C.V. Ruzek

C.V. Ruzek (January 26, 1887 - July 8, 1968)

Charles Vladis "Bo" Ruzek was a Professor of Soil Fertility and Soil Scientist at Oregon Agricultural College from 1914 until his retirement in 1954. Born in Chicago in 1887, Ruzek earned a bachelor’s in agriculture from the University of Wisconsin in 1909, and later completed a master’s degree, also from Wisconsin, in 1929. He came to OAC from a previous appointment at Arkansas Agricultural College. 

As a faculty member, Ruzek initially taught in the Agronomy department and helped launch the first soil survey of the Willamette Valley. He later served as acting head of the Soils Department in 1942 and 1952. In 1963, he was named one of three prominent men in Northwest agricultural development at a meeting of the Oregon Reclamation Congress. 

In 1933 Ruzek was appointed as chairman of the Oregon State College Board of Control, which oversaw all student activities on campus, including intercollegiate athletics. He remained in this position for nineteen years. During that time, he was also a member of the board of the Pacific Coast Conference, for which he served as president from 1939-1952. He passed away in 1968.