historical sketches, and copies of historical documentation relating to land ownership. The 4 cds contain digital images submitted by applicants as well as scans of completed applications. Also included in this transfer is a copy of the book "Eating It Up in Eden: The Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Cookbook" by Richard Engeman.

Other materials in this collection.

John V. Byrne Papers, 2014

Accession 2014:044, received 2014-06-13. 0.10 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession consists of a memoir written by President Emeritus John V. Byrne in which he describes his life working as a professor and administrator for OSU in the School of Oceanography, the Research Office, and as the President of the university. There are also details in this narrative of Byrne's childhood, college education, and work for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This memoir, entitled "Vince: The Memories of a Land-Grant University President," is a draft copy.

College of Forestry Records (RG 139), 1916-1991

Accession 2014:043, received 2014-06-13. 3.5 cubic feet; 4 archives boxes

This accession to Subgroup 4 (Forest Research Lab Reference Library) is made up of article reprints, bulletins, conference proceedings, course lectures, reports, studies, and theses collected by the Forest Research Laboratory for a reference library of wood related research at OSU and elsewhere. In addition to research published by the Oregon Forest Products Research Laboratory, the publications and reports in this transfer were generated by a variety of sources including: the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S Navy, Washington State University, U.S. Steel Corporation, and a number of academic journals (both U.S. and international). Most of these publications were assigned a number corresponding to the Oxford system of decimal classification for forestry and are arranged roughly in numerical order.

A guide to this system is in the first folder of box 1 of this accession. Among the topics addressed in these materials include: incised fir pole strength, "reaction" wood, the electrical properties of wood/cellulose, Southeast Asian hardwoods, moisture content in wood, the chemical structure of wood lignin, and bark utilization. OSU faculty represented in these published works include: Douglas Glennie, John Mothershead, Stanley Corder, George Atherton, E.F. Kurth, Donald Miller, Helmuth Resch, J.B. Wilson, James Snodgrass, Leif Espenas, and Robert Krahmer.

Other materials in this collection.

Library Records (RG 009), 1969-1999

Accession 2014:043, received 2014-06-13. 1.3 cubic feet; 2 archives boxes

This accession consists of materials generated by the OSU Library that document department strategic planning, collection development analysis, assessment of library services, space needs studies, and an evaluation of job classifications within the Library (as part of the Information Services Department as a whole.) In addition to reports, this transfer also includes correspondence, grant proposals, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, notes, and survey materials. Records reflecting the major planning and assessment initiatives date primarily from 1984 to 1986 when incoming Library Director Mel George wanted to chart the "future of the library" and where it should head. Other topics addressed in these materials include the consolidation of the reference service desks, microform collections, a survey of publishing activity by Library faculty, a bibliographic software use survey, and a recommendation report for establishing a library of agriculture at Sana'a University (Yemen).

Other materials in this collection.

Library Photograph Collection (P 083), 1986-1997

Accession 2014:043, received 2014-06-13. 0.10 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of photographs generated and collected by the OSU Library that depict interior/exterior views of the library, computer labs at two community colleges (Warm Springs and PCC Capitol Center), Library Director Mel George in Bangladesh, and portrait shots of Library faculty and staff. Numbering 142 images in total (31 prints and 111 slides), this transfer includes the slide presentation: "Cooperative Extension Roles and Relationships For a New Era." Among those featured in these images include: Anne Fox, Bonnie Avery, Mel George, Doris Tilles, Michael Spalti, and Thelma Evans.

Other materials in this collection.

Denis P. Lavender Papers, 1955-2007

Accession 2014:043, received 2014-06-13. 1 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession is an addition to the Denis Lavender Papers made up of article reprints, conference papers, correspondence, notes, overhead transparencies, photographs, reports, research data, and a student paper.These materials document research published by the Forest Science professor Lavender as well as his presentations at conferences and workshops. About half of this transfer is made up of reference materials collected by Lavender reflecting topics such as soil compaction, seed/cone maturity, drought root systems, forestry herbicides, and pollination. In addition to published research from various sources, the reference materials also include photographic slides (74 in total) that were part of a presentation on drought root systems. Four other images (photographic prints) depict Lavender as a part of the Alberta Advanced Forest Management Institute.

Other materials in this collection.

Donald B. Zobel Papers, 1935-2008

Accession 2014:043, received 2014-06-13. 0.17 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is an addition to the Donald B. Zobel Papers made up of materials collected by Botany and Plant Pathology professor Zobel which include reports and an undergraduate thesis. Some of the reports relate to research on Port Orford cedars by the U.S. Forest Service from 1935 to 1952. These reports include correspondence referencing the Port Orford studies. In a note attached to these documents, Zobel cites his own studies on Port Orford cedar. Other reports in this transfer pertain to remnant natural areas in Benton County and the Regional Forest Nutrition Research Project. None of these reports were authored by Zobel. The thesis was written by Amanda Parry at the University of Lancaster (UK) and is entitled: "A Study of Forest Regeneration in McDonald Forest."

