Dahlia Kash

Dahlia Kash was born in San Francisco, California. She started doing children’s theater in first grade and moved on to dance. Her family’s roots were in Burlesque, with her grandfather being a Burlesque performer who performed for the USO as his military assignment. She also has a cousin who is a Burlesque performer in Las Vegas and her childhood best friend, Sgt. Die Wies, is a Burlesque performer based in San Francisco.

Dahlia herself got started in Burlesque in 2013 while in the Bay Area. In 2014, Dahlia was elected Queen of Hearts for the Ducal Council of Alameda and Contra Costa County. Along with the King of Hearts at that time, Tiko Suave, they raised around $7000, using their platform to create change within the community around the issues of ageism and racism.

After a brief time in Houston, Texas, Dahlia moved to Portland in 2016. Once there, she and a co-producer, Destiny Smokez, created Mélange: A Queer and POC Variety Show. They then proceeded to create and produce a second show more geared towards Drag. And then they created a show called Your Turn, which is for beginning performers to try out their acts. Dahlia also created a show called Mischief which she produces with Perlita Picante in Olympia, Washington

Outside of performing and producing, she is a massage therapist, a photographer, and a nanny.