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College of Agricultural Sciences Photographs, 1892-2001

(Subgroup) 1. Individually Numbered Photographs, 1892-1986

Series III. Kasetsart University. 1953-1960.

Photographs of Kasetsart University campus, laboratories, and classrooms and of Thai students at the Oregon State College campus.

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P036:086-P036:088. 1.
Aerial views of Kasetsart University, Thailand. September 1960.
P036:089. 1.
Second largest building on Kasetsart University Campus. May 1953.
P036:090-P036:091. 1.
Administration building, Kasetsart University.
P036:092. 1.
Athletic fields and men's dormitories, Kasetsart University.
P036:093. 1.
Home Economics students get instruction in muffin making, Kasetsart University.
P036:094. 1.
Plant pathology lab, Kasetsart University. 1960.
P036:095. 1.
Biology Classroom, with water buffalo skeleton, Kasetsart University.
P036:096. 1.
Charcoal Stoves, Kasetsart University Home Economics Dept. 1960.
P036:097. 1.
Main Reading Room, Kasetsart University. 1960.
P036:098. 1.
Plant Pathology Dept. 1960.