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Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, 1873-2013

11. Science. 1923-1994.

This section has been divided into fifteen thematic sub-sections, which, when taken as a whole, reflect the extraordinary breadth of Linus Pauling's scientific biography. Boxes in the Science section typically hold manuscripts, research notes, correspondence, figures, experimental data, non-Pauling reprints and other scientific research materials. Generally speaking, materials have been arranged and cataloged according to research topic. However, two sub-sections reflect the institutional architecture either supporting or directing Pauling's work during specific periods of his life. For example, the bulk of the collection's holdings concerning Pauling's relationship with the American Chemical Society have been cataloged under the rubric "Scientific, Research and Grant-Funding Institutions." A similar approach has been taken with much of Pauling's work sponsored by the Guggenheim Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, etc.

221 boxes

12. Anesthesia.

Box 12.001 (Page: 1)

Materials re: Anesthesia Research, 1959-1983.
Assorted LP Manuscript Notes re: Anesthesia, No Date. [1960s].
Assorted LP Literature Review Notes re: Anesthesia, No Date. [1960s].
Assorted Correspondence re: Anesthesia research, 1961-1983.
Memorandum: LP to Kenneth Shaw, re: "General Anesthesia", [re: preparatory work for experiments on general anesthesia] October 27, 1959.
LP Note to Self re: "Anesthesia", [re: anesthesia studies focusing on nerves and brain mitochondria] March 7, 1960.
Memorandum: LP to Frank Catchpool, re: "Proposed investigation of anesthetic agents", [re: use of protozoa such as paramecia as experimental subjects for anesthesia studies] March 30, 1961.
Memorandum: Kenneth Shaw to LP, re: "Action of Anesthetics on Unicellular Organisms", March 30, 1961.
Transcript: "A New Theory of Anaesthesia", translated from the Russian, originally published in Priroda, January 1962.
Memorandum: Arthur Cherkin to LP, Frank Catchpool and Mr. Hopkins, re: "Data on New Anesthetics - mole refraction vs. log Panes.", March 8, 1963.
Memorandum: Arthur Cherkin to LP and Frank Catchpool, re: "Status of Goldfish Experiments", March 21, 1963.
Memorandum: Arthur Cherkin to Frank Catchpool and LP, re: "Information for Report on Anesthesia Project, 1 October 1963 - 31 December 1963 (including some data from January 1964)", February 10, 1964.
Memorandum: Arthur Cherkin to LP, re: "Paper on First Baxter Lecture - Correction", March 10, 1964.
Correspondence: LP and Daniel P. Agin, re: dispute over Agin's anesthesia research publications, June-September, 1965.
Typescript, Correspondence re: Anesthetic Gases and Water Structure: The Effect of Xenon on Tritiated Water Flux Across the Gut, by Eugene Y. Berger, F. Rene Pecikyan and Grace Kanzaki, November 1966 - May 1967. [Correspondence between LP and J. Murray Steele].
LP Note to Self: "Anesthesia and Hydrates", [re: research of Dr. Vinograd] No Date. [1960s].
Typescript: Annual Report - Studies on General Anesthesia, by Kenneth Shaw, submitted to the Ford Foundation and the U.S. Public Health Service, No Date. [1960s].
Offprint: "The Pauling Theory of General Anesthesia", by J.F. Catchpool, in Structural Chemistry and Molecular Biology, A. Rich, ed. San Francisco: W.H. Freeman & Co., 343-355, 1968.
Assorted Non-Pauling Reprints and Typescripts re: Anesthesia research.