Academia, Medicinae and Psychiatriae Foundation, Certificate of Fellowship.


Certificate with text: "A scientific humanitarian organization committed to the concept of the integration of the biological, psychological and social sciences in all branches of Medicine and Psychiatry, sponsor Studies, Research and Education, recognize outstanding scientific contributions and the dissemination of information in regard to this concept has awarded Linus Pauling with the title of Honorary Fellow as of Nineteen Hundred Ninety Three based on widely recognized and professional achievements and concern in regard to issues related to mental health and mental activities affecting the medical, social and political life of mankind."

Presented by the Academia, Medicinae and Psychiatriae Foundation.

Subjects: Memberships; Medical sciences; Humanitarianism
Name: Academia, Medicinae and Psychiatriae Foundation
ID: 1993h.8

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Plaque. [with bas-relief representation of Pauling]