Letter from Linus Pauling to Hans Kuhn. Page 1. July 21, 1952
Letter from Linus Pauling to Hans Kuhn. July 21, 1952. Page 1  Larger Images / More Information. 1 p.  View Transcript

Travel: Paris

Activity Listings

  • Diary entry of LP RE: refers to [Max] Perutz and Dorothy [Hodgkin]. Writes that "P" is worried about a discrepancy of 1.47 or 1.50 A with Bamford and suggests changing the samples. Pencil drawings of helix N, O, H, and C bonds. Ink drawing of Silk fibers. Writes down appointments with Perutz, Schmitt, Huxley, and Crick. [File 4.033 Diary entry labeled as "France and England 1952 Also Toronto."]
  • LP journal entry in journal entitled "France and England 1952 also Toronto" RE: in pencil drawings of N, C, O and H bonds. Paris July 22, 1952. "Perutz and Dorothy. P is worried about a discrepancy with Banford and suggests changing samples. See Huxley, visit us. Quick, 6 months with Huxley, should arrange an appointment. Imidazole Ferrible- Joan Keilis." ink drawings of Silk fibers. "Write Selmayr to order benzene rings. Robertson may do the same."
  • Letter from A.L. Wirin to LP RE: suggests that during LP's upcoming trip to Washington, he drop in for a "social visit" with Col. Mare and Mr. Mason with the intention of making his passport approval known. [Letter from Wirin to LP September 9, 1952].
  • Letter from Dr. E. A. Jumpertz to LP RE: writes about his experiments in calculating the electron density distribution of zinc-blende. Can't seem to explain a bond they are observing by normal theories and so asks LP if it is possible to find a theoretical explanation. [includes some small scientific images with the letter]. [Letter of response from LP to Mr. Jumpertz October 1, 1952] [Filed under J: Correspondence 1952, Box #192, Folder #18]
  • Letter from Dr. Levine, of the ONR, to LP RE: Informs LP that he has received the 14 copies of the semi-annual progress report entitled "The Structure and Properties of Proteins and Synthetic Polypeptides" that were sent to him. Congratulates him on having his passport application accepted enabling him to travel in England and France. [Filed under LP Science: Box 14.029, Folder 29.1]
  • Letter from Mr. Paul Ainscough RE: is interested in finding a solution to the problem of separating sperrylite (Pl AS2) from its ore. Wonders if magnetic separation would be applicable. Refers to information that pertains from LP's The Nature of the Chemical Bond. [LP's reply September 17, 1952] [Filed under A: Correspondence 1952, Box #12.18]
  • Letter from Prof. E. C. Lingafelter of the University of Washington, to LP RE: writes to ask LP if his former student and current instructor at U. of Washington could use their facilities sometime to work on more accurate research involving the crystal structure of the hydrazides of the n-aliphatic acids. [Note in pencil at top of letter: "Ext. 116 Frankel."] [related letter of response from J. H. Sturdivant to Prof. E. C. Lingafelter August 12, 1952] [Filed under L: Correspondence 1952, Box #230, Folder #18]
  • Letter from Robert B. Corey to Miss Lois Kay cc: LP RE: is glad to hear from Dr. Schroeder that she is thinking of continuing his chromatographic research with him. writes to offer her the appointment as Research Assistant in the Department of Chemistry.
  • Letter from Stephen H. Fritchman, Minister, First Unitarian Church, to LP RE: Congratulates LP on receiving his passport and invites him to participate in a public forum as a speaker in early 1953. [Reply from LP to Fritchman November 4, 1952]. [Filed under LP Peace: Box 4.001, Folder 1.1]
  • Speech by LP, No Title, opening remarks, International Congress of Biochemistry, Paris. [Filed under LP Speeches: 1952s.9]