Rummy Rose

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Rummy Rose grew up in a family where the women created with fabric and sewing. She started dancing at a young age and created her own costumes, very punk rock style. 

As a dancer in the punk rock can-can troupe, The Can-Cannibals, she started performing, non-stripping, at Burlesque shows around 2008-09 in the Oakland area, eventually forming a duo act with dance partner Vaudie Va-Boom called the Dishrag Dollies. Around 2010 she branched out to perform solo. She moved to Portland in 2011.

Rose makes her own costumes, often repurposing materials found at Goodwill, and she still takes dance classes to further her Burlesque performance art. She is also trained and works as a professional hairstylist in Portland. Her husband is a musician.