Other materials in this collection.

McMenamins Brewery Collection, 1985-2013

Accession 2014:019, received 2014-02-24. 3 cubic feet; 1 archives box, 1 16x20 oversize box, 1 document box, and a cask.

This accession consists of materials documenting the McMenamins company of breweries, pubs, and hotels and is made up of brewsheets, brochures, coasters, decals, digital images on a cd, event programs, flyers, newspaper clippings, tap handles, posters, labels, a wooden cask, and a six-pack of "Hammerhead" beer. In addition to the brewery activity and the various beers released by McMenamins, this collection also contains information on events organized by the company such as homebrew competitions and Brew Fests. The cask was used at the Oak Hills Pub and is decorated with a pen drawing. The images depict the installation of artwork at some of the facilities renovated and operated by McMenamins and include views of the artists in group shots and in the process of their art. These images can also be accessed onsite at the Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives for the OSU Special Collections and Archives.

Charlotte Headrick Papers, 1977-2012

Accession 2013:063, received 2013-08-20. 3.6 cubic feet; 4 archives boxes and 1 12x17 oversize box

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by Theatre Arts professor Charlotte Headrick that document productions directed by her at OSU, Young Harris College, the Pentacle Theatre, and the University of Tennessee. Most of the files reflect Headrick's directing work and are organized alphabetically by production. These are made up of cast lists, correspondence, drawings, flyers, newspaper clippings, notes, photographs, play scripts, press releases, programs, rehearsal schedules, sheet music, and thank you cards. Newsletters and journals in this transfer feature articles by Headrick and stories about her work. References to the professional careers of Headrick's past students can be found in some of the newspaper clippings and a copy of "American Theater" magazine. There are also recordings of theatrical performances on 5 DVDs and 1 VHS videotape. These productions are: "The Mikado," "An Ideal Husband," "The Coming of Rain," "The Mandrake," and the "Threepenny Opera. "

American Fisheries Society-Oregon Chapter Records, 2000-2014

Accession 2014:039, received 2014-05-15. 0.80 cubic foot; 1 archives box and map folder

This accession is an addition to the Oregon Chapter records of the American Fisheries Society and is made up of a conference program, nametags, pens, plaques, and posters. These materials primarily document the 2014 annual meeting where the 50th anniversary of the chapter was celebrated. Both the posters and the program contain information about the chapter's history, including a list of past presidents and meeting traditions like the wolf eel gavel, the red dress, and the broken oar award. The six plaques are "outstanding chapter awards" bestowed to the Oregon Chapter.

Other materials in this collection.

George J. and Florence Badura Collection, 1921-1947

Accession 2014:038, received 2014-05-12. 0.70 cubic foot; 2 document boxes and 1 1x20 oversize box

This accession is made up of materials documenting the student experience of alumni George J. Badura and Florence (Bedell) Badura. In addition to dance cards, this transfer consists of a door mat, event programs, scrapbook pages, a pennant, photographs, a postcard, publications, a trophy, and yearbooks. Campus events reflected in the programs include the annual engineering show, Junior Weekend, an intercollegiate debating contest, 1923 commencement, the annual business show, and the 1923 ROTC military tournament. Most of these programs were found in mailed envelopes sent from George to Florence. The two alumni magazines found in this accession reference the Baduras. Numbering four prints, the photographs depict the military tournament. Attached to the four loose scrapbook pages are: a button, a commencement program, newspaper clippings, ribbons, and two letterman patches. The trophy is in the shape of a beaver on a pedestal with the inscription "Junior Prom 1924." The central feature on both the door mat and the pennant are the letters "OAC" for Oregon Agricultural College.

Post Award Administration Records (RG 026), 1994-2010

Accession 2014:037, received 2014-05-12. 8 cubic feet; 8 archives boxes

This accession consists of funded grant proposal records that document research projects funded by non-university sources and include proposals, budgets, correspondence, contract agreements, sub-contracts, final reports, and related documentation. The projects reflected in these records all closed during fiscal year 2008.

Other materials in this collection.

