1970s (90 items)

Congreso Nacional Senado Medal, Republica de Chile.

January 19, 1970

Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Correspondence indicating election as Fellow.

March 13, 1970

Lenin Peace Prize Medal.

June 15, 1970

Apollo Lunar Science Conference, Medal, Houston, Texas.

January 1971

American Schizophrenia Association, Annual Award, Pewter bowl.

April 2, 1971

The American Institute of Chemists, Certificate of Honorary Membership.

May 13, 1971

Université de Lyon, Doctor Honoris Causa, Diploma, Medal.

May 14, 1971

Academy of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, Founding Fellow, Certificate.

September 30, 1971

Isabella Geriatric Center, Hall of Fame Senior Citizen Award, Plaque.


National Health Federation Service Award, Plaque.

January 14, 1972

City of Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, Certificate of appreciation.

March 6, 1972

La Asociación Quimica de Tijuana, Certificate of Membership.

March 7, 1972

El Instituto Tecnologico Regional de Baja California, Diploma.

March 8, 1972

International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Certificate of Fellowship.

April 8, 1972

Renaud Foundation, 24th Annual Renaud Foundation Lecturer, Plaque.

April 21, 1972

Southern Christian Leadership Conference Philadelphia Chapter, Martin Luther King, Jr. Medical Achievement Award, Plaque.

May 31, 1972

Marietta College, Thomas Lecturer, Commemorative plate.


International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Special Advisor, Plaque.

1972 - 1973

Edward A. Strecker Memorial Award, Framed medals.

March 7, 1973

Drury College, Doctor of Humane Service, Pewter plate.

March 9, 1973

Australasian College of Biomedical Sciences, Certificate of fellowship.

May 10, 1973

University of Calcutta, Sir Devaprasad Sarbadhikari Gold Medal, Correspondence indicating awarding of medal.

May 24, 1973

Pennsylvania State University, Nelson W. Taylor Lecturer in Material Sciences, Lion statuette.

November 8, 1973

American Association of Clinical Chemists, Silver Anniversary, Medal on marble base.


Rabindranath Tagore Medal, Calcutta, India.


International Forum for Neurological Organization, Medal.

May 31, 1974

University of California School of Pharmacy, San Francisco, Troy C. Daniels Lecturer, Scroll.

October 1974

International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Award of Merit, Certificate of Fellowship, Plaque.

October 12, 1974

City of Houston, Texas, Certificate of Honorary Citizenship.

October 12, 1974

American-Hungarian Medical Association, Semmelweis Scientific Society, Semmelweis Medal, Plaque indicating Membership.

November 15, 1974

Russian Academy of Sciences, 250 year anniversary, Medal.


Pharmacists Planning Services, Inc., 1974 Man of the Year Award, Plaque.

March 8, 1975

The American Institute of Chemists, Chemical Pioneer Award, Certificate.

May 22, 1975

Rutgers University, Diploma, Doctor of Science Honoris Causa, Diploma and Citation.

June 5, 1975

California Institute of Technology Alumni Association, Fifty-Year Certificate.

June 6, 1975

National Medal of Science, 1974, Awarded by Gerald R. Ford, President of the United States.

September 18, 1975

Tamagawa University, Honorary Professorship, Framed scroll.

September 23, 1975

American Academy of Medical Preventics, Honorary Lifetime Member, Plaque.

September 28, 1975

Nagasaki University, School of Medicine, Plaque.

October 1, 1975

International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Certificate of Membership.

1975 - 1976

Albert Schweitzer Society, Reverence for Life, Memento Medal.


Santa Clara County Surgical Society, Proclamation Certificate.


Albert Schweitzer Fellowship of Taiwan, Plaque.


Johns Hopkins University, Centennial Fellow, Certificate.

February 20, 1976

Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine, Objet d'art, Memento of Appreciation on Linus Pauling's 75th birthday.

February 28, 1976

City of Los Angeles, California, Resolution Certificate.

