Narrators: J-Q

Judy Li Oral History Interview

Judy Li

  • Teddy Johnnie, student in Business and Technology in 1957-58
  • Sandy Jones, alumna (bachelor's in Elementary Education, 1985; master's in Education, 1986) and member of Delta Delta Delta sorority
  • Robin Kassman, alumna (Home Economics, 1979), and adviser to Kappa Delta sorority
  • Judy Li, retired faculty member in Fisheries and Wildlife (1991-2006), and OSU Press author
  • Nordica MacCarty, associate professor of Mechanical Engineering and Humanitarian Engineering
  • Megan McClelland, professor and director of the Hallie E. Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families
  • Carol Menken-Schaudt, alumna (Broadcast Communications, 1985) and All American basketball player
  • Margaret Milliken, alumna (Class of 1942) in Physical Education and emeritus faculty member in Resource Recreation Management (1947-1977)
  • Betty Miner, instructor in Foods and Nutrition (1972-1983)
  • Sylvia Moore, retired women's athletics administrator (1966-1986), Assistant to the President and Director of Conferences (1986-1999)
  • Janet Nishihara, alumna (bachelor's in English Education, 1978; master's in College Student Services Administration, 1983), director of the Educational Opportunities Program
  • Miriam Orzech, retired staffmember and director of the Educational Opportunities Program (1969-1985), OSU Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs and Special Programs (1985-1994), founder of the Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences Program
  • Mabel Pernot, retired Clothing and Textiles Stockroom manager (1947-1965)
  • Clara Pratt, emeritus faculty in Gerontology and Dean Emerita of Home Economics (1974-2005)