Douglas and Mabel McKay Papers, 2014

Accession 2014:036, received 2014-04-30. 0.08 cubic foot; 1 file folder

This addition to the Douglas and Mabel McKay Papers is made up of a copy of the book "I Baked a Cake for Ike and Mamie: A Memoir of Douglas and Mabel McKay-Letters from Washington D.C." In this book, Eileen Hadley Givens, one of the children of the McKays' daughter Shirley Hadley, draws upon letters by Mabel McKay to describe the McKays' lives in Washington D.C. while Douglas served as the Secretary of the Interior for President Eisenhower from 1953 to 1956. Among the stories of their experiences in the Capitol, there is a particular emphasis in the the book in detailing interactions between the McKays and the Eisenhowers. Highlights include stories of the dinner party hosted by the McKays for the Eisenhowers (among others) and Mabel's presentation of her legendary angel food cake to Mamie for her birthday. Various travels and events that were part of Douglas' Secretarial duties are also described. Givens also devotes a few chapters in the book to family history with background on the McKays' lineage (the Hill, McKay, Musgrove, and Souvignier families) and that of their children Shirley and Mary Lou (the Hadley and Green families).

Other materials in this collection.

Corvallis-OSU Piano International Records, 2010-2014

Accession 2014:035, received 2014-04-30. 0.10 cubic foot; 1 document box

This addition to the Corvallis-OSU Piano International (COPI) Records is made up of articles of incorporation, bookmarks, bylaws, concert programs, flyers, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, posters, tickets, and treasurer's reports. These materials document performances hosted by COPI, primarily the Steinway Piano series and the Concerts at the (Corvallis Public) Library series.

Other materials in this collection.

Enviromental And Molecular Toxicology Department Records (RG 255), 1973-2010

Accession 2014:034, received 2014-04-29. 0.50 cubic foot; 2 document boxes

This accession is made up of article reprints published in various journals reflecting research conducted by faculty in the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology (EMT). Many of these studies were written prior to the formation of EMT in 1998 by faculty associated with the Food Science and Technology Department, the Marine Freshwater Biomedical Center, and the Agricultural Chemistry Department. Among the topics addressed in these articles include: the cancer chemoprevention effects of chlorophyllin in rainbow trout, the zebrafish as a model for toxicologic pathology research, the impact of dietary exposure to indole-3-carbinol, studies in mammalian flavin-containing monooxygenases, and hepatocarcinogenesis induced by aflatoxin B1.

Sea Grant College Program Photographs (P 185), 1953-2000

Accession 2014:017, received 2014-02-20. 0.30 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of photographic images generated and collected by Sea Grant and Extension Service staff for use in publications, presentations, exhibits, and the documentation of programs. Numbering about 6330 images in total (5600 slides, 400 prints, 330 negatives), these photographs were taken by various OSU staff, including: John Faudskar, Jim Larison, Tom Gentle, Bill Wick, J. Hyde, and Rick Miller. About one-third of the images in this transfer were cataloged and individually numbered as part of an organized library. A complete inventory of these slides, which were removed from three-ring notebooks and placed into folders, is in box 1. In addition to portrait shots of Sea Grant staff, these images depict hatchery operations, oyster farming, seabirds, coastal areas during the 1995/96 flooding, clamming, the "Oyster Fest" community event, longline aquaculture, Native Americans fishing in the Columbia Gorge, tours/workshops, OSU fish research laboratories, the Totem research buoy, facilities at the Port of Portland, and jetties along the Oregon coast. There are also 11 cassette tapes that were found with these photographs. Five of these tapes are part of slide presentations while six are possibly recordings of interviews, meetings, or presentations. Their connection to the images is unclear.

Other materials in this collection.

Sea Grant College Program Publications, 1953-2000

Accession 2014:017, received 2014-02-20. 0.30 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of publications generated by the OSU Sea Grant Program on a variety of topics, including: organizing a cooperative fishery, municipal port facilities, fishing boat maintenance, Loran-C receivers, whale-watching guidelines for vessel and aircraft operators, net mending, sharks, intertidal salt marshes, and elementary education teaching of the Columbia River. Numbering 74 different titles in total, these publications are part the following Sea Grant publication series:








OSU Wrestling Court Oral Histories (OH 27), 1983-2014

Accession 2014:032, received 2014-04-13. 0.01 cubic foot; 1 folder, 129 MB

This accession includes materials gathered and created by Brittany Backen in researching and writing a paper titled "The 1959 Wrestling Court and the Politics of the Marriage Market at Oregon State College." The accession includes primary and secondary paper materials as well as born digital content. Of primary interest are materials comprising seven oral history interviews conducted in support of the project. Interview participants included: Carol (Lindbloom) Hamlin, Chuck Wenstrom, Janet (Aune) Essig, Ken Noteboom, Mary Ann (Backen) Hogan, and Sharon (Ransom) Reid.

The paper materials are made up of newspaper clippings, correspondence, a blank scorecard for an undated wrestling meet, and photocopied correspondence, newspaper and magazine articles, and calendar pages from 1959-1960. The accession also includes signed paper permissions forms completed by oral history subjects interviewed for Backen's project.

The born digital materials include nine audio interview files (.wav and .m4a formats) with six interview subjects as well as interview transcripts (.doc format) created by Backen. A .pdf copy of Backen's final paper as well as a compiled .pdf of documents scanned in support of Backen's research is also included.

