Delhi University Chemical Society, Certificate of Appreciation.

January 31, 1955

Letter with text: "Address of Welcome presented to Prof. Linus Pauling, Nobel Laureate and Mrs. Pauling by the Delphi University, Chemical Society. We, the members of the Chemical Society deem it a great privilege and honor to welcome you this evening to the University of this historic city, the metropolis of India from time immemorial. It can be truly said of you Sir, that you have made a most fruitful mixture of Physics and Chemistry. Your work on the structure of silicates, your contribution to the theory of valency, your investigations on immunology which has opened up an entirely new branch of Chemistry and your record monumental work on the structure of proteins are only a few of the important landmarks in your still unfolding brilliant career. We welcome the award of Nobel Prize in Chemistry to you this year as a fitting recognition of your many contributions to Chemistry. We have always the greatest respect and admiration for your achievements which we know are not due to luck but founded on a substantial edifice of the solid rock of hard work and shaped by an intuition befitting a genius. Your work will always be a source of inspiration for us. We hope you will still find fresh fields and pastures new and you may shed new light on many yet unsolved mysteries of nature. We are particularly happy to welcome you, Mrs. Pauling, and we hope your visit to this ancient land has been a pleasant experience. We earnestly pray for both of you a long and happy life."

Awarded by Delhi University, India to both Linus and Ava Helen Pauling.

Subject: Certificates
Names: Delhi University; Ava Helen Pauling
ID: 1955h.1

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