1940s (36 items)

Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity, Certificate of Membership.

June 23, 1940

William H. Nichols Medal, New York Section of the American Chemical Society.

March 7, 1941

Phi Lambda Upsilon, Honorary Membership, Plaque, Correspondence indicating election.

May 9, 1941

University of Chicago, Diploma, Honorary Doctor of Science.

September 29, 1941

The Chemical Society, Correspondence indicating election to honorary fellowship.

April 15, 1943

Committee's Reserved List of Scientific and Technical Personnel certificate.

January 5, 1944

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Certificate of Membership.

May 4, 1944

National Defense Research Committee, Certificate of Recognition.

March 1, 1945

Certificate of Appreciation for Service to the Rocket Development Program.

December 3, 1945

Naval Ordnance Development Award.

December 10, 1945

J. Willard Gibbs Medal, Chicago Section of the American Chemical Society.

June 14, 1946

Princeton University, Doctor of Science honoris causa, Diploma, Bicentennial medal.

October 19, 1946

George Westinghouse Centennial Award, Medal.


Theodore William Richards Medal. Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society.

May 9, 1947

University of London, Diploma, Honorary Doctor of Science.

May 21, 1947

Cambridge University, Diploma, Honorary Doctor of Science.

June 12, 1947

The Royal Institution of Great Britain, Membership card.

July 11, 1947

Société Suisse de Chemie, Correspondence indicating Membership.

September 9, 1947

Yale University, Diploma, Honorary Doctor of Science.

November 16, 1947

California Institute of Technology, Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Recognition of Achievements, Certificate.

November 24, 1947

Humphry Davy Medal, The Royal Society [London]. Certificate.

November 30, 1947

Presidential Medal for Merit.

February 2, 1948

Edinburgh University Chemical Society, Certificate of Membership.

April 20, 1948

Los Angeles County Medical Association Research Foundation, Certificate of Membership.

May 18, 1948

Praeses Concilium et Sodales Regalis Societatis Londini, Pro Scientia Naturali Promovenda, [Royal Society of London for Natural Sciences] Certificate of Membership.

May 26, 1948

Academy of Science of Bologna, Letters of election as Corresponding Foreign Member.

June 23, 1948

University of Oxford, Diploma, Doctor of Science Honoris Causa.

June 23, 1948

International Society of Hematology, Certificate of Fellowship.

August 25, 1948

Université de Paris, Diploma, Docteur de l'Université de Paris, Medal.

November 27, 1948

Institut de France, Académie des Sciences, Correspondence indicating election as a corresponding member.

December 20, 1948

Indian Academy of Sciences, Letter indicating Membership.

December 26, 1948

The Chemical Society, Liversidge Lectureship Medal.


John Wesley Hyatt Award for the Advancement of Plastics, Medal.


Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters at Oslo, Certificate of Membership.

March 25, 1949

University of Tampa, Diploma, Doctor of Humanities.

June 2, 1949

Université de Toulouse, Diploma, Docteur de l'Université de Toulouse.

October 25, 1949

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