Subject: Humanitarianism (26 items)

University of Tampa, Diploma, Doctor of Humanities.

June 2, 1949

Women for Legislative Action, Trophy.

June 1958

Southland Jewish Organization, Humanitarian Award, Plaque.

July 1960

American Humanist Association, Humanist of the Year, Plaque.


Women Strike for Peace, Janice Holland Peace Award, Certificate.

September 21, 1962

Rudolf Virchow Medal, The Rudolf Virchow Medical Society, New York, Certificate in Appreciation of Achievements.

November 5, 1962

The Conference of Jewish Women's Organizations, Humanitarian Award, Trophy.

January 23, 1964

Temple Beth Zion, Los Angeles, California, Passover-Liberty Award, Plaque.


Hadassah, Myrtle Wreath Award, Plaque.

March 8, 1967

Windham College, Diploma, Doctor of Letters honoris causa.

May 26, 1968

Drury College, Doctor of Humane Service, Pewter plate.

March 9, 1973

Albert Schweitzer Society, Reverence for Life, Memento Medal.


Intra-Science Research Foundation, Louis Pasteur Humanitarian Award, Framed medal.

October 20, 1978

Irish Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, World Forum, Memento medal.


Decalogue Society of Lawyers, Award of Merit for the year 1978, Plaque.

April 29, 1979

National Institute of Social Sciences, Gold Medal Award, Certificate.

December 6, 1979

State of California, Project Interdependence, Certificate of Recognition.


American Urological Association, John K. Lattimer Award, Medal.

May 12, 1981

Whole Life Expo, Annual Whole Life Humanitarian Award, Plaque.

April 26 - 28, 1985

American Humanist Association, Honorary Humanist Counselor, Plaque.


Huxley Institute, Academy of Orthomolecular Medicine, Humanitarian Award, Plaque with working clock face.


The Lord Foundation of Ohio, The Lord Foundation Award, Basic Needs Category, Glass statuette.

October 3, 1989

Texas Heart Institute, Plaque.

June 1992

Women's International Center, Jehan Sadat Peace Award, [Living Legacy Award] Correspondence indicating conferment of award.


Academia, Medicinae and Psychiatriae Foundation, Certificate of Fellowship.


San Diego County Board of Supervisors, Certificate in memoriam for Linus Pauling.

September 20, 1994

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Degrees, Academic (55)
Honorary citizenship (11)
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Memberships (92)
Peace-building (31)
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