Soc. de Cirugia, Medals, [Two different designs] El Mejoramiento de la Cirugia.


Circular gold colored medal has image of hospital building and text "SSA Hospital Juarez Mexico" on obverse. Reverse includes image of hospital logo and text "El Mejoramiento de la Cirugia Por el Trabajo en Colaboracion, Soc. de Cirugia, Mexico - 1930. 1979-1980." Circular gold colored medal has image of buildings and snake on obverse and inscription: "El Mejoramento de la Cirugia por el Traeajo en Colaboracion, Hospital Juarez." Reverse side includes, in large print, "HJ 50," and inscription around the edges: "Soc. de Cirugia, Mexico, 1930-1980."

Awarded by Hospital Juarez (Mexico). Sociedad de Cirugia (Juarez Hospital. Society of Surgery).

Subject: Medical sciences
Name: Hospital Juarez Surgical Society
ID: 1980h.13

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Design 1 - Obverse
Design 1 - Reverse
Design 2 - Obverse
Design 2 - Reverse