Subject: Commemorations (38 items)

Princeton University, Doctor of Science honoris causa, Diploma, Bicentennial medal.

October 19, 1946

Paul Sabatier Centennial Medal.


Hiroshima University, Medal.


Oregon 100th Anniversary Celebration, Oregon Centennial Lecturer Certificate, Plaque.


"Emil von Behring, Begründer der Serum-Therapie; Uberreicht Durch die Behring-Werke, Marburg-Lahn".


Henry the Navigator Medal, Portugal.


Lomonosov 250th Anniversary Medal, Porcelain tablet.


IX Congreso Internacional de Hemtologia, [International Congress of Hematology] Medal, Relieve del Dios Quetzalcoatl.

September 1962

United States Science Exhibit Medal.


National Academy of Sciences, Centennial Medal.


KNXT Los Angeles, California, Newsmaker, Identification plate from award.

March 6, 1965

Universitas Leodiensis, [Université de l'État é Liège] 150 year anniversary, Medal.


Apollo Lunar Science Conference, Medal, Houston, Texas.

January 1971

Marietta College, Thomas Lecturer, Commemorative plate.


Rabindranath Tagore Medal, Calcutta, India.


Russian Academy of Sciences, 250 year anniversary, Medal.


Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine, Objet d'art, Memento of Appreciation on Linus Pauling's 75th birthday.

February 28, 1976

Basic Science Conference, Certificate of recognition "For his Gifts to Man," List of Signatures marking the birthday of Linus Pauling.

February 28, 1977

American Academy of Achievement, Gathering of the Greats Medal, Golden Plate award.

June 23, 1979

Lotos Club, State Dinner in Honor of Linus Pauling, Signed Poster.

October 11, 1980

Bronze Rendering of Ava Helen and Linus Pauling, [text in Japanese].


United States Air Force Academy, Distinguished Speakers Program, Statuette of a hawk.

September 22, 1982

City of Welland, Canada, Certificate of Recognition.

October 28, 1983

California Living Magazine, San Francisco Examiner, Acknowledgment of Nobel Laureates of the Bay Area, Tiffany and Co. crystal paperweight.

October 18, 1984

Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, Distinguished Lecture Series, Paperweight.

May 1, 1985

Painting of the Great Wall of China by Yumin Gu presented to Linus Pauling in recognition of his achievements.

October 2, 1985

Humboldt University, Berlin, 175 year Anniversary Medal.


Honor Students at Glendale Community College, Commemorative plaque in appreciation for his visit.

October 8 - 9, 1986

Science Museum of Minnesota, Achievement Award, Medal with stand.


MD Magazine, Statuette of Imhotep and glass block containing a representation of the centaur Chiron.


United Nations, International Albert Schweitzer Colloquium, Silver bowl.


Memorabilia, [objet d'art and certificate; Chinese].

January 14, 1991

Palomar Observatory, Star # 4674 Pauling 1989 JC, Framed image of star.

February 28, 1991

National Academy of Sciences, Special commendation marking 90th birthday.

April 29, 1991

The Forum Club of Houston, Community Platform for Distinguished Speakers, Bust of Sam Houston.

June 29, 1992

University of Houston, Inventive Minds Speakers Series, Plaque.

November 10, 1992

American Chemical Society, Bookmark in appreciation for contributions.


Plaque. [with bas-relief representation of Pauling]


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