1950s (54 items)

Southern California Chapter National Council of the Arts, Sciences and Professions, Award for distinguished contributions, Certificate.

January 14, 1950

Southland Jewish Organization, Award of Merit, Plaque.

May 19, 1950

Universitas Novi Brunsvici, [University of New Brunswick, Canada] Diploma, Doctor in Utroque Jure.

May 20, 1950

Gilbert Newton Lewis Medal, The California Section of the American Chemical Society.

November 27, 1951

Popular Mechanics Magazine, Certificate of election to Hall of Fame.

January 1952

Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, [Bavarian Academy of Sciences] Certificate of Membership.

March 1952

Societe de Chimie Biologique, Louis Pasteur Medal.


2èmp Congres International de Biochemie, Medal, Paris.


The Newspaper Guild of New York, Page One Award in Science, Medal, Certificate.

April 17, 1953

Academia Scientiarum Olisiponensis, [Academy of Science, Lisbon] Certificate of Membership.

June 25, 1953

Round glass block bearing the inscription "Ubsaliensis s Academiae," Uppsala University.


Accademia Gioenia Di Scienze Naturali in Catania, Correspondence indicating Membership.

May 24, 1954

Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

December 10, 1954

Response by Linus Pauling to the Toast to the Laureates of the Year, The Nobel Banquet.

December 10, 1954

Paul Sabatier Centennial Medal.


Delhi University Chemical Society, Certificate of Appreciation.

January 31, 1955

Indian Chemical Society, Correspondence indicating honorary fellowship.

March 30, 1955

San Juan Bautista, Puerto Rico, Certificate of honorary citizenship.

May 6, 1955

Citizens Committee to Preserve American Freedoms, Scroll of Friendship.

June 4, 1955

Université de l'État à Liège, Diplôme honorifique de Docteur en Sciences, Medal.

July 5, 1955

The Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, Diploma, Doctor of Science, honoris causa.

October 8, 1955

L'Union Rationaliste, Paris, France. Correspondence indicating honorary membership.

February 19, 1956

John Phillips Memorial Award Medal.

April 18, 1956

Medaglia Amedeo Avogadro, Accademia Nazionale Dei XL, Medal, Certificate.

June 6, 1956

Societé Chimica Italiana, Rome, Italy, Medal, Certificate of Membership.

June 7, 1956

The President of the Republic of Italy, Rome, Italy, Assumption of the title "Grande Ufficiale," Certificate.

July 19, 1956

Thomas Addis Memorial Award, 1955, Medal, Los Angeles Chapter of the National Nephrosis Foundation.


The American Association of Clinical Chemists, Certificates of Membership, Citation.

March 5, 1957

Académie Nationale de Médecine, Medal.

May 28, 1957

National Academy of Sciences National Research Council, Delegate to 16th Congress of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Certificate.

June 19, 1957

Pierre Fermat Medal, Académie des sciences inscriptions et belles lettres de Toulouse.

June 21, 1957

City of Hope Medical Center, Award for Meritorious Service, Certificate.

June 30, 1957

Prix de Louis Pasteur, Medal, L'Institut Pasteur.

July 9, 1957

Das Deutsche Curatorium der Grotius-Stiftung, Grotius-Medaille, Certificate.

August 28, 1957

Foundation Grotiana, De Propagando Ivre Centium Bene Merenti, Pin.


Societe Chimique de France, Centennial Medal.


Teachers Union of the City of New York, Teachers Union Annual Award, Certificate.

April 19, 1958

Société de Chimie Physique, Correspondence indicating election as honorary member.

May 14, 1958

Chouinard Art Institute, Diploma, Doctor of Fine Arts.

June 13, 1958

Soviet Academy of Sciences, Certificate of Membership.

June 20, 1958

Women for Legislative Action, Trophy.

June 1958

Invitation to the Seventh World Conference of the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government, Certificate.

September 6 - 13, 1958

United States Department of State, Brussels Universal and International Exhibition, Certificates of Recognition.

October 1958

The Chemical Society of Japan, Certificate of Membership.

November 22, 1958

Det Kongelige Norske Videnskabers Selskab, [The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences] Certificate of Membership.

December 8, 1958

Universitatis Litterariae Humboldtianae Berolinensis, [Humboldt University of Berlin] Diploma, Doctoris Ornamenta et Honores Honoris Causa.

December 15, 1958

The Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, Harvard University, Certificate of Membership.


Reed College, Diploma, Doctor of Laws, honoris causa.

June 7, 1959

National Academy of Lincei, Citation.

October 13, 1959

Hiroshima University, Medal.


Indian Chemical Society, Silver Jubilee Medal.


Oregon 100th Anniversary Celebration, Oregon Centennial Lecturer Certificate, Plaque.


Societas Europaea Studiis ad Haematologiam, Diploma, Medicinae Doctorem.


"Emil von Behring, Begründer der Serum-Therapie; Uberreicht Durch die Behring-Werke, Marburg-Lahn".


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