Pauling Diary: "France and England 1952 / Also Toronto." Page 23. 1952
Pauling Diary: "France and England 1952 / Also Toronto." 1952. Page 23  Larger Images / More Information.

Travel: Paris

Activity Listings

  • AHP journal entry in journal entitled "France and England 1952 also Toronto" RE: "Paris. Moussier Paris who translated 1st edition 'General Chemistry' Publisher [Dunud?] says 2000 copies were printed and that they will be all gone next year. Many sent to French speaking people outside France. He wants to translate 2nd edition as soon as LP has it ready.
  • Letter from Mrs. Mary Houtz Cotterel to LP RE: is interested in genealogy and noticed that LP shares her family name of "Pauling." Was wondering if LP knew if their families were related. [Letter of response from LP to Mrs. Cotterel October 20, 1952] [Filed under C: Correspondence 1952, Box #74, Folder #20]