Subject: Medical sciences (75 items)

Simon Flexner Award Medal, Presented by the Rockefeller Institute.


Los Angeles County Medical Association Research Foundation, Certificate of Membership.

May 18, 1948

International Society of Hematology, Certificate of Fellowship.

August 25, 1948

Societe de Chimie Biologique, Louis Pasteur Medal.


John Phillips Memorial Award Medal.

April 18, 1956

Thomas Addis Memorial Award, 1955, Medal, Los Angeles Chapter of the National Nephrosis Foundation.


The American Association of Clinical Chemists, Certificates of Membership, Citation.

March 5, 1957

The Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, Harvard University, Certificate of Membership.


Mount Zion Hospital and Medical Center, Franklin L. Harris Lecturer, Certificate.

May 17, 1960

Université de Montpellier, Diploma, Honorary Doctor of the University of Montpellier.

April 26, 1961

Louis Pasteur Medal.


Rudolf Virchow Medal, The Rudolf Virchow Medical Society, New York, Certificate in Appreciation of Achievements.

November 5, 1962

Guedel Association Memorial Medallion, The Guedel Association.

June 14, 1964

Mount Sinai Hospital, Bernard H. Eliasberg Lecture, Medal encased in plastic.

November 23, 1964

American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Certificate of Membership.

June 3, 1966

Mount Sinai Medical Center, Colloquium speaker commendation, Certificate.

October 20, 1968

Marquette School of Medicine, Honorary Doctor of Science, Diploma.

June 1, 1969

American Schizophrenia Association, Annual Award, Pewter bowl.

April 2, 1971

National Health Federation Service Award, Plaque.

January 14, 1972

Southern Christian Leadership Conference Philadelphia Chapter, Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Achievement Award, Plaque.

May 31, 1972

International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Special Advisor, Plaque.

1972 - 1973

International Forum for Neurological Organization, Medal.

May 31, 1974

International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Award of Merit, Certificate of Fellowship, Plaque.

October 12, 1974

American-Hungarian Medical Association, Semmelweis Scientific Society, Semmelweis Medal, Plaque indicating Membership.

November 15, 1974

Pharmacists Planning Services, Inc., 1974 Man of the Year Award, Plaque.

March 8, 1975

American Academy of Medical Preventics, Honorary Lifetime Member, Plaque.

September 28, 1975

International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Certificate of Membership.

1975 - 1976

Albert Schweitzer Society, Reverence for Life, Memento Medal.


Santa Clara County Surgical Society, Proclamation Certificate.


Dallas Mid-Winter Dental Clinic, Dallas, Texas, Honorary Clinician, Plaque.


National Nutritional Foods Association, Rachel Carson Memorial Award, Plaque.

July 1977

Friendly Hills Holistic Health Center, Plaque.


50th Anniversary of Vitamin C Medal, Committee for World Health.


First Class Doctor, Plaque.


European Academy of Preventive Medicine, Correspondence indicating Honorary Trusteeship.

April 19, 1979

International Academy of Preventive Medicine, 1979, Tom Spies Memorial Award, Plaque.

September 15, 1979

Hans Selye Award, Medal, The 2nd International Symposium on the Management of Stress, Monte Carlo, Monaco.

November 18 - 22, 1979

National Institute of Social Sciences (U.S.), Nutrition Research Award, Trophy.


Orthomolecular Medical Society, Certificate of Appreciation.

March 16, 1980

New York Medical College, Doctor of Science, Diploma.

June 3, 1980

Parker Chiropractic Research Foundation, Reversebone of Chemical, Vitamin C, and World Peace Research, Trophy.

July 4, 1980

Soc. de Cirugia, Medals, [Two different designs] El Mejoramiento de la Cirugia.


National Health Federation, Pioneer Award, Plaque.

January 16 - 18, 1981

City of San Francisco, California, Dr. Linus Pauling Appreciation Day, Proclamation Certificate.

February 23, 1981

American Urological Association, John K. Lattimer Award, Medal.

May 12, 1981

Bard College, John and Samuel Bard Award in Medicine and Science, Framed medal.

May 15, 1981

Bronson Pharmaceuticals, Commemorative plaque for Lazoo Benefit Run for the Linus Pauling Institute.

November 7, 1981

Academia Medicorum Litteratorum, Medals, Certificates of Recognition.


University of Arizona College of Medicine, Commemorative plaque.

February 23, 1982

University of Arizona College of Medicine, Continuing Medical Postgraduate Education, Certificate.

February 23 - 26, 1982

International Academy of Preventative Medicine, Dr. Roger J. Williams Award, Clock and pens on wooden base.

September 16, 1983

Canadian Health Food Association, Donon Peppar Humanitarian Award, Plaque.


Alternative Living for the Aging, Achievement Award.


Consumer Health Organization of Canada, Commemorative plaque for contributions to Pathways to Health Convention.

March 24, 1984

Oregon Chiropractic Physicians Association, Commemorative plaque in appreciation and service in support of the chiropractic profession.

September 6, 1984

Philadelphia Health and Fitness Expo, Benjamin Franklin Research Pioneer Award, Plaque.

October 1984

IV Simpósio Internacional Sobre Vitaminas, Rio de Janeiro, Wooden statuette.

August 8 - 10, 1985

Albert Schweitzer Society of the State of Alabama, Knight Commander of Merit of Signum Fidei, Certificate of Membership.

October 16, 1985

Association for Holistic Health, Award for Excellence, Trophy.


American Nutritional Medical Association, Certified Nutrimedicist Certificate.

February 5, 1986

Canadian Council of Professional Certification, Registered Nutritional Consultant, Certificate.

August 6, 1986

Great Lakes Association of Clinical Medicine, Nutritional Researcher of the Year Award, Plaque.

September 1986

National Library of Medicine, Sesquicentennial Commemorative Award, Medal.


Arthritis Research Institute of America, ARI Award, Glass obelisk.


University of San Francisco and Center for Chinese Medicine, Man of the Year award, Plaque.

April 4, 1987

Nutrition for Optimal Health Association, Glass statuette.

June 6, 1987

American College of Advancement in Medicine, Plaque for his contributions to vitamin C research and orthomolecular medicine.

November 20, 1987

Vannevar Bush Award.

May 1989

Second World Congress on Vitamin C and the Immune System, Certificate of recognition.

May 11, 1991

American College of Advancement in Medicine, 1992 Achievement Award and First Annual Linus Pauling Lecture, Plaque.

May 16, 1992

Texas Heart Institute, Plaque.

June 1992

Cancer Treatment Research Foundation, Linus Pauling Scientist of the Year, Plaque.

November 6, 1992

Academia, Medicinae and Psychiatriae Foundation, Certificate of Fellowship.


The Right Stuff award, Certificate.

November 21, 1996

Natural Health Magazine, Natural Health Hall of Fame, Plaque.


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