Painting of the Great Wall of China by Yumin Gu presented to Linus Pauling in recognition of his achievements.

October 2, 1985

Horizontal scroll with painting of the Great Wall of China. Chinese text in upper left corner, translated: "(Pupil:) If you look up at it (truth), it seems higher. If you try to penetrate it, it seems harder. If you look straight ahead, it seems farther away. If you look back, it seems farther behind. (Confucius:) You have not been on the right path. If you had been, it would not be far away." English text in lower right reads: "To Dr. Pauling: The Great Wall symbolizes your achievement, monumental and far-reaching. The First Castle inspires beginners, a strong start is good but not sufficient. The twisting long road teaches them to perservere. Presented by Linus and Alex Sun, Artist Yumin Gu. 10/2/85."

Presented by Linus and Alex Sun.

Subject: Commemorations
Name: Yumin Gu
ID: 1985h.6

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