Narrators: A-I

Rachel Grisham Oral History Interview

Rachel Grisham

  • Helen Berg, retired Statistics and Agricultural Experiment Station staff, and past director of the Oregon State Survey Research Center (1963-1973, 1986-1993); alumna (master's in Statistics, 1973); former city council member (1991-1994) and mayor of Corvallis (1995-2006)
  • Monte Campbell, alumna (Class of 1953) in Physical Education
  • Laura Cleaveland, alumna (master's in Innovations Management, 1942) and retired Food Services Manager (1946-1970)
  • Nancy Davis, OSC student in the Lower Division (1953-1955)
  • Laurie Dwire, OSU Dining Operations Manager
  • Dawn Figueroa, collection curator for the Historic and Cultural Textile and Apparel Collection at OSU
  • Margaret Finke, emeritus faculty in Foods and Nutrition, and Dean Emerita of Home Economics (1935-1967)
  • Rachel Grishamalumna (Class of 2017) and past president of the Associated Students of Oregon State University and Sigma Delta Omega sorority
  • Roberta Hallemeritus professor of Anthropology (1974-2003)
  • Helen Hansen, retired staff in the Visual Aid department
  • Virginia Harger, emeritus faculty in Dietetics and Institution Management (1967-1978)
  • Suzy Hartman, alumna (Class of 1987) in Veterinary Medicine
  • Betty Hawthorne, emeritus faculty in Foods and Nutrition, and Dean Emerita of Home Economics (1946-1983)
  • Zoe Ann Holmes, emeritus faculty in Nutrition and Food Management (1965-1969, 1974-2002)