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College of Agricultural Sciences Photographs, 1892-2001

(Subgroup) 1. Individually Numbered Photographs, 1892-1986

Series IV. Experiment Stations, Visiting Groups, and Individuals. circa 1931-1975.

Series IV consists of a variety of images including the North Willamette, Moro, and J.J. Astor Branch Experiment Stations; convention and conference groups; international visitors; and individual faculty and alumni.

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P036:064-P36:067. 1.
Facilities. 1964.

Photos used in M. Teal story in Corvallis Gazette-Times.

P036:068. 1.
Dairy manufacturing convention group on the Memorial Union steps . 1947. 2 5x7 b/w negatives
P036:080. 1.
Collapsed Marys River Bridge, Corvallis .
P036:081-P036:083. 1.
British Agricultural Attache visit at experimental grass plots west of campus. May 10, 1947.

A.N. Duckham, attache; William A. Schoenfeld, dean of OSC School of Agriculture; and H.A. Schoth, Senior Agronomist, USDA

P036:084. 1.
Annual picnic of the Oregon State Jersey Cattle Club.

P.J. Moss, British Comm. of Rural Housing and Structures: John Mackie, Aberdeen, Scotlan d, dairy farmer; Mrs. Schoenfeld; Lord Portsmouth, British Ministry of Agriculture; Dean William A. Schoenfeld; and OSC President A.L. Strand

P036:085. 1.
British potato storage mission.

H.C. Tinsley, Petersborough, England; John Barker, Food Investigation Branch, DSIR, England; A.R. Wilson, Ag. Research Council, England; J.A. Milbrath, OSC Ag. Exp. Station; and W.H. English, OSC Ag. Exp. Station

P036:130-P036:131. 1.
Farm trucks. circa 1940s.
P036:132. 1.
Automobiles lined up, part of agricultural field tour?. 1932.
P036:133. 1.
Automobile in desert area. circa 1931.
P036:134. 1.
Agricultural field tour?. 1932.