Miracle (Milagro) Theatre Group Collection, 1984-2012

Accession 2014:030, received 2014-04-02. 17 cubic feet; 17 archives boxes

This accession consists of materials generated by the Miracle (Milagro) Theatre Group (MTG) that document the various performances staged by MTG, outreach programs, management of the theatre building, board administration, fundraising, publicity, and relations between the MTG and the artists. In addition to production files assembled in the planning of performances that are made up of programs, flyers, correspondence, staging notes, and artist bios, this transfer also includes agreements, bylaws, cds, certificates of incorporation, contracts, meeting minutes, newsletters, photographs, posters, press releases, thank-you letters, and VHS videotapes. Comprised of several thousand prints, negatives, and slides, the photographs depict performances, actor head shots, MTG staff, fundraising events, outreach programs, and workshops at schools. There are also digital images on cd. About one-third of this collection is made up of audiovisual media that contain recordings of performances by MTG as well as sound effects for scenes and advertisements. The audiovisual formats include cds, dvds, cassette tapes, mini-DV tapes, digital video tapes, VHS videotapes, diskettes, and reel-toreel tape.

Albert D. Taylor Collection, 1947-1949

Accession 2014:028, received 2014-03-31. 0.20 cubic foot; 1 document box

This addition to the Albert D. Taylor Collection is made up of three copies of a report authored by the landscape architect Taylor on a proposed redevelopment plan of Florida Capitol Center complex in Tallahassee, Florida. In addition to Taylor's personal copy of the finished report, this transfer also contains the "dummy" copy with the original photographs and typed text as well as the page proof version. All three copies contain handwritten notations by Taylor.

Other materials in this collection.

Ninkasi Brewing Company Collection, 2012-2014

Accession 2014:027, received 2014-03-27. 1 cubic foot; 1 23x31 oversize box and 1 map folder

This accession consists of materials generated by the Ninkasi Brewing Company that document the various types of beer produced at the brewery. Primarily made up of label/packaging stock and posters, this transfer also includes an annual report, employee biographical sketches, and a workflow chart of the design process. In addition to publicizing particular beers, the posters also include information on brewery tours, beer release schedules, arcade gaming events sponsored by the brewery, company employees, and a visual presentation of the brewing process.

William Budd Matlock Papers, 1934-1976

Accession 2014:010, received 2014-01-24. 0.60 cubic foot; 2 document boxes and 1 20x24 oversize box

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by alumnus William Budd Matlock that reflect his student experience, work as an engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers, and military service during World War II. In addition to photographs, this transfer also includes certificates, dance cards, diplomas, employment records, military records, newspaper clippings, notes, patches, publications, and student papers. Matlock's lifetime association with the military, from ROTC involvement in college to retirement from the Whidbey Island Naval Station, is documented throughout this collection. Materials reflecting Matlock's World War II service include a handwritten list of his wartime assignments, a publication for Gis stationed in the Philippines, and printed sketches by a combat artist of the war torn Philippines. Numbering 133 photographs in total (79 prints and 54 negatives), the images depict Matlock's experience at summer ROTC camps, work on a stream gaging project as a student, construction at Bonneville Dam, Matlock in the Philippines during World War II, and the Moses Lake (Wa.) area where he worked on an airfield construction project. There are also portrait shots of Matlock at graduation and in ROTC military dress. Other OSC alumni featured in these images include Frank Marks, Larry Metcalf, and Shirley Stage.

College of Science Records (RG 024), 1938-2004

Accession 2014:008, received 2014-01-23. 0.20 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession is made up of essays detailing the histories of various departments within the College of Science as well as correspondence about the writing/compilation of those histories. In addition to histories about the College of Science as a whole, these essays document the following departments: Chemistry, Microbiology, Physics, Entomology, General Science, Zoology, Botany and Plant Pathology, Biochemistry and Biophysics, Statistics, Natural Resources, and the Science Research Institute. Also included in this transfer are two brochures about College of Science scholarships and a diskette containing the 2004 College of Science Marketing and Communications Review.

Other materials in this collection.

College of Science Photograph Collection (P 084), 1973-2005

Accession 2014:008, received 2014-01-23. 0.25 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of photographic images documenting College of Science faculty, alumni, and events. Numbering 459 images in total, (247 prints, 211 negatives and 1 slide) about half of these photographs are portrait shots of College of Science faculty such as Rubin Landau, Dennis Hruby, Fred Horne, Pat Muir, and Aaron Liston. The other images depict various events including College of Science Faculty Day, a reception for Maya Abels, alumni reunions, a Gilfillan Memorial Award Lecture by Walter Loveland, and a reception for the opening of the Biochemistry/Biophysics Department stereographics classroom. Also included in this transfer is a cd containing digital images of the 2003 Gilfillan Lecture and a science education exhibit oriented toward children.

