New York Medical College, Doctor of Science, Diploma.

June 3, 1980

Diploma with gold foil seal and yellow and red ribbons at bottom left. Text in brown, red and yellow: "New York Medical College - to all persona to whom these presents may come, Greetings, be it known that Linus Pauling who has benefited all humankind by his elegant work in explaining the role of abnormal molecules in causing disease, and by his uncompromising efforts for the establishment of lasting peace and freedom throughout the world is hereby presented with the degree Doctor of Science honoris causa, together with all the rights, privileges and honors that appertain thereto. Acting by vitrue of the authority vested in us by the legislature of the State of New York in witness whereof we have caused our signatures to be affixed to this third of June, nineteen hundred and eighty." Signed by four people.

Presented by New York Medical College.

Subjects: Peace-building; Medical sciences
Name: New York Medical College
ID: 1980h.6

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