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College of Agricultural Sciences Photographs, 1892-2001

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Subgroup 1. Individually Numbered Photographs. 1892-1986.

Subgroup 1 consists of photographs that have been assigned individual item numbers; the images were taken or assembled by the College to document the College's research activities, facilities, special events, international programs, faculty, and students. This subgroup includes glass and nitrate negatives as well as b/w and color prints and b/w film negatives.

Series I. Glass Negatives of Crops and Plants. 1892 - circa 1900.

Series I consists of 63 glass negatives (primarily 5x8, unless indicated otherwise) of fruits and fruit trees; crops and other plants; poultry and hogs; and drawings, charts, and graphs. The images also include microphotographs probably made by Emile Pernot. Several of the drawings are signed by Pernot.

P036:001. 3.
Currant Bush.
P036:002. 3.
Cherry Tree.
P036:003-P038:004. 3.
Apple Trees.
P036:005. 3.
Peach Tree.
P036:006. 3.
Cherry Orchard.
P036:007. 3.
P036:008. 3.
Strawberry Varieties.
P036:009. 3.
Potted Plant.
P036:010-P037:011. 3.
P036:012. 3.
Potted Plant.
P036:013-P036:015. 3.
P036:016. 3.
P036:017. 3.
Plucked Chickens.
P036:018. 3.
Roosters. 2 negatives
P036:019. 3.
Dissected (slaughtered?) pig.
P036:020. 3.
Diagram of a horse.
P036:021. 3.
Slaugthered Pigs.
P036:022. 3.
Parsnip or carrot.
P036:023-P036:26. 3.
Parsnips or beets.
P036:027. 3.
P036:028. 3.
P036:029. 3.
Ornamental Plant.
P036:030. 3.
Temperature Graph.
P036:031. 3.
Chart -- 1897 Conditions.
P036:032. 3.
Charts comparing Willamette Valley with Eastern Oregon.
P036:033. 3.
Temperature Graph.
P036:034. 3.
Cutting with Leaves.
P036:035. 3.
Dog Fennel.
P036:036. 3.
Cherry? Tree.
P036:037. 4.
Pineapple weed (dog fennel?).
P036:038. 4.
Unidentified plant (Pernot, Photographer).
P036:039. 4.
Canadian Thistle.
P036:040. 4.
Celery or rhubarb?.
P036:041. 4.
Chipmunk or Gopher.
P036:042. 4.
Unidentified Roots. 5x7 glass negative
P036:043. 4.
Seed heads of Toke Weed, Centaure and Marguerite.
P036:044. 4.
Cutting with leaves.
P036:045. 4.
Bell Thistle?.
P036:046. 4.
Ceurrants Turnne Weed?.
P036:047. 4.
Currants?, Cutting with Leaves and Fruit.
P036:048. 4.
Fungi Samples.

5x7 negative

P036:049. 4.
P036:050. 4.
Strawberries (fruit and leaves).
P036:051. 4.
Samples of Mammoth, Haverland, Jessie and Bomba Strawberries.
P036:052. 4.
P036:053. 4.
Drawing of tree by (Emile?) Pernot.
P036:054. 4.
Unidentified Tree.
P036:055. 4.
Drawing of tree section? by Pernot.
P036:056-P036:59. 4.
Dissected (slaughtered?) hogs. 1892.
P036:060-P036:62. 5.
Dissected (slaughtered?) hogs. 1892.

Series II. Photographs taken by Emile Pernot. 1913.

This series consists of nitrate negatives and prints made by bacteriologist Emile Pernot depicting ranches, dairies, and slaughter houses in the Corvallis area.

Long Tom Ranch silo and barn. March 1913.
nitrate negative
Dairy, barns, Kent Asbahr Farm, Corvallis. Nov. 18, 1913.
2 prints
nitrate negative
Kings Road slaughter house, Corvallis. 1913.
nitrate negative
King's Road slaughter house feeding yard, Corvallis. Sept. 16, 1913.
nitrate negative
Dirty Alley, Corvallis. Oct. 22, 1913.
2 prints
nitrate negative
Dept. of Bacteriology Office, Oregon Agricultural College. Aug. 1913.
nitrate negative
Cattle, Long Tom Ranch, Monroe, OR. Sept. 17, 1913.
nitrate negative
Corvallis Slaughter house offal tank. July 1913.
3 prints
nitrate negative
Hogs in feed yard, McFaddin's slaughter house, Corvallis. Sept. 16, 1913.
nitrate negative
Corvallis slaughter house. July 1913.
2 prints
nitrate negative
Milk Room, W.K. Taylor's dairy, Corvallis. Nov. 18, 1913.
nitrate negative

Series III. Kasetsart University. 1953-1960.