Other materials in this collection.

Environmental Remote Sensing Applications Laboratory Records (RG 218), 1961-1998

Accession 2014:006, received 2014-01-17. 4.1 cubic feet; 4 archives boxes and 1 map folder

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by the OSU Environmental Remote Sensory Applications Laboratory (ERSAL) that document various research projects conducted with remote sensing technologies such as the Landsat digital imaging program. In addition to reports and photographs reflecting studies by ERSAL staff, this transfer is also made up of article reprints, brochures, a grant proposal, handbooks, newsletters, notes, a poster, and research data. The research is mostly focused upon the inventory of vegetation cover throughout Oregon for ecological assessment analysis. Used extensively for land use planning, these studies examine a number of elements in the landscape, including: elk habitat, old growth forests, wetlands, forest fire rehabilitation, and the presence of tansy ragwort. Information about the computer software programs developed to analyze the Landsat data can also be found in this transfer. Numbering about 2684 photographs in total (2232 slides, 150 prints, and 302 negatives), the images depict study sites from the ground level and satellite Landsat views. There are also slide presentations on research through remote sensing technologies and images of ERSAL staff using equipment. The poster is a map of Oregon comprised of Landsat images patched together into a single image. This poster was printed for sale to the public.

Other materials in this collection.

Obo Addy Legacy Project-Homowo Cultural Arts Collection, 1970-2013

Accession 2013:047, received 2013-06-21. 19 cubic feet; 17 archives boxes, 2 20x24 oversize boxes, and 1 CD/DVD box

This accession consists of materials documenting the career of musician Obo Addy and the organization he founded with his wife, the Homowo African Arts and Culture organization. This collection is arranged into three subgroups: 1. Obo Addy Specific, 2. Homowo African Arts and Cultural Materials, and 3. Media.

Subgroup one is made up of lesson plans, course descriptions, event programs, photographs, press releases, and other materials reflecting Addy's instructional work at Portland-area schools and colleges. Addy's early career, tours, and various collaborative projects are also documented in this subgroup.

Subgroup two pertains to the management of the Homowo African Arts and Cultural organization and documents the group's planning of the annual Homowo Festival, publicity, day/summer camp programs, grant activity, and board of director meetings.

Subgroup three contains recordings of performances by Addy and his musical groups on various media. This subgroup is comprised of both sound and moving image formats such as VHS videotape, cassette tape, cd, DVD, and professional format studio reel-toreel tape. This subgroup also contains photographs.

Reserve Officer Training Corps Records (RG 058), 1972

Accession 2014:024, received 2014-03-18. 0.05 cubic foot; 1 16x20 oversize box

This accession is made up of a charter for the Willamette Valley Chapter of the Air Force Association.

Other materials in this collection.

Air Force ROTC Photographs (P 281), 1988-2001

Accession 2014:024, received 2014-03-18. 1 cubic foot; 1 22x28 oversize box and 1 map folder

This accession is made up of 14 composite group shots of Air Force ROTC students who had completed the commissioning process to become second lieutenants. Also found in this transfer is a newspaper clipping about the 1996 commissioning class (that was attached to the back of one of the composites) as well as a photograph print of the September 1997 OSU Alumni Marching band show salute to the U.S. Air Force.

Other materials in this collection.

The Wildlife Society-Oregon Chapter Records, 1965-2001

Accession 2014:023, received 2014-03-12. 0.50 cubic foot; 2 document boxes

This accession is made up of newsletters and photographs generated by the Oregon Chapter of the Wildlife Society. In addition to the chapter's annual meetings, the newsletters and images also document award ceremonies, the executive officers, the membership, and positions on political measures and ecological issues impacting Oregon wildlife. Mounted on photograph album pages, the images are arranged in chronological order with the particular events and people identified. An USB disk containing scanned digital copies of the photographs is also part of this transfer and includes four additional images taken in 1990. Images of the chapter meetings include shots of the traditional crab feeds and photo contests.The images feature several OSU alumni and staff, including: Andy Landforce, Roland E. Dimick, Charles Meslow, Bill Wick, Carl Bond, B.J. Verts, T. G. Scott, and Lee Kuhn.

Greek Life Office Records (RG 223), 2005-2014

Accession 2014:022, received 2014-03-12. 0.10 cubic foot; 1 16x20 oversize box and 1 archives box

This accession is made up of 14 composite group shots depicting OSU sorority and fraternity members. The following houses are represented: Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Phi, Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Delta, Kappa Sigma, Beaver Lodge, Alpha Gamma Rho, and the Triangle Fraternity. Other materials found in this transfer include: newspaper clippings featuring stories about OSU fraternities/sororities, 2 copies from a campus street banner depicting Greek Life director Bob Kerr and Miles Dodge, and an event brochure for a ceremony re-activating the OSU chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi.

