"Dipole Moments" Page 1. August 24, 1953
"Dipole Moments" August 24, 1953. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 3 pp.

Travel: Malente, Germany

Activity Listings

  • Letter from Mr. Yasumasa Hayakawa to Miss Jeanne Auge, Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies, Caltech RE: thanks Miss Auge for her prompt response to his enquiry about applying to graduate school at Caltech. Has a few more questions about when he should apply. [related memo from Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies July 28, 1953, related letter of response from LP to Mr. Hayakawa September 8, 1953, related memo from Francis H. to Beatrice Wulf September 3, 1953] [Filed under H: Correspondence 1953, Box #166, Folder #4]