Letter from Linus Pauling to Francis Heisler. Page 1. February 13, 1964
Letter from Linus Pauling to Francis Heisler. February 13, 1964. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Letter from A.R. Keppel, Executive Director, Piedmont University Center of North Carolina to LP RE: Keppel invites LP to participate in the Visiting Scholars Program for the 1964-1965 school year.  Keppel encloses a brochure for the program highlighting events from this current year.  [Letter from LP to Keppel March 5, 1964] [Filed under LP Correspondence: P: Correspondence, 1964-1969: Box #315 Folder #315.1]
  • Letter from David Darrin to LP RE: Darrin has a manuscript which he hopes can receive a nomination for the Nobel Prize.  Darrin has had difficulty finding means to publish the manuscript.  If the manuscript is to be nominated, Darrin needs a sponsor and hopes that LP can help him find the sponsorship he needs.  [Filed under LP Correspondence: Nobel Prize Nominations: Correspondence, 1940, 1942, 1948, 1958, 1960-1970: Box #280 Folder #280.7]
  • Letter from Dr. A.B. Sirbu, Phi Delta Epsilon to LP RE: The Phi Delta Epsilon National Medical Fraternity has nominated LP for the Distinguished Service Award.  Sirbu invites LP to the national convention in Palo Alton on June 27th for the ceremony.  Sirbu hopes that LP will accept this award and notes that the fraternity will pay for LP’s travel expenses.  [Letter from LP to Sirbu February 25, 1964] [Filed under LP Correspondence: P: Correspondence, 1964-1969: Box #315 Folder #315.1]
  • Letter from Eugene Eagle to LP RE: Asks LP to speak on “Spy Hoaxes and Academic Freedom”  at a public meeting of the Bay Area Council of Sobell Committees.  Attached to Pamphlet “Committee To Secure Justice for Morton Sobell”. [Letter from LP to Eagle, February 17, 1964] [Filed under LP Biographical: Political Issues: Civil Liberties - The Cases of Julius Rosenberg, Ethel Rosenberg and Morton Sobell, 1952-1955: Box #2.044, Folder # 44.17]
  • Letter from Frank Kelly, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions to LP RE: Kelly sends the invitation which was sent by the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency to submit a proposal for a study of “Measures for Retarding the Spread of Nuclear Weapons.”  Kelly asks for LP’s opinion on this invitation.  Kelly outlines the schedule for LP’s address to the student in Campbell Hall at the University of California in Santa Barbara.  [Filed under LP Correspondence: K: Correspondence, 1963-1966: Box #202 Folder #202.2]
  • Letter from Gordon Ray, President John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation to LP RE: Richard Noyes has applied for a second Guggenheim Fellowship and has listed LP as a reference.  Ray asks that LP send in an estimate of Noyes’ abilities.  [Filed under LP Correspondence: N: Individual Correspondence (Noyes, H. Pierre - Nyholm): Box #279 Folder #279.2]
  • Letter from LP to Ben Wasserman RE:   LP thinks that it is the duty of every person to attempt to make some contribution to the welfare of humanity.  LP thinks it is good that Wasserman has completed his college education and LP suggests that he continue on in his education.[Filed under LP Correspondence: W: Correspondence, 1963-1965: Box #446 Folder #446.2]
  • Letter from LP to Daniel Krizsa, Research Institute for High Pressure in Budapest RE: LP is leaving the California Institute of Technology and is no longer the Chairman of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.  LP sends Krizsa’s letter to Professor J.D. Roberts. [Filed under LP Correspondence: R: Correspondence, 1964-1969: Box #343 Folder #343.1]  
  • Letter from LP to Division of Grants and Fellowships, National Institutes of Health RE: Asks for advice on how to submit an application to the NIH which would allow LP to work from the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, have his salary paid for, and would allow him to research in multiple fields in whatever place he feels is best suited. LP outlines his work history and his plan to submit a similar application to the National Science Foundation. [Filed under LP Science: (United States Public Health Service: Assorted Grants, 1954-1964), Box #14.042, Folder #42.1]  
  • Letter from LP to Dr. Maxwell Finland and Dr. James H. Jandl, Thorndike Memorial Library of the Harvard Medical School, RE: Says that his schedule for early June prevents him from accepting their invitation to deliver the address at the dinner for the symposium in honor of Dr. William B. Castle. [Letter from Finland and Jandl to LP January 29, 1964] [Filed under LP Correspondence (H: Correspondence, 1963-1966), 169.2] 
  • Letter from LP to Louis Untermeyer, RE: It was a great pleasure for LP to see Untermeyer and his wife after the fine meeting. LP was especially happy to listen to Untermeyer's speech of introduction of LP, and thanks Untermeyer for it. [Filed under AHP Correspondence: (General Correspondence, Personal, N-Z), #2.2]
  • Letter from Niels Munk Plum to LP RE: Plum thanks LP for his explanation of the statements he made during his radio address.  Plum now fully understands what LP was conveying.  Plum has not yet read LP’s Nobel Lecture, but now plans to find a copy.  [Letter from LP to Plum February 4, 1964] [Filed under LP Correspondence: P: Individual Correspondence (Pettyjohn-Polanyi): Box #308 Folder #308.8]
  • Letter from Professor A. M. Municio to LP RE: Municio sends LP the galley proofs and the manuscripts of “The Electroneutrality Principle and the Structure of Molecules.”  He also requests a brief English summary. [Letter from LP to Municio February 17, 1963] [Filed under LP Manuscripts of Articles: (Manuscripts and Typescripts of Articles by LP, 1964), Box #1964a, Folder #1964a.4]  
  • Letter from Ruthe Lundy, Consultant Palo Alto Unified School District to LP RE: Lundy invites LP to speak for a group of teachers and educators in the Palo Alto School District on the role of intellect in a democratic society.  The District is able to offer LP an honorarium of $250.00.  Lundy suggests than any date in March or April would be suitable. [Letter from LP to Lundy February 17, 1964] [Filed under LP Correspondence: P: Correspondence, 1964-1969: Box #315 Folder #315.1]  
  • Letter from Tom Conlen to LP RE: Informs LP that he is doing a report for his class on the harmful effects of nuclear testing. Asks LP to send anything that could help. Handwritten note: “2/18/64 mailed Fallout flier from book.” [Filed under LP Correspondence (C: Correspondence, 1963-1965), #77.2]
  • Letter from Tom Stonier, Manhattan College to LP RE: Stonier invites LP to speak at the annual Sigma Xi lecture at Manhattan College.  Stonier regrets that funds are limited and that they are only able to offer LP an honorarium of $100 and paying for his hotel bill.  [Letter from LP to Stonier February 14, 1964] [Filed under LP Correspondence: M: Correspondence, 1962-1964: Box #259 Folder #259.3]
  • Research Notebook of LP RE: Energy of Polihelionic Nuclei, p. 12. [Filed under LP Research Notebooks: 25R]