Other materials in this collection.

College of Engineering Photograph Collection (P 069), 2007-2013

Accession 2014:022, received 2014-03-12. 0.10 cubic foot; 1 16x20 oversize box

This accession is made up of 5 composite group shots depicting graduating students from the following engineering schools and years: Civil Engineering (2013), Construction Engineering Management (2009; 2013), Environmental Engineering (2007), and Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering (2013).

Other materials in this collection.

College of Business Records (RG 122), 1969-1997

Accession 2014:021, received 2014-03-05. 0.30 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of publications published by OSU which feature research by College of Business faculty. The bulk of these publications are part of the series "Studies in Management and Accounting for the Forest Products Industry" and were written by various faculty from the Colleges of Business and Forestry as well as forestry companies. Among the topics documented in these publications include: computer modeling, strategic planning, trading lumber futures, pool log transfer system, accounting, log inventory control, and productivity improvement campaigns. The two other publications are: "The Oregon Ski Areas Study: 1967-1968 Winter Season" and "A Managerial Guide to USFS Analytical Decision Techniques."

Other materials in this collection.

Homer Campbell Papers, 1938-2002

Accession 2014:020, received 2014-03-04. 7 cubic feet; 7 archives boxes

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by alumnus Homer Campbell that document his education at Oregon State College, work as a fisheries biologist, service in the Audubon Society, and involvement in environmental campaigns. Made up of brochures, correspondence, course materials, curriculum vitae, flyers, legislative bills, maps, meeting minutes, newsletters, newspaper clippings, notes, photographs, and reports, the bulk of this transfer is described as correspondence/subject files that are identified by particular topic, geographical location, publication, organizational name, or event. These files primarily reflect Campbell's work on environmental issues and include letters to elected officials, his editorials to newspapers, notes from conferences, and minutes from organizations such as "Save Our Stratosphere." Mostly pertaining to efforts to protect landscapes in Oregon, these materials highlight subjects such as: ozone layer depletion, livestock grazing on public lands, preservation of old growth forests, stream restoration, and salmon run protection. Campbell's student instruction at OSC is reflected through notes, class outlines, course readings, and student papers. The classes represented include: the management of game birds, ichthylogy, range and pasture botany, civilian pilot training, and aquatic entomology. In addition to newsletters and membership lists, the Audubon Society records in this collection document Campbell's participation in various preservation campaigns including the addition of the Snag Boat Bend area to the Finley Wildlife Refuge. Numbering about 42 images in total (22 prints and 20 negatives), the photographs depict a fieldtrip to Hart Mountain and the Corvallis Audubon Society booth at the Benton County Fair.

Harold C. Williams Papers, 1962-2012

Accession 2014:018, received 2014-02-24. 14.5 cubic feet; 14 archives boxes and 1 16x20 oversize box

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by Harold C. Williams that reflect his work in the educational community, creation of youth programs, honors received, and his family. Among the organizations and companies represented in these materials include: the Portland Community College Board, the Association of Community College Trustees, Portland State University, CH2A Associates Inc., and the state office of Affirmative Action. In addition to newspaper clippings of stories about Williams as well as editorial columns written by him, this transfer is made up of artifacts, cds, certificates, correspondence, diplomas, notes, photograph albums, photographs, plaques, poems, posters, publications, reports, sound recordings, student papers, and VHS videotapes. The publications consist of a combination of magazines, reports, handbooks, event brochures, books, and conference programs. Some of the student papers reflect a minority groups course taught by Williams at Linfield College. Numbering about 3000 images in total, the photographs primarily depict Harold and members of his family at home and at various events such as reunions and graduation ceremonies. Other images show Harold in portrait shots and at conferences. The 120 VHS videotapes contain recordings of TV news stories, PCC graduation ceremonies, a gospel choir festival, clips of city council meeting, family reunions, and footage about the Success Academy program. The artifacts include medals, a wooden statue of an African drummer, and a sash commemorating a Broadous Family reunion.

Hatfield Marine Science Center Videotapes (FV P 254), 1987-1998

Accession 2014:016, received 2014-02-17. 0.15 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of four VHS videotapes collected by the Hatfield Marine Science Center. Two of the tapes document an interview with Captain Barry Fisher while the other two contain footage of the Guin Library dedication at HMSC in 1990 and a recording of a program produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting entitled "The Oregon Story-Fishing."

Other materials in this collection.

Oregon Hops and Brewing Collection, 1993-2014

Accession 2014:015, received 2014-02-13. 0.80 cubic foot; 1 archives box, 1 document box, and 1 12x17 oversize box

This accession consists of publications and memorabilia collected by the OSU Special Collections & Archives that document the hop growing and beer brewing culture in Oregon. The memorabilia are made up of beverage coasters, business cards, and decals generated by various Oregon breweries as well as brewery supply stories. The publications are: "The Oregon Beer Growler" (2013-2014) and "Brewing Techniques" (1993-1999).