Photographs of Kasetsart University campus, laboratories, and classrooms and of Thai students at the Oregon State College campus.

P036:086-P036:088. 1.
Aerial views of Kasetsart University, Thailand. September 1960.
P036:089. 1.
Second largest building on Kasetsart University Campus. May 1953.
P036:090-P036:091. 1.
Administration building, Kasetsart University.
P036:092. 1.
Athletic fields and men's dormitories, Kasetsart University.
P036:093. 1.
Home Economics students get instruction in muffin making, Kasetsart University.
P036:094. 1.
Plant pathology lab, Kasetsart University. 1960.
P036:095. 1.
Biology Classroom, with water buffalo skeleton, Kasetsart University.
P036:096. 1.
Charcoal Stoves, Kasetsart University Home Economics Dept. 1960.
P036:097. 1.
Main Reading Room, Kasetsart University. 1960.
P036:098. 1.
Plant Pathology Dept. 1960.
P036:099. 1.
Sheet iron oven placed on top of charcoal stove, Kasetsart University Home Economics Dept. 1960.
P036:100. 1.
Meat processing plant dryer, Kasetsart University. 1960.
P036:101. 1.
Entomologist Phon Phon-boon examining insect trays, Kasetsart University.
P036:102. 1.
Chemistry Dept. Balance room, Kasetsart University. 1960.
P036:103. 1.
Fish rearing ponds, Kasetsart University. 1960.
P036:104. 1.
Red Sindhi bull imported from Pakistan for cross-breeding at Kasetsart University.
P036:105. 1.
Thatch-roofed dairy loafing shed; Jersey bull imported from Australia to Kasetsart University. 1960.
P036:106. 1.
Fish rearing ponds, Kasetsart University. 1960.
P036:107. 1.
Slay house, Kasetsart University. 1960.
P036:108. 1.
New Milking parlor under construction, Kasetsart University Dairy Department.
P036:109. 1.
Slat house for ornamental plants, Kasetsart University.
P036:110-P036:114. 1.
James R. Beck visiting various Kasetsart University facilities. 1960.
P036:115. 1.
Luang Suwan Vajok Kasikjj, Rector of Kasetsart University.

Shown with the hen which laid 323 eggs in one year to set an all-time Thai record.

P036:116. 1.
Kasetsart University Rector Luang Suwan at the incubator room. 1960.
P036:117. 1.
California style laying batteries at Kasetsart University. 1960.
P036:118. 1.
Rearing batteries for pullets, Kasetsart University. 1960.
P036:119. 1.
Rector and Vice Rector on steps of main building, Kasetsart University. May 1953.
P036:120. 1.
Kasetsart University graduation procession, including members of OSC advisory staff (Godfrey Hoerner). July 19, 1956.
P036:121. 1.
Kasetsart University Rector Luang Suwan (front center) and various OSC officials, including Wilbur Y. Cooney, Ira Allison, and Elman Yader. 1960.
P036:122-P036:123. 1.
Wilbur T. Cooney and August L. Strand with Thai Official. 1960.
P036:124-P036:125. 1.
August L. Strand and Robert Henderson with Thai flag in Memorial Union. circa 1960.
P036:126-P036:128. 1.
A. L. Strand and Robert Henderson with Thai students in the Memorial Union. circa 1960.
P036:129. 1.
Southeast Asia Rice Paddy. 1953.

Series IV. Experiment Stations, Visiting Groups, and Individuals. circa 1931-1975.

Series IV consists of a variety of images including the North Willamette, Moro, and J.J. Astor Branch Experiment Stations; convention and conference groups; international visitors; and individual faculty and alumni.

P036:064-P36:067. 1.
Facilities. 1964.

