Letter from Linus Pauling to Maude Richards. Page 1. September 17, 1964
Letter from Linus Pauling to Maude Richards. September 17, 1964. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Activity Listings

  • Check from AHP to RE: $ [Bank Statement from First Western Bank to LP and AHP September 22, 1964] [Filed under LP Biographical: Business and Financial: Box #4.028, Folder #28.1] 
  • Check from LP to Crocker Citizens Bank RE: $200.00.  [Bank Statement from First Western Bank to LP and AHP September 22, 1964] [Filed under LP Biographical: Business and Financial: Box #4.028, Folder #28.1]
  • Form: “Employee’s Withholding Exemption Certificate.”  Lawrence Ray Bergsma.  Statement of Earnings and Deductions: Duplicate.  November 27, 1964 until February 4, 1965.  [Filed Under LP Biographical: Box #4.052, Folder #52.4]
  • Handwritten letter from Kris Miller to LP, RE: Miller has never met LP, but she is his grandniece, her grandfather being George Miller, Sr. Miller is on her school's debate team and the topic this year is weapons control. She would appreciate any information on this topic, including LP's personal opinion. Asks if she can quote LP in her debate. [Filed under AHP Correspondence: Ava Helen Pauling's Siblings:(Genealogy, Biographical Information, and Correspondence), #24.5]
  • Letter from Joaquin Fiorillo, Director of Development, Family of Man Award Dinner, to LP RE:  The Protestant Council Society for the Family of Man will be awarding $5,000 grants to person considered to have made outstanding contributions in the key areas of human relations, world peace, education and communications.   Fiorillo hopes that LP can suggest some names who should be considered for this year’s awards. [Letter from LP to Fiorillo September 29, 1964] [Filed under LP Correspondence: W: Individual Correspondence: (Whitney-Wilkins): Box #435 Folder #435.3]
  • Letter from LP to Bette Chambers RE: Accepts the invitation to have a breakfast or luncheon at the airport with the humanists before his departure. [Filed under LP Speeches: Speeches by LP, 1964: Box #1964s2 Folder #1964s2.13] 
  • Letter from LP to Mrs. Bette Chambers RE: Accepts Chambers’s invitation to have breakfast or luncheon with herself, Mr. McCoy, and the Hendricksons at the airport on November 21st. Suggests that they have a late breakfast and tell her that there’s a possibility that AHP will come on the trip with him. [Filed under LP Correspondence (A: Correspondence, 1962-1965), #14.3]       
  • Letter from LP to Reverend Victor James RE: LP is pleased to be invited to participate in laying the foundation of the new Unitarian Church in Melbourne.  At this time LP is not sure of his plans during his month in Australia.  [Letter from James to LP September 1964] [Filed under LP Correspondence: J: Correspondence, 1933-1934, 1936-1964]
  • Letter from Lini Allen Secretary to Miss Marcelia Hill Secretary to LP RE: LP's letter to Mr. John L. Heilbron was returned undelivered, so she is resending it and marked it "please hold for arrival". [Filed under LP Biographical: Personal and Family: Box #5.020, Folder #20.8]
  • Letter from Marcelia Hill to Larry Larson RE: Hill has consulted LP about Larson’s question on limited time credit and LP notes that he has not published anything on this topic. [Filed under LP Correspondence: L: Correspondence, 1964-1966: Box #233 Folder #233.1]  
  • Letter from Sidney Blackstone to LP RE: Encloses a copy of his foreword to SCORPIONS and thanks LP for consenting to read it. Tells LP that he is hoping that LP’s endorsement of his arguments will influence the publisher who is considering the play. Notes that if the foreword is not enough for LP to make a decision regarding whether or not to write a prefatory note to SCORPIONS, he will send LP the complete text. Attaches a card on which LP can mark his reactions to the letter and foreword. [Filed under LP Correspondence (B: Correspondence, 1962-1964), #40.3]
  • Letter from W.H. Ferry to LP RE: Tells LP that he should feel free to call himself anything he wants and that if he wants to call himself research professor in his new book, that is fine. However, he will be listed as a staff member in the Center’s publications since they have been trying to abolish academic rank. [Letters from LP to Ferry September 15, 196464, September 18, 1964] [Filed under LP Correspondence (F: Individual Correspondence, Feinberg - Feynman), #119.8] 
  • Research Notebook of LP RE: Magic Numbers, pp. 102-105. [Filed under LP Research Notebooks: 25R] 
  • Statement from General Telephone Company to LP RE: Total of $18.59.  [Filed under LP Biographical: Business and Financial: Box #4.061, Folder #61.1]