Subject: Memberships (92 items)

Oregon State Agricultural College Cadet Corps, Certificate of Appointment to Cadet Corporal of H Company.

April 20, 1918

The Presidio of San Francisco Reserve Officers Training Corps Camp, Certificate of Training.

June 3 - July 3, 1918

Sigma Tau, Zeta Chapter, Certificate of Membership.

April 15, 1921

Scabbard and Blade Society, Certificate of Membership.

May 12, 1921

Reserve Officers' Training Corps, Certificate of Appointment to the Rank of major, Oregon Agricultural College.

October 7, 1921

Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Certificate of Membership.

January 14, 1922

Phi Kappa Phi, Chapter at Oregon State College, Certificate of Membership.


American Physical Society, Certificate of Membership.

November 26, 1926

Tau Beta Pi, Oregon Alpha Chapter, Certificate of Membership.

December 6, 1928

National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Certificate of Membership.

April 26, 1933

American Philosophical Society, Certificate of Membership.

April 24, 1936

Société Royale des Sciences, Certificate of Membership.

June 15, 1939

Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity, Certificate of Membership.

June 23, 1940

Phi Lambda Upsilon, Honorary Membership, Plaque, Correspondence indicating election.

May 9, 1941

Committee's Reserved List of Scientific and Technical Personnel certificate.

January 5, 1944

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Certificate of Membership.

May 4, 1944

The Royal Institution of Great Britain, Membership card.

July 11, 1947

Société Suisse de Chemie, Correspondence indicating Membership.

September 9, 1947

Edinburgh University Chemical Society, Certificate of Membership.

April 20, 1948

Los Angeles County Medical Association Research Foundation, Certificate of Membership.

May 18, 1948

Praeses Concilium et Sodales Regalis Societatis Londini, Pro Scientia Naturali Promovenda, [Royal Society of London for Natural Sciences] Certificate of Membership.

May 26, 1948

Academy of Science of Bologna, Letters of election as Corresponding Foreign Member.

June 23, 1948

International Society of Hematology, Certificate of Fellowship.

August 25, 1948

Institut de France, Académie des Sciences, Correspondence indicating election as a corresponding member.

December 20, 1948

Indian Academy of Sciences, Letter indicating Membership.

December 26, 1948

Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters at Oslo, Certificate of Membership.

March 25, 1949

Popular Mechanics Magazine, Certificate of election to Hall of Fame.

January 1952

Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, [Bavarian Academy of Sciences] Certificate of Membership.

March 1952

Academia Scientiarum Olisiponensis, [Academy of Science, Lisbon] Certificate of Membership.

June 25, 1953

Accademia Gioenia Di Scienze Naturali in Catania, Correspondence indicating Membership.

May 24, 1954

Indian Chemical Society, Correspondence indicating honorary fellowship.

March 30, 1955

L'Union Rationaliste, Paris, France. Correspondence indicating honorary membership.

February 19, 1956

Societé Chimica Italiana, Rome, Italy, Medal, Certificate of Membership.

June 7, 1956

The President of the Republic of Italy, Rome, Italy, Assumption of the title "Grande Ufficiale," Certificate.

July 19, 1956

The American Association of Clinical Chemists, Certificates of Membership, Citation.

March 5, 1957

Société de Chimie Physique, Correspondence indicating election as honorary member.

May 14, 1958

Soviet Academy of Sciences, Certificate of Membership.

June 20, 1958

Det Kongelige Norske Videnskabers Selskab, [The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences] Certificate of Membership.

December 8, 1958

Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce, Benjamin Franklin Fellow, Certificate.

June 13, 1960

Kaiserlich Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher, Certificate of Membership.

June 22, 1960

Istituto Internazionale per lo Studio lo Sviluppo delle Relazioni Umane, [International Institute for the Study of Human Relations Development] Certificate of Membership.

June 23, 1960

Rationalist Press Association, [World Academy of Sciences and Letters] Certificate of Membership.

December 24, 1960

Die Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien, Certificate of Membership.

May 30, 1961

Internationale Gesellschaft für Nahrungs- und Vitalstoff-Forschung, Certificates of Membership.

September 30, 1962

La Asociacion de Profesionales Argentinos, Letter indicating Membership.

August 23, 1963

Société de Biologie, [Paris, France] Correspondence indicating honorary membership.

