Dandy Pie

Dandy Pie was born in Orange County, California and grew up all across the United States. Her family is originally from Puerto Rico. She wasn’t formally trained as a dancer, but was always dancing, singing, and performing as a child and young person. She studied theatre arts at Lane Community College, outside of Eugene. Her stage name is a playful derivative of her Tarot/witchy name. 

Dandy Pie started in Burlesque around 2006, singing bawdy songs and performing. She learned the art form by practicing it and watching other performers, such as the Burlesque Legend, Tempest Storm. Dandy performed with Tempest at the newly renovated Star Theater in Portland around 2015.

Besides working as a magician, a Tarot reader, and Burlesque performer, Dandy Pie has also worked in a vintage clothing store, a sex-postive shop, and teaching magic. She is also a singer in the band, Beast of Eden.