Decalogue Society of Lawyers, Award of Merit for the year 1978, Plaque.

April 29, 1979

Wooden plaque with decorative blue border, reading: "The Decalogue Society of Lawyers Award of Merit For the year- 1978, Presented to Linus Pauling For his diverse and far-reaching achievements in the application of research on the nature of the chemical bond to the field of medicine, with the resultant enhancement of the human condition; For his unflinching devotion to the cause of world peace and the preservation of human life, rights and dignity; For his steadfast, enduring and highly successful battle against the continued testing and proliferation of nuclear weapons; For his lofty patriotism and love of country, and for his humanitarianism and deep concern for the world community." Two signatures follow.

Awarded by the Decalogue Society of Lawyers.

Subjects: Humanitarianism; Chemistry
Name: Decalogue Society of Lawyers
ID: 1979h.4

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