December 16, 1963

Academia Reipublicae Popularis Dacoromanae, [Academy of the Socialist Republic of Romania] Pin.

February 3, 1965

Sigma Pi Sigma, Physics Honor Society Chapter at University of California, Santa Barbara, Honorary Membership, Plaque.

April 16, 1966

American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Certificate of Membership.

June 3, 1966

Academia Scientiarum et Artium Slavorum Meridionalium, [Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts] Medal, Certificate.

June 26, 1966

Royal Society of Edinburgh, Letter of election to Royal Society as an Honorary Fellow.

July 4, 1966

Delta Upsilon of Oregon State University, Charter Member, Plaque.

December 1, 1966

American Association for the Advancement of Science, Certificate of Membership.

December 28, 1966

Institut de France, Medal.


American Institute of Chemists, Certificate of Membership.

May 15, 1969

The American Institute of Chemists, Certificate of Honorary Membership.

May 13, 1971

Academy of Orthomolecular Psychiatry, Founding Fellow, Certificate.

September 30, 1971

Isabella Geriatric Center, Hall of Fame Senior Citizen Award, Plaque.


La Asociación Quimica de Tijuana, Certificate of Membership.

March 7, 1972

Australasian College of Biomedical Sciences, Certificate of fellowship.

May 10, 1973

International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Award of Merit, Certificate of Fellowship, Plaque.

October 12, 1974

New York Academy of Sciences, Certificate of Membership.

December 8, 1976

Società Italiana Per Il Progresso Delle Scienze, Certificate of Membership.

December 15, 1976

Polish Academy of Sciences, Letter indicating foreign Membership.

July 29, 1978

World Organization of General Systems and Cybernetics, Correspondence indicating Honorary Fellowship.

September 15, 1978

American College of Osteopathic Internists, Fellowship Certificate.

November 14, 1979

Sons and Daughters of Oregon Pioneers, Certificates of Membership.


Federation of All Japan Karate-Do Organizations, Certificate of Dan: Honorary Title of 7th Dan.

April 9, 1980

Royal Society of Chemistry, Correspondence indicating election to honorary fellowship of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

July 7, 1980

Orthomolecular Medical Society, Honorary President, Certificate.

1980 - 1981

La Sociedad de Cirugia del Hospital Juarez, S.C., Certificate of Membership.

January 31, 1981

American Chemical Society, Recognition of service, Plaque.

August 26, 1981

Confrérie des Chevaliers du Fourquet, Brussels, Certificate of Membership, Medal.

May 5, 1982

Musser-Burch Society, Certificate of Honorary Membership.

November 12, 1982

United States Achievement Academy, correspondence indicating election to Hall of Fame.


Cal Poly Chapters of American Chemical Society and Alpha Chi Sigma, Honorary Membership, Plaque.

January 28, 1983

Ohio State University College of Medicine, Landacre Society, Landacre Day Lecturer, Plaque indicating Membership.

March 17, 1983

World Academy of Art and Science, Certificate of Membership.

November 2, 1983

Swedish Association for Biological Medicine, Certificate of Membership.

May 20, 1984

Actor's Fund of America, Certificate of Membership, Membership card.

April 25, 1985

Albert Schweitzer Society of the State of Alabama, Knight Commander of Merit of Signum Fidei, Certificate of Membership.

October 16, 1985

Engineering and Science Hall of Fame, Pioneer of Progress, Walnut wood sculpture, Plaque.

November 6, 1986

Societas Chemica Croatica, [Croatian Chemical Society] Socium honoris causa.


Delta Upsilon Fraternity Oregon State Chapter, Certificate of Recognition of Service and Membership.

October 21, 1989

Oregon State Chapter of Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Special Citation.

March 6, 1991

American Chemical Society, Plaque for recognition of service.

August 28, 1991

Earth Environment Science Academy Foundation, Tokyo, Japan, Honorary President, Certificate.

October 24, 1993

Academia, Medicinae and Psychiatriae Foundation, Certificate of Fellowship.


Academy of Technological Sciences of the Russian Federation, Certificate of Membership.

April 6, 1994

Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Correspondence indicating election to honorary membership of the Academy.

May 12, 1994

Alpha Chi Sigma, Hall of Fame award, Plaque.

August 8, 1996

The California Museum, California Hall of Fame.

December 15, 2008

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