Eva D'Luscious

Eva D'Luscious was born in South Lake Tahoe and grew up in Nevada. She started taking dance when she was three years old and still has all the costumes that her mom saved for her. In high school she danced, was a cheerleader, and on the dance team. She cites as inspiration during high school The Fly Girls from the television show In Living Color. Attending college at Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles, she found college-level dance courses a little bit intimidating. She went on to study belly dance, samba, and African dance, among others. Eva met her husband in San Francisco and they had two children. Eva worked in public relations and event planning.

Around 2010 Eva started to get involved performing Burlesque, inspired by the troupes The Velvet Hammer, Hubba-Hubba Revue, The Devil-Ettes, and Tease-O-Rama. She loved how creative the people were and how much fun the women were having. Notably, her very first Burlesque class was taken through Tease-O-Rama and the instructor was International Burlesque Legend, Satan’s Angel. 

Living in Sebastopol with her family, she produced and managed a Burlesque troupe called the Verses of Seduction whose idea was to take folk tales and fairy tale and turn them on their head. She also started producing the monthly show, Cabaret De Caliente, organizing people and budgets, managing ticket sales and promotion, and creating her own performance acts.

Eva and her husband discovered Portland when they visited for fun. They realized how much more affordable Portland was than the Bay Area, and how excellent the schools were for their children. After moving to Portland, Eva continued to produce shows in the Bay Area in addition to opening her own Burlesque school, Showgirl Temple, and maintaining her performance career.