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College of Agricultural Sciences Photographs, 1892-2001

(Subgroup) 1. Individually Numbered Photographs, 1892-1986

Series VII. Nye Computer Center Dedication. 1983-1986.

Photographs of the dedication of the Stephen G. Nye Computer Center; b/w prints and negatives.

Boxes 1 - 1 (Page: 1 - 10)

P036:190. 1.
Dedication plague for Stephen G. Nye Computer Resource Center. 35 mm b/w negative

P036:191. Stephen G. Nye.

4x5 b/w copy negative
oversize print
P036:192. 1.
Evelyn Nye and Bill Curtis at Diamond Pioneer Luncheon. 1983.
P036:193. 1.
Ernest Briskey. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:194. 1.
Evelyn Nye and Ernest Briskey with plaque. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:195. 1.
Barry Broadbent, Jeanne Farrell, Evelyn Nye, Elizabeth Booth and Mike Burke. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:196. 1.
Anita Leffler, Linda Hlavin, John Buckhouse, and Jeanne Farrell. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:197. 1.
Ernest Briskey, Lyell Gardner, John Scharff, Evelyn Nye, Karla Chambers and Dewey Rand. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:198. 1.
Evelyn Nye and Barry Broadbent. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:199. 1.
E.R. Jackman Foundation Board members and others. 25 Feb 1986.

Ernest Briskey, Scram Graham, Dewey Rand, Karla Chambers, Jerry Herberger, Jay Macy, LeRoy Warner, Mike Burke, Phil Brandt, Dudley Sitton, John Scharff, Ernest Jernstedt, and Clifford Smith