Pauling Diary: "France and England 1952 / Also Toronto." Page 23. 1952
Pauling Diary: "France and England 1952 / Also Toronto." 1952. Page 23  Larger Images / More Information.

Travel: Paris

Activity Listings

  • LP Newspaper Clippings 1952n. Cutting of "News and Notes: Scientists in the News" section in Science in which LP is mentioned and his recent conferences, along with his passport issues, are discussed.
  • LP and AHP check out of the Trianon Palace Hotel in Paris, France. [Receipt, check-in July 19, 1952].
  • Letter from A. H. Walter to Dr. J. H. Sturdivant, cc: LP RE: Sends an amendment to a contract covering the ownership and disposition of a diffraction camera being constructed using Institute and ONR funds. Requests any comments. [Filed under LP Science: Box 14.031, Folder 31.2] [related letters sent on August 28, 1952 and September 9, 1952]
  • Letter from J. G. Crowther of the World Federation of Scientific Workers RE: has received LP's letter of July 11, 1952 and writes in response that he and his colleagues would regret LP's withdrawal. [Filed under W: Correspondence 1952].
  • Letter from K.M. Rudall to LP RE: thanks LP for his letter of July 21, 1952 and for his comments about the x-ray study of his fibrin photograph. Goes on to discuss a discrepancy in how he vs. LP want to label the specimen (crystalline vs. non) [Filed under LP Correspondence: Box #340, Folder #17].