Subject: Certificates (84 items)

National Defense Research Committee, Certificate of Recognition.

March 1, 1945

Certificate of Appreciation for Service to the Rocket Development Program.

December 3, 1945

Naval Ordnance Development Award.

December 10, 1945

California Institute of Technology, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Recognition of Achievements, Certificate.

November 24, 1947

Southern California Chapter National Council of the Arts, Sciences and Professions, Award for distinguished contributions, Certificate.

January 14, 1950

The Newspaper Guild of New York, Page One Award in Science, Medal, Certificate.

April 17, 1953

Delhi University Chemical Society, Certificate of Appreciation.

January 31, 1955

San Juan Bautista, Puerto Rico, Certificate of honorary citizenship.

May 6, 1955

Citizens Committee to Preserve American Freedoms, Scroll of Friendship.

June 4, 1955

Medaglia Amedeo Avogadro, Accademia Nazionale Dei XL, Medal, Certificate.

June 6, 1956

City of Hope Medical Center, Award for Meritorious Service, Certificate.

June 30, 1957

Das Deutsche Curatorium der Grotius-Stiftung, Grotius-Medaille, Certificate.

August 28, 1957

Teachers Union of the City of New York, Teachers Union Annual Award, Certificate.

April 19, 1958

Soviet Academy of Sciences, Certificate of Membership.

June 20, 1958

Invitation to the Seventh World Conference of the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government, Certificate.

September 6 - 13, 1958

Chubu Nihon Shimbun Newspaper, Scroll and Wooden Box.

April 1960

Mount Zion Hospital and Medical Center, Franklin L. Harris Lecturer, Certificate.

May 17, 1960

American Rationalist Federation, 1960 Rationalist of the Year Award, Certificate.

September 9, 1960

Gandhi Peace Award, Promoting Enduring Peace, Inc., Certificate.

November 1, 1962

Modern Medicine, Award for Distinguished Achievement, Certificate.

January 1, 1963

Universidad de Buenos Aires, Certificate of recognition.

August 24, 1963

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Society of Friends and International Peace Bureau, Certificate of Appreciation.

December 29, 1963

J. Akuhead Pupule, Keeper of the Scrolls and Legends, A Legend In His Own Time award, Certificate.

December 27, 1964

Wisdom Magazine and the Wisdom Society, Wisdom Award of Honor, Certificate.

June 16, 1965

The International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Certificate of Appreciation.


Universal and International Exhibition 1967, Noranda Lecture, Montreal, Canada, Certificate.

October 9, 1967

Mount Sinai Medical Center, Colloquium speaker commendation, Certificate.

October 20, 1968

North Alabama Section of the American Chemical Society, Madison Marshall Award, Certificate.

November 10, 1969

City of Huntsville, Alabama, Certificate of Honorary Citizenship.

November 11, 1969

City of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Certificate of appreciation.

March 6, 1972

International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Certificate of Fellowship.

April 8, 1972

California Institute of Technology Alumni Association, Fifty-Year Certificate.

June 6, 1975

Johns Hopkins University, Centennial Fellow, Certificate.

February 20, 1976

City of Los Angeles, California, Resolution Certificate.

March 5, 1976

Transcendental Meditation Society, Age of Enlightenment Award, Certificate.

December 21, 1976

California Dental Association, Certificate of Appreciation.


Educator Publications, American Pioneers in Preventive Health Care Award, Certificate.


Consumer Education Research Group, Caveat Emptor Magazine, Consumer Crusader Award, Certificate.

February 2, 1977

University of Oregon, Award for Distinguished Service, Certificate.

August 13, 1977

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society of North America, Roche Research Chapter, Certificate of Recognition.

March 30, 1978

The Celtic Medal, Irish Institute International, Certificate.

May 17, 1978

City of Beverly Hills, California, Proclamation certificate.

October 1978

The Senate of the 10th Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Senate Resolution No. 343 Proclamation Certificate.

