Major Events

  • On the occasion of a talk Pauling gives at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, he meets and talks with Karl Landsteiner, the discoverer of the A, B, and O blood groups. Landsteiner has been carrying out experiments in immunology, and he asks if Pauling can explain some of his observations. Pauling cannot, but he learns some immunology from Landsteiner, and he keeps thinking about the remarkable specificity of antibodies in their interaction with antigens when he returns to CIT.
  • On June 3, Arthur A. Noyes dies of pneumonia in Pasadena.
  • On June 12, Richard C. Tolman, Roscoe G. Dickinson, and William N. Lacey send a memo to R.A. Millikan, suggesting the appointment of Pauling as Acting Chairman of the Chemistry Division, in spite of "misgivings" they have as to "the complete suitability of Professor Pauling for the position." They believe that this appointment should be considered as temporary because they "mistrust to some extent" Pauling’s "judgment as to matters of policy" and his "generosity and sincerity in personal dealings." When Millikan, in the summer, offers the division chairmanship to Pauling, he refuses, stating that, for a number of reasons, the offer does not meet with his approval.
  • In the November elections, Pauling votes for a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time (the Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt wins easily over the Republican Alfred Landon).
  • Pauling and Mirsky publish their paper on the denaturation of proteins in PNAS. It is widely discussed and has much influence.
Chronology by Robert Paradowski.


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See the Paulings' activities in January 1936
See the Paulings' activities in January 1936


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