Vivian Le

Vivian Le was born in 1998 in Modesto, California. Her parents lived there after they escaped from the war in Vietnam. Her family  moved to southern Oregon to start their own business and raise Le and her sister. Le's early years were very much defined by her Vietnamese heritage, but also by her family's devout Catholicism and family values.

Le was placed in an ESL (English as a Second Language) program in Phoenix, Oregon during elementary school. She stayed in the program for quite some time, regardless of her English proficiency. She recalls having experienced many cases of prejudice related to her racial identity even when she started high school. She started taking piano lessons at the age of four and when she reached her teen years, she played several instruments in the high school marching band. Towards the end of high school, Le became less interested in music and ended up finding another passion in politics and government.

When Le graduated from Phoenix High School, she made the decision to attend Oregon State University's Honors College. After being undeclared for a short time, by the end of her freshmen year she had declared an Accounting major, later adding a second major in Economics. During the summer, she worked as a tutor for young children in southern Oregon, and when she returned to Oregon State for her sophomore year she began two different lines of work. One of her jobs involved assisting the Honors College in reaching out to high school students who were trying to decide what colleges they wanted to attend. Her other job was an internship with OSU's Office of Advocacy where she helped give more of a voice to Oregon State students. She has also recently won a senate seat in the ASOSU student government. She will begin her position in the fall of 2018.

Le has recently recaptured her love for music. She enjoys discovering new artists and genres while also pursuing her hobbies of reading and rock climbing. She is applying for accounting internships for the summer and she takes on full workloads every term to chip away at her degree.