April 4, 1979

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Biennial Meeting, U.S. Section, Santa Cruz, California, Citation.

June 30, 1979

County of Los Angeles, California, Commendation Certificate.


Reed College, Associates of the Griffin, Certificate.


Federation of All Japan Karate-Do Organizations, Certificate of Dan: Honorary Title of 7th Dan.

April 9, 1980

Canadian Association of Preventive and Orthomolecular Medicine, Certificate of Recognition.

May 31, 1980

Chemical Institute of Canada, Certificate of Fellowship.

June 9, 1980

Assembléia Legislativa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, Certificate of Honorary Citizenship.

September 10, 1980

City of San Jose, California, Commendation Certificate.

February 23, 1981

City of Oakland, California, Dr. Linus Pauling Day, Proclamation Certificate.

February 26, 1981

Laurentian University Geology Department, Instant Expert on Sudbury Geology, Certificate.

April 7, 1981

Oregon State Chapter Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Special Citation Certificate of Appreciation.

January 16, 1982

Drexel University Student Chapter of the National Society of Professional Engineers, 1982 Engineering and Science Day Award, Certificate.

March 1, 1982

University of Washington, Jessie and John Danz Lecturer, Certificate.

March - June, 1982

L'Ordre du Mérite Social de Belgique, Le Grand Croix, Certificate.

May 7, 1982

Wesleyan University, Peter A. Leermakers lecturer, Certificate, Symposium programs, Schedule.

May 13, 1982

American Aging Association, Distinguished Achievement Award, Certificate.


Mid-Peninsula Peace Community, Certificate of Recognition.

May 1, 1983

Orthomolecular Medical Society, Certificate of Appreciation.

May 8, 1983

City of Los Angeles, California, Commendation certificate.

June 23, 1983

Kiwanis Club of Redwood City, California, Certificate of Appreciation.

June 19, 1985

Mineralogical Society of America, Certificate of Fellowship.


American Nutritional Medical Association Department of Nutrimedical Services, Doctor of the Year Award, Certificate.

March 11, 1986

Sons in Retirement, Certificate of Appreciation.

June 3, 1986

State of Illinois, Friendship Week in Illinois, Proclamation Certificate.

January 27, 1987

Oregon Academy of Science, Citation in Recognition of Services.

February 28, 1987

California Institute of Technology Alumni Association, Commendation Certificate.

May 16, 1987

Chinese Medical Foundation, The China American Medical Technology Exchange Centre, International Honorary Consultant, Certificate.

April 28, 1988

California Institute of Technology Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Linus Pauling Lectureship, Certificate.

November 28, 1989

Center for Scientific Culture, Premio "Ettore Majorana" Erice Scienza per la Pace, Certificate.


Institute for Exceptional Performance, Exceptional Leader Award, Certificate.


National Council on Drug Abuse, Certificate of appointment to Scientific Advisory Board.


Society of Show Biz Octogenarians, Award of Recognition, Certificate.


Wondertree Learning Community, Wondertree Award, Certificate.

May 4, 1990

Oregon Legislative Assembly, Senate Concurrent Resolution 5, Certificate of Recognition.

March 6, 1991

Board of Supervisors County of Los Angeles, California, Letter of Recognition.

May 26, 1993

United States House of Representatives, Twentieth anniversary of the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine, Proclamation Certificate.

May 29, 1993

Clay Minerals Society, Pioneer in Clay Science Award, Certificate.

September 28, 1993

Institut Antoine Bechamp and IFC, Certificate of Appreciation.

November 8, 1993

County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, In Memoriam for Linus Pauling, Certificate.

August 23, 1994

State of Oregon, Linus Pauling Day, Proclamation Certificate.

October 10, 1994

Governor John Kitzhaber of the State of Oregon, Proclamation of February 2001 as Linus Pauling Month, Certificates.

January 10, 2001

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