University of Oregon, Award for Distinguished Service, Certificate.

August 13, 1977

Certificate with gold seal and green and yellow ribbons. Text reads: "Born and educated in the State of Oregon, Linus Carl Pauling has revolutionized the ways in which chemists think about the materials with which they work. He started with the structures of minerals and simple molecules and generalized his insights in a seminal book on the Nature of the Chemical Bond. He then turned his attention to the molecules of life itself and made major contributions to understanding how they accomplish their purposes. Not content to concentrate on the study of the universe, he has toiled to preserve mankind from the harmful application of knowledge. The University is proud to add its accolade to a distinguished Oregonian who has already received Nobel Prizes for both Chemistry and Peace."

Awarded by the University of Oregon.

Subject: Certificates
Name: University of Oregon
ID: 1977h.4

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