The Mad Marquis

The Mad Marquis was born in Minneapolis and grew up in West Linn, near Portland, Oregon. He attended college in Denver but has lived primarily in Portland. He got involved in theater in high school and college, doing some work in Community Theater.

Around early 2010, he attended his first Burlesque show with his ex-wife, who had started performing Burlesque at about this time. Together, in 2011, they began to produce a nerd-themed Burlesque show, Geeklesque, at a role-playing game and magic gathering store in Portland called Guardian Games. After that, he began producing another monthly review show called Burlynomicon at The Lovecraft Bar, which is still going. 

Outside of Burlesque, The Mad Marquis worked for the Army Corps of Engineers in network security and IT operations, and went on to work at a software startup company. After taking stock of how he wanted to live his life, The Mad Marquis decided to primarily just produce and host cabaret shows. He also runs an AirBnB rental unit in the basement of his home.