Agricultural Research Foundation Records, 1978-1982

Accession 2014:011, received 2014-01-31. 0.10 cubic foot; 1 document box

This accession is made up of two annual reports generated by the Agricultural Research Foundation for the years 1977-1978 and 1981-1982.

Other materials in this collection.

Water Resources Research Institute Records (RG 251), 1975-1981

Accession 2014:011, received 2014-01-31. 0.10 cubic foot; 2 file folders

This accession is made up of two reports generated by the Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI) and a report on water quality control in Oregon by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality. The WRRI reports are "Surface Eroded Non- Point Source Pollutants Entering Selected Upper Willamette River Tributaries from Agricultural Lands" and "The Chemical and Biological Impact of Klamath Marsh on the Williamson River."

Other materials in this collection.

Fisheries and Wildlife Department Records (RG 190), 1976-1987

Accession 2014:011, received 2014-01-31. 0.05 cubic foot; 2 file folders

This accession is made up of the report "Columbia River Fish Runs and Fisheries: 1960- 1986" and a handbook for graduate students by the Fisheries and Wildlife Department.

Other materials in this collection.

College of Agricultural Sciences Records (RG 158), 1969-2002

Accession 2014:011, received 2014-01-31. 0.60 cubic foot; 2 document boxes

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by the College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) that is made up of correspondence, a directory of CAS staff, historical essays, newspaper clippings, handbooks, and reports. In addition to documenting long range planning at CAS, these records also pertain to the InterACTION! Project, policies/procedures, adviser guidelines, historical information compiled about CAS, endangered species act compliance in the Klamath area, Extension education, and communication strategy training for Extension Service staff. Much of the correspondence reflects budgetary management measures in 2002 and the reaction toward a proposal stemming from those discussions to eliminate the Rangeland Resources Department.

Other materials in this collection.

Academic Affairs Records (RG 022), 1976-2007

Accession 2013:049, received 2013-07-02. 13 cubic feet; 13 archives boxes

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by the Office of Academic Programs, Assessment, and Accreditation and is made up of category I proposals, certificates, correspondence, handbooks, meeting minutes, memoranda of understanding, newspaper clippings, notes, reports, and a VHS videotape. In addition to the formation of new degree programs, these records also reflect accreditation reviews, dual admission agreements with community colleges, interaction with other Oregon University System institutions, statewide level educational programs, and the review of courses for the baccalaureate core. The videotape pertains to the certificate of advanced mastery, an educational reform program created by the State of Oregon.

Other materials in this collection.

University Housing and Dining Services Records (RG 145), 1952-2007

Accession 2014:014, received 2014-02-04. 1 cubic foot; 1 archives box, 1 document box, 2 oversize-12x17 and 16x20; 1 map folder

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS) and includes brochures, a cd, correspondence, a handbook/planner, newsletters, newspaper clippings, notes, photograph albums, photographs, a poster, reports, scrapbooks, and a sound recording. In addition to historical information about OSU housing compiled by UHDS for a guide, these materials pertain to the UHDS diversity action plan, the College Inn renovation, the dedication of Carrie Halsell Hall, an internal/external department review, and family housing on campus.The two photo albums document activities by the Family Housing Association and problems at the Orchard Court housing complex as presented by tenant manager Norman Howell. The scrapbooks contain information on single-family residential houses managed by UHDS and community activism among residents of the Orchard Court married student housing area. Numbering 280 photographs in total (107 prints and 173 negatives), the images document the removal of older private residences from campus property in 1999 and 2000. There are also shots of one of these older houses being burned for practice by the Fire Department. The cd contains digital images (184) depicting the 2005 NWACUHO (Northwest Association College and University Housing Officers) conference held at OSU. The poster is a composite of photos depicting the student decorated doors at Weatherford Hall. The vinyl disc sound recording documents the 1964 Interfraternity Sing performance.

Other materials in this collection.

Jo Anne Trow Papers, 1952-2014

Accession 2014:012, received 2014-01-31. 1 cubic foot; 1 archives box and 1 12x17 oversize box

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by Vice President for Student Affairs Jo Anne Trow that document her career at OSU, college education, involvement in professional organizations, receipt of awards, and service in community organizations. Among the items in this transfer include: certificates, correspondence, diplomas, drawings, employment records, greeting cards, a guestbook, newspaper clippings, photographs, plaques, a scrapbook, speeches, student papers, a thesis, and a VHS videotape. About half of this collection, which includes the guestbook, scrapbook, videotape, and greeting cards, reflect events and notes of congratulations on Trow's promotion to Vice President and her retirement. The two professional organizations reflected in these papers are NAWDAC (National Association of Women's Deans, Administrators, and Counselors) and NASPA (National Association of Student Personnel Administrators). The thesis is Trow's doctorate in education from Michigan State University "Residence Halls Goals and Objectives: Perceptions of Students and Staff."

