Subject: International relations (23 items)

Foundation Grotiana, De Propagando Ivre Centium Bene Merenti, Pin.


Teachers Union of the City of New York, Teachers Union Annual Award, Certificate.

April 19, 1958

Invitation to the Seventh World Conference of the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government, Certificate.

September 6 - 13, 1958

United States Department of State, Brussels Universal and International Exhibition, Certificates of Recognition.

October 1958

San Gabriel College, Diploma, Honorary Doctor of World Law.

December 15, 1963

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Society of Friends and International Peace Bureau, Certificate of Appreciation.

December 29, 1963

"Dank an Linus Pauling," Leather bound volume with signatures of German citizens, Germany.

June 1964

Carl Neuberg Society for International Scientific Relations, Medal.


Hadassah, Myrtle Wreath Award, Plaque.

March 8, 1967

Congreso Nacional Senado Medal, Republica de Chile.

January 19, 1970

Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Correspondence indicating election as Fellow.

March 13, 1970

American Friends of the Hebrew University, Torch of Learning Award, Trophy.

September 11, 1977

City of San Francisco, California, Request for an international nuclear weapons ban, Proclamation Certificate.

March 5, 1981

Supreme Soviet Socialist Republic, Commemorative plaque for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the U.S.S.R.

December 12 - 13, 1982

Friedensrat der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik, [Peace Council of the German Democratic Republic] correspondence indicating awarding of German Peace Medal.

February 18, 1986

Soka Gakkai International, 60th Anniversary, Certificate, commemorative clock and medal.

February 24, 1987

Vannevar Bush Award.

May 1989

NAS-AH CCCP, Scientific Cooperation, Medal.


Center for Scientific Culture, Premio "Ettore Majorana" Erice Scienza per la Pace, Certificate.


Joseph Sessford Brown, Alba Press, Award in recognition of contributions to society.


National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, Inc., Member of the Advisory Council, Certificate.


County of Santa Barbara, California, Resolution of Commendation for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Certificate.

April 9, 1991

Earth Environment Science Academy Foundation, Osaka, Japan, International Honorary Doctor, Certificate.

January 5, 1993

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