Lacy Knickers

Lacy Knickers was born near Chicago, Illinois, grew up in Southern California, then moved to Oregon in 2006. They hold a degree in liberal arts and teacher education, and their Master’s degree is in creative writing. They taught kindergarten and grade school for over 10 years.

Beginning in 2014, they studied Burlesque at the Rose City School of Burlesque and at the All that Glitters Academy of Burlesque. At BurlyCon, the Burlesque educational conference in Seattle, they attended an intensive workshop to gain skills in producing shows. They have written manuscripts for children’s books, picture books, young adult novels and poetry. They have also written scripts for historical society events.

Lacy explains that the shows that they produce spring from all their eclectic interests. The long-running show, Book Lovers Burlesque, has a literary bent in its content, and draws an audience from literary lovers and academics. They also produced a show called Burly Night Live, which is based on the late night television show Saturday Night Live. They love the BBC show Masterpiece Theatre and have produced a show called Master Tease Theater Burlesque, based on those costume dramas on the BBC. Their show, Cabaret Des Arts, incorporates an art show along with Burlesque performers who would do an act inspired by a painting.