March 5, 1976

First Unitarian Church, Los Angeles, California, Plaque in appreciation of contributions.

March 6, 1976

Kalamazoo College, Diploma, Honorary Doctor of Science, Citation.

June 12, 1976

New York Academy of Sciences, Certificate of Membership.

December 8, 1976

Società Italiana Per Il Progresso Delle Scienze, Certificate of Membership.

December 15, 1976

Transcendental Meditation Society, Age of Enlightenment Award, Certificate.

December 21, 1976

California Dental Association, Certificate of Appreciation.


Dallas Mid-Winter Dental Clinic, Dallas, Texas, Honorary Clinician, Plaque.


Educator Publications, American Pioneers in Preventive Health Care Award, Certificate.


Consumer Education Research Group, Caveat Emptor Magazine, Consumer Crusader Award, Certificate.

February 2, 1977

Basic Science Conference, Certificate of recognition "For his Gifts to Man," List of Signatures marking the birthday of Linus Pauling.

February 28, 1977

National Nutritional Foods Association, Rachel Carson Memorial Award, Plaque.

July 1977

University of Oregon, Award for Distinguished Service, Certificate.

August 13, 1977

American Friends of the Hebrew University, Torch of Learning Award, Trophy.

September 11, 1977

Lomonosov Medal, Presidium of the Academy of the USSR.

February 9, 1978

Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, Diploma, Doctor of Humanities Honoris Causa, Citation.

March 18, 1978

Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society of North America, Roche Research Chapter, Certificate of Recognition.

March 30, 1978

Wilmington College, Diploma, Honorary Doctor of Human Reconstruction, Citation.

April 1978

The Celtic Medal, Irish Institute International, Certificate.

May 17, 1978

Polish Academy of Sciences, Letter indicating foreign Membership.

July 29, 1978

World Organization of General Systems and Cybernetics, Correspondence indicating Honorary Fellowship.

September 15, 1978

City of Beverly Hills, California, Proclamation certificate.

October 1978

Intra-Science Research Foundation, Louis Pasteur Humanitarian Award, Framed medal.

October 20, 1978

Friendly Hills Holistic Health Center, Plaque.


50th Anniversary of Vitamin C Medal, Committee for World Health.


Irish Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential, World Forum, Memento medal.


First Class Doctor, Plaque.


The Senate of the 10th Legislature of the State of Hawaii, Senate Resolution No. 343 Proclamation Certificate.

April 4, 1979

European Academy of Preventive Medicine, Correspondence indicating Honorary Trusteeship.

April 19, 1979

National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, National Academy of Sciences Award in Chemical Sciences, [established in honor of Armand Hammer] Medal.

April 23, 1979

Decalogue Society of Lawyers, Award of Merit for the year 1978, Plaque.

April 29, 1979

American Academy of Achievement, Gathering of the Greats Medal, Golden Plate award.

June 23, 1979

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Biennial Meeting, U.S. Section, Santa Cruz, California, Citation.

June 30, 1979

Reed College, The Howard Vollum Award, Plaque, Citation.

September 11, 1979

International Academy of Preventive Medicine, 1979, Tom Spies Memorial Award, Plaque.

September 15, 1979

Pacific University, Diploma, Doctor of Science.

October 5, 1979

City of Austin, Texas, Certificate of Honorary Citizenship.

November 5, 1979

American College of Osteopathic Internists, Fellowship Certificate.

November 14, 1979

Hans Selye Award, Medal, The 2nd International Symposium on the Management of Stress, Monte Carlo, Monaco.

November 18 - 22, 1979

National Institute of Social Sciences, Gold Medal Award, Certificate.

December 6, 1979

National Institute of Social Sciences (U.S.), Nutrition Research Award, Trophy.


County of Los Angeles, California, Commendation Certificate.


State of California, Project Interdependence, Certificate of Recognition.


Reed College, Associates of the Griffin, Certificate.


Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers, Certificates of Membership.


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