Narrators: R-Z

Susan Shaw Oral History Interview

Susan Shaw

  • Indira Rajagopal, instructor of Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics
  • Beth Rietveld, retired Assistant Director of Physical Recreation, Assistant Director of Student Involvement (1979-1992), Director of the OSU Women's Center (1992-2011)
  • Susan Shaw, professor of Women's Studies
  • Clara StorvickProfessor Emeritus of Nutrition (1945-1972), head of Home Economics Research and chair of Home Economics Research at the OSU Experiment Station
  • Emi Sumida-Brown, staffmember in Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Shirley Tacheron, Home Economics student in the mid-1940s
  • Gertrude Tank, dentist and emeritus faculty in Foods and Nutrition (1953-1965)
  • Esther Taskerud, retired 4-H Extension Specialist and director of the Cooperative Extension Service (1947-1969)
  • Terri Towerbachelor's in English (1969) and staffmember in University Housing and Dining
  • Jo Anne Trow, last Dean of Women and first female Vice President at OSU (1965-1995)
  • Raven Waldron, bachelor's in Bioresource Research (2018), Pharm.D. candidate, student activist and past ASOSU Senator