Chalkboard belonging to Linus Pauling. Picture. 1963
Chalkboard belonging to Linus Pauling. 1963. Picture  Larger Images / More Information.

Activity Listings

  • Counter Check from LP to Robert H. Loud RE: $2,402.23.  [Bank Statement from First Western Bank to LP and AHP October 22, 1963] [Filed under LP Biographical: Business and Financial: Box #4.027, Folder #27.2]
  • Letter from August Scleon, Det Norske Nobelinstitutt, to LP RE: Thanks LP for his offer to send copies of No More War! but that they have already procured copies of the book. [Filed under LP Books: 1958b3.1]
  • Letter from Carlton B. Goodlett, Committee for International Peace Action RE: Inquires about the possibility of LP attending a general session of the World Council of Peace in November or December.  Says the report of LP’s delegation to Latin America was well received at the Presidential Committee of the World Council of Peace. [Letter from LP to Goodlett October 11, 1963] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (G: Correspondence) #142.2]
  • Letter from LP [Signed by Helen Gilrane] to Verlag Chemie . GmbH, RE: Says that he has no additional  suggestions to make about the second edition of the Nature of the Chemical Bond. [Letter from Chemie to LP October 1, 1963] [Filed under LP Correspondence: (C: Correspondence), #77.1]  
  • Letter from Philip Altbach to Advisory Council Members of Student Peace Union, RE: Altech is seeking financial support from council members to help defray the cost of recent projects for peace including “project memos.”  These memos were sent to leaders of local groups.  SPU is also preparing to print 150,000 leaflets for an upcoming demonstration. [Filed under LP Peace: (Assorted Peace Groups, St-Wa), Box #4.015, Folder #15.1]