1990s (43 items)

Soka University, Honorary doctorate, Diploma, Medal, Plaque.

February 21, 1990

Wondertree Learning Community, Wondertree Award, Certificate.

May 4, 1990

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Diploma, Honorary Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

December 10, 1990

United Nations, International Albert Schweitzer Colloquium, Silver bowl.


Memorabilia, [objet d'art and certificate; Chinese].

January 14, 1991

Peking University, Honorary Professor, Medal.

February 1991

American Chemical Society, Richard C. Tolman Medal.

February 27, 1991

Palomar Observatory, Star # 4674 Pauling 1989 JC, Framed image of star.

February 28, 1991

Oregon State Chapter of Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Special Citation.

March 6, 1991

Oregon Legislative Assembly, Senate Concurrent Resolution 5, Certificate of Recognition.

March 6, 1991

City of Santa Barbara, California, Proclamation Certificate announcing Honorary Citizenship.

March 8, 1991

County of Santa Barbara, California, Resolution of Commendation for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Certificate.

April 9, 1991

National Academy of Sciences, Special commendation marking 90th birthday.

April 29, 1991

Second World Congress on Vitamin C and the Immune System, Certificate of recognition.

May 11, 1991

American Chemical Society, Plaque for recognition of service.

August 28, 1991

Linus Pauling Medal, Stanford University.

1991 - 1992

Russian Academy of Sciences, Certificate of Fellowship, Membership card.

April 16, 1992

American College of Advancement in Medicine, 1992 Achievement Award and First Annual Linus Pauling Lecture, Plaque.

May 16, 1992

The Forum Club of Houston, Community Platform for Distinguished Speakers, Bust of Sam Houston.

June 29, 1992

Texas Heart Institute, Plaque.

June 1992

Cancer Treatment Research Foundation, Linus Pauling Scientist of the Year, Plaque.

November 6, 1992

University of Houston, Inventive Minds Speakers Series, Plaque.

November 10, 1992

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Peace Ambassador, Certificate.

December 3, 1992

Daisaku Ikeda Medal.


Women's International Center, Jehan Sadat Peace Award, [Living Legacy Award] Correspondence indicating conferment of award.


University of Houston, Medal.

approx. 1992

Earth Environment Science Academy Foundation, Osaka, Japan, International Honorary Doctor, Certificate.

January 5, 1993

Board of Supervisors County of Los Angeles, California, Letter of Recognition.

May 26, 1993

United States House of Representatives, Twentieth anniversary of the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine, Proclamation Certificate.

May 29, 1993

Clay Minerals Society, Pioneer in Clay Science Award, Certificate.

September 28, 1993

Earth Environment Science Academy Foundation, Tokyo, Japan, Honorary President, Certificate.

October 24, 1993

Institut Antoine Bechamp and IFC, Certificate of Appreciation.

November 8, 1993

American Chemical Society, Bookmark in appreciation for contributions.


Academia, Medicinae and Psychiatriae Foundation, Certificate of Fellowship.


Plaque. [with bas-relief representation of Pauling]


Academy of Technological Sciences of the Russian Federation, Certificate of Membership.

April 6, 1994

Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Correspondence indicating election to honorary membership of the Academy.

May 12, 1994

Albert Schweitzer Peace Medal, Certificate.

August 20, 1994

County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, In Memoriam for Linus Pauling, Certificate.

August 23, 1994

San Diego County Board of Supervisors, Certificate in memoriam for Linus Pauling.

September 20, 1994

State of Oregon, Linus Pauling Day, Proclamation Certificate.

October 10, 1994

Alpha Chi Sigma, Hall of Fame award, Plaque.

August 8, 1996

The Right Stuff award, Certificate.

November 21, 1996

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