Subject: Physical sciences (10 items)

American Physical Society, Certificate of Membership.

November 26, 1926

Pierre Fermat Medal, Académie des sciences inscriptions et belles lettres de Toulouse.

June 21, 1957

Institut de France, Académie des Sciences, Medal.

March 31, 1966

Sigma Pi Sigma, Physics Honor Society Chapter at University of California, Santa Barbara, Honorary Membership, Plaque.

April 16, 1966

Washington A. Roebling Medal, Mineralogical Society of America.


Pennsylvania State University, Nelson W. Taylor Lecturer in Material Sciences, Lion statuette.

November 8, 1973

National Medal of Science, 1974, Awarded by Gerald R. Ford, President of the United States.

September 18, 1975

Laurentian University Geology Department, Instant Expert on Sudbury Geology, Certificate.

April 7, 1981

North Carolina State University Department of Physics, L.H. Thomas Lecturer, Plaque.

October 27, 1986

Vannevar Bush Award.

May 1989

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