Rachael Reckless

Rachael Reckless was born in Astoria, Oregon, and moved around a lot, living in Alaska and then Hawaii, before returning to Portland in her early teens. Around age 12 or 13, in the mid-1990s, she was a self-described "little street kid," an experience that built up good survival skills with which to navigate life. Around age 18, she started working in call centers and as a nude model on the Internet, doing pinup work and posing for tattoo magazines. She also performed in punk rock bands and enjoyed being on stage. That led her to working in strip clubs as a dancer.

After completing her GED as an adult, Rachael continued her education with classes and workshops. For her Burlesque training, she attended the All That Glitters School of Burlesque in Portland and participated in BurlyCon, the educational conference in Seattle. She began her dancing career working in bars around age 21, and working as a go-go dancer in the Sinferno Cabaret exposed her to the more extravagant shows and costumes in the Burlesque world. 

Later in life, Rachael was diagnosed with a tumor the size of her fist behind her eye. The subsequent surgeries resulted in her now wearing an eyepatch, decorated with rhinestones.