Crop Science Club Records, 1969-1991

Accession 2014:009, received 2014-01-23. 0.65 cubic foot; 2 document boxes

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by the Crop Science Club that is made up of annual review forms, certificate blanks, correspondence, financial records, flyers, meeting minutes, newsletters, newspaper clippings, notebooks, and photographs. Primarily documenting the organization and publicity of various events by the club including field trips, picnics, Dad's Weekend activities, corn sales, athletic contests with Crop Science faculty, and regular club meetings, these records also reflect the sale of seed identification sets assembled by the club as an ongoing fundraising project. These identification sets, also referred to as "seed mounts," were comprised of crop and weed seed samples that were mostly purchased by school districts. The two notebooks contain entries about a club field trip to California and sales of seed identification sets. In addition to portrait shots of Crop and Soil Science alumni, the 58 photographs (54 prints and 4 negatives) depict seed identification sets and club activities.

Crop Science Department Records (RG 095), 1944-2013

Accession 2014:009, received 2014-01-23. 2.8 cubic feet; 3 archives boxes

This accession consists of materials generated by the Crop and Soil Science Department that include agreements, correspondence, course materials, flyers, grant proposals, meeting minutes, photographs, reports, and a VHS videotape. Among the subjects reflected in these records include: cereal variety testing research, seminars organized by the department, instruction, computer programs, Hyslop Field Research Lab, and the Oregon Cereal Crops Systems Initiative. About one-third of this transfer is made up of annual reports documenting the STEEP (Solutions To Environmental and Economic Problems) Program. These reports contain work plans and progress reports relating to cooperative erosion research projects throughout Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. Comprised of course reading packets, overhead transparencies, exam blanks, and "seed key" handouts with information on various crop and weed species, the course materials reflect the following classes: Cereal Crop Production (CSS 321) and Applied Principles of Crop Production (CSS 301-302). Numbering 113 images in total (53 prints and 60 slides), the photographs consist of a slide presentation on good grain management and images of various germinated seedlings demonstrating examples of normal and abnormal growth. The VHS videotape is labeled "OWC Review 85-850 Grain Grading."

Other materials in this collection.

Entomology Department Records (RG 027), circa 1940

Accession 2014:013, received 2014-02-03. 0.01 cubic foot; 1 file folder

This accession is made up of two short circulars published by the Entomology Department entitled "How To Rear An Ant Colony" and "Predatory Insects." These were written by Richard Lewis Post, who served as a technician/curator for the Entomology Department from 1939 to 1942 and 1945 to 1946.

Other materials in this collection.

John C. Scharff Collection, 1936-1937

Accession 2014:007, received 2014-01-17. 0.01 cubic foot; 1 file folder

This addition to the John C. Scharff Collection is made up of photographs depicting Scharff, J. B. Fine, and others managing cattle at the "P" Ranch and rangeland areas in Harney County. Numbering 10 images in total (6 prints and 4 negatives), the photographs document cattle branding and the operation of a squeeze chute.

Other materials in this collection.

Rebecca Landis Papers, 1995-2003

Accession 2014:005, received 2014-01-16. 0.70 cubic feet; 1 archives box

This accession consists of materials generated and collected by Rebecca Landis that reflect her free-lance writing work for "The Oregon Stater" Magazine on various OSU-related topics. There are also articles Landis penned for the "Albany Democrat-Herald" newspaper as well as examples of work on various university publications. Made up of article drafts, correspondence, and newspaper clippings, the bulk of this transfer is comprised of notes (both loose sheets and notebooks) and reference materials compiled by Landis in the process of research. Among the topics addressed in the articles and essays include: the internment of Japanese-American students during World War II, alumna Kathleen Purchase, Horticulture professor William Frazier, and a commemorative D-Day parachute jump organized by alumnus Richard Mandich. These materials also feature copies of Landis' colorful "Webworm" column that appeared in the "Oregon Stater."

Fisheries and Wildlife Films and Videotapes (FV P 243), 1996

Accession 2014:004, received 2014-01-08. 0.80 cubic foot; 1 archives box

This accession is made up of VHS videotapes produced for distance education classes in fisheries and wildlife topics. Numbering 35 tapes in total, the four courses represented on these video recordings are: "Biology of Fishes" (FW 315), "Biology of Mammals" (FW 317), "Ecology and History: Landscapes of the Columbia Basin" (FW 470/570 & HSTS 470/570), and "Ocean and Marine Law" (LAW 607-a collaborative venture between OSU and the University of Oregon Law School).

Other materials in this collection.