Photos used in M. Teal story in Corvallis Gazette-Times.

P036:068. 1.
Dairy manufacturing convention group on the Memorial Union steps . 1947. 2 5x7 b/w negatives
P036:080. 1.
Collapsed Marys River Bridge, Corvallis .
P036:081-P036:083. 1.
British Agricultural Attache visit at experimental grass plots west of campus. May 10, 1947.

A.N. Duckham, attache; William A. Schoenfeld, dean of OSC School of Agriculture; and H.A. Schoth, Senior Agronomist, USDA

P036:084. 1.
Annual picnic of the Oregon State Jersey Cattle Club.

P.J. Moss, British Comm. of Rural Housing and Structures: John Mackie, Aberdeen, Scotlan d, dairy farmer; Mrs. Schoenfeld; Lord Portsmouth, British Ministry of Agriculture; Dean William A. Schoenfeld; and OSC President A.L. Strand

P036:085. 1.
British potato storage mission.

H.C. Tinsley, Petersborough, England; John Barker, Food Investigation Branch, DSIR, England; A.R. Wilson, Ag. Research Council, England; J.A. Milbrath, OSC Ag. Exp. Station; and W.H. English, OSC Ag. Exp. Station

P036:130-P036:131. 1.
Farm trucks. circa 1940s.
P036:132. 1.
Automobiles lined up, part of agricultural field tour?. 1932.
P036:133. 1.
Automobile in desert area. circa 1931.
P036:134. 1.
Agricultural field tour?. 1932.
P036:135-P036:155. 1.
North Willamette Branch Experiment Station, wind storm damage (Columbus Day Storm). 1962?.
P036:156-P036:157. 1.
Moro Branch Experiment Station. 1934.
P036:158-P036:161. 1.
J.J. Astor Branch Experiment Station (Astoria) fire damage to station farm facilities. June 1957.
P036:162. 1.
Lockwood Seed, Inc. facilities, Chowchilla, California.
P036:163. 8.
Potato field after harvest (Klamath Basin?). circa 1960s.

Photo by J.D. Vertrees; mounted oversize print.

P036:164. 1.
Agriculture Teachers Conference attendees at the Tillamook Air Station. circa 1949.
P036:174. 1.
Leno V. Christensen, Ag. Education department head. circa 1975.

Agricultural Education department head in 1974-1977; print and negative.

P036:175. 1.
Phillip B. Davis, Ag. Education department head . circa 1970.

Agricultural Education department head in 1968-1974; negative.

P036:176. 7.
County Courts(?) and County Agents at time of trip. July 1937. 3 prints
P036:189. 1.
John Scharff.

Series V. Oregon Dairy Manufacturers Association. circa 1941.

P036:165. 1.
Butter makers butter judging contest, Oregon Dairy Manufacturers Assn. 1941.
P036:166. 1.
Officers and Directors of Oregon Dairy Manufacturers Association for 1941-1942.

F.F. Moser, U.S. Long (president), A.J. Tacchella, G.H. Wilster, L.W. Hammack, J.H. Steel, N.A. Peters

P036:167. 1.
N.S. Golding and Fred H. Abbot.
P036:168. 1.
Fred H. Abbott, P.M. Brandt and Otie Reed.
P036:169. 1.
Award winners, Peter Reich, H.B. Johnson and Ivan Knight.
P036:170-P036:171. 1.
P036:172. 1.
Dairy Cooperative Chorus.
P036:173. 1.
R.E. Cavett presenting awards.

Series VI. Agricultural Chemistry Department Faculty and Staff. circa 1950-1970.

Portrait photographs of faculty, staff, and department heads.

P036:177. 1.
Sue Kanna. circa 1965. color print
P036:178. 1.
M.B. Hatch. , circa 1960.
P036:179. 1.
H.V. Tartar. circa 1960.

Department head in 1909-1918.

P036:180. 1.
LeMar F. Remmert. circa 1960.
P036:181. 1.
John R. Schubert. circa 1960.
P036:182. 1.
Edward C. Bubl. circa 1955.
P036:183. 1.
Carl Hurle. circa 1970.
P036:184. 1.
J.P. Mehlig. circa 1955.
P036:185. 1.
J.S. Jones. circa 1950.

Department head in 1919-1945.

P036:186. 1.
R.H. Robinson. circa 1950.

Acting department head in 1918-1919.

P036:187. 1.
D.E. Bullis, department head. circa 1961.

Department head in 1961.

P036:188. J.S. Butts. circa 1960.

Department head in 1945-1961.

1 print
1 oversize print

Series VII. Nye Computer Center Dedication. 1983-1986.

Photographs of the dedication of the Stephen G. Nye Computer Center; b/w prints and negatives.

P036:190. 1.
Dedication plague for Stephen G. Nye Computer Resource Center. 35 mm b/w negative

P036:191. Stephen G. Nye.

4x5 b/w copy negative
oversize print
P036:192. 1.
Evelyn Nye and Bill Curtis at Diamond Pioneer Luncheon. 1983.
P036:193. 1.
Ernest Briskey. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:194. 1.
Evelyn Nye and Ernest Briskey with plaque. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:195. 1.
Barry Broadbent, Jeanne Farrell, Evelyn Nye, Elizabeth Booth and Mike Burke. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:196. 1.
Anita Leffler, Linda Hlavin, John Buckhouse, and Jeanne Farrell. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:197. 1.
Ernest Briskey, Lyell Gardner, John Scharff, Evelyn Nye, Karla Chambers and Dewey Rand. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:198. 1.
Evelyn Nye and Barry Broadbent. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:199. 1.
E.R. Jackman Foundation Board members and others. 25 Feb 1986.

Ernest Briskey, Scram Graham, Dewey Rand, Karla Chambers, Jerry Herberger, Jay Macy, LeRoy Warner, Mike Burke, Phil Brandt, Dudley Sitton, John Scharff, Ernest Jernstedt, and Clifford Smith

P036:200. 1.
Lyell Gardner, Karla Chambers, Bob Griffin, John Buckhouse, Ernest Briskey. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:201. 1.
Dewey Rand and Ed Schmisseur. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:202. 1.
Ernest Briskey and plaque. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:203. 1.
Dedication and ribbon-cutting, Evelyn Nye and Dewey Rand. 25 Feb 1986.
P036:204. 1.
Dedication cake. 25 Feb 1986.

Series VIII. Photographs separated from College of Agricultural Sciences Records. 1933-1965.

Series VIII includes photographs of special events attended by agriculture students, faculty, and administrators; scholarship and award presentations; and short courses and workshops. All of the images are b/w prints and were separated from the paper records of the College.

P036:205. 1.
Agricultural Engineering Students in front of Strand Agriculture Hall about to depart to World's Fair in Chicago. Summer 1933.
P036:206-P036:207. 1.
Ag. Engineering Students in Front of the Memorial Union about to depart to World's Fair in Chicago. Summer 1933.
P036:208. 7.
Sears, Roebuck Foundation Scholarship Dinner, Chicago. May 1949.
P036:209-P036:210. 1.
Sears, Roebuck Foundation advanced scholarship dinner, Chicago. May 22,1950 and May 14, 1951.
P036:211. 1.
V.L. Weiss, Sears Scholarship contestant for 1949-1950. 1949.
P036:212. 1.
Clifford E. Samuels receiving Wade Foundation Award for excellence in teaching from Wilbur T. Cooney, Faculty Day. Sept. 16, 1965. 2 prints
P036:213. 1.
Short course planning conference attendees at Oregon State College. April 21-24, 1953. 3 prints

Photo includes F.E. Price and Wilbur T. Cooney.

P036:214-P036:218. 1.
Appraisal short course, Oregon State College. March 1956.
P036:219. 1.
Western Experiment Station Directors Meeting at New Mexico State College, Las Cruces, New Mexico. May 1954.

F.E. Price, 2nd row left.

P036:220. 1.
Western Experiment Station Directors Meeting in Logan, Utah. July 1957.

F.E. Price, 2nd row right.

Subgroup 2. Unnumbered Photographs. circa 1910-2001.

Subgroup 2 consists of photographs that have not been assigned individual item numbers; the images were taken or assembled by the College to document students, faculty, and alumni; the academic programs of the College; and special events. The bulk of the photographs are color slides; b/w prints and negatives and color prints are also included.

Series I. Ag Appreciation Dinner. 1989.

Presentations of awards to students, alumni, and friends of the College; 58 b/w prints; includes images of Roy Arnold and Betty Brose; individuals in images are not identifed (except by nametags).

Box 1

Series II. Awards Reception. 1988.

10 b/w prints. Lyell Gardner and Liz Van Leeuwen are making the award presentations. The images include the following individuals who received awards: William Buchanan, Todd Heidgerken, Dan Janzen, Lois Mayo, Robert Mayo, and Roberto Sanchez.

Box 1

Series III. Students, Faculty, and Alumni. circa 1950-1991.

10 prints total; b/w and color prints

Darci Amick, Chambers Leadership Recipient for 1988-1989. September 30, 1988. 2 prints
Bill Wick. circa 1980.
Malcolm Johnson, Central Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station. circa 1975.
1916 Stock Judging Team. circa 1975.

Color print; photo by Robert W. Henderson; includes Victor Morgan, Clay Barnes, Chauncey Hubbard, Dick Richards, E.L. ("Dad") Potter, and Roy Philippi.

Ag Alumni and Friends Board at Nye Computer Center Dedication. 1986.

Includes Lyell Gardner, President; Karla Chambers; Bob Griffin, Central District; John Buckhouse; and Ernest Briskey, Dean.

Mike Burgett and friends in Thailand. 1991.
Churikarn Kitprasert, Herman Scullen Fellowship recipient for 1991-1992. 1991. 2 prints
Livestock judging team. circa 1950.

Series IV. E.R. Jackman Foundation. circa 1910 - circa 1995.

Series IV consists of images taken and or assembled by the E.R. Jackman Foundation staff.

E.R. Jackman Foundation Board. 1988.

Includes Board members and other unidentified images perhaps taken at the same time; 15 images; b/w prints and negatives.

Sherman Experiment Station tour. circa 1930.

Duplicate print.

Harvesting grain with a horse team. circa 1910.

Eastern Oregon or Washington; mounted print.

Several attendees at a meeting at Peavy Lodge. circa 1995.

Perhaps a meeting of the E.R. Jackman Foundation Board; includes Arnold Appleby; color print.

Series V. Experiment Station Buildings. 1977.

These color photographic prints depict Agricultural Experiment Station facilities in several locations throughout Oregon, including the stations in Central Oregon and at Squaw Butte and Union. At least one of the images was taken by Robert W. Henderson.

Box 7
9 prints

Series VI. Academic Programs. 1980-2001.

Series VI consists of 899 color slides made and assembled by the College of Agricultural Sciences that depict students and faculty participating in instruction and research activities. They include university events, class field trips, and research projects at College of Agricultural Sciences facilities. The research facilities depicted include the Lewis-Brown Farm, Sensory Lab, Tissue Culture Lab, and Vegetable Farm. The slides include images of the College's Great Achievements of Students (GAS) night. Some of the photographs were taken by Dennis Wolverton.

Lewis-Brown Farm apple harvest. 2001.

Horticulture 358 - Landscape Construction Class. 2001.

Vegetable Farm. 2001.

Images used for presentations. 1983-1998.

Sheep Center. 2001.

Dairy Farm. 2001.

Horse Center. 2001.

Agriculture Day. 2001.

Class Field Trips. 2001.

Fisheries and Wildlife 255 Class at Newport.

Farmers Cooperative Creamery.

Wilco Store.

Eola Hills Winery.

Food Science Tech - Pilot Plant Project Marcia Walker. 2001.

Veterinary Medicine. 2001.

EPA Research Lab - Puja Bichel. 2001.

Kristi Berckley. 2001.

Student or faculty in lab.

Unidentified images. 1980-2001.

Includes students, faculty, and alumni; special events; campus views and activities; and agricultural scenes.

Tissue Culture Lab. 2001.

Food Science and Technology Class 412/512 Juice Lab Tour. 2001.

Sensory Lab beef test. 2001.

Computer Labs. 2001.

In Crop and Soil Science Department and Agricultural and Resource Economics Department.

GAS (Great Achievements of Students) Night. 2001.

Agricultural Ambassadors, Graduation, and Art About Agriculture